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  1. I thought outside of a couple concussions he’s been pretty injury-free but I’d have to look regardless I think he’d be a beastly #2, but I’m sure his contract is up soon so we’ll get no use out of a talented #2 back on a rookie contract. If Koetter hadn’t been let go after 2014 he would’ve been trotting SJax out as our starting RB in 2015, the same year we saw Shanny unleash Freeman
  2. Gurley has good strength, mediocre vision and balance, and poor burst and agility He used to have unique burst and balance but the injury zapped it. He’s now a below average starting back, not worst in the league but bottom third. Majority of what he can bring to the table now strictly resides in goalline situations Ito is our best overall back atm, but we have Dirk Koetter lmfao
  3. Taysom reminded me of Toilolo trying to play RT for us dude was riding the struggle bus all game long yet we still got stomped 😂 This team deserves everything it gets though for hiring and sticking with Dirk
  4. unfortunately we’re in no man’s land as fans because we lost too much to root for the playoffs and we won too much to root for a top 2 pick to reboot the franchise
  5. Ryan does enough when there’s competency around him but it’s frustrating he’s not the guy to make a play on his own when we need a spark
  6. It’s like our offense wants to torture us. I’m not sure you could do it better if you tried
  7. Idk why I’m even watching this ***** so boring with Dirk as OC
  8. We say “hey Matt, I know we don’t have a run game AT ALL, the Oline isn’t gonna give you a pocket, the routes are crap so nobody will get seperation, but here’s a third and 11 now that we wasted two downs running the ball, good luck”
  9. We give Matt one real drop back every 3 downs with the other 2 downs being a wasted run and screen pass looool
  10. The fact some of you encourage Dirk to run the ball MORE lol you deserve Dirk as your OC
  11. First time watching live in weeks we’re such a **** offense lmfao Dirk Koetter good god
  12. True. Season was buried week 5 At least we get to watch meaningless wins
  13. Wims is saying that Gardner-Johnson spit on him
  14. It sucks losing quality players, especially ones of Ridley’s caliber, but I’m way past the point where I’m worried when someone is injured and which games they’ll miss. If it were a competitive season then yeah I’m looking at the schedule saying this is the best time to miss a game but.. not concerned which opponents we’re facing since the season is toast
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