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  1. I like Bailey so this is cool with me
  2. The film is right there of the exact same player with nearly an identical offense in back to back years for comparison - can’t ask for better variables. There’s no mystery here forcing us to ask what he can or can’t do, because he didn’t have to sit out last year - didn’t switch to a new offense - his tape is there. You can’t ask for a better situation to sit down an evaluator and say - compare these two seasons. Did this running back experience a loss of burst and/or cod compared to previous seasons? I’m excited about Gurley, though nothing matters if Dirk doesn’t adapt this year the way Shanny adapted year two playing to your players’ strengths. Shanny lessened the rollouts from 2015 to 2016 because he knew after year one it wasn’t enough of Ryan’s strength to be a staple. But he didn’t reduce the amount of hard play-action that forced Ryan to turn his back all the way to the defense even though Ryan struggled hard initially because he knew that was something that Ryan could soon master and Shanny is a big believer in hard PA. Is Dirk able to make those nuanced differentiations? If he is it won’t be hard to see in terms of on field production from our offense this year
  3. I can explain. Schultz, like many, is incapable of properly evaluating pass rushers
  4. Glad we got Means back he actually has legitimate potential but lol at paying market value for a fcking NT especially with someone like Senat waiting
  5. I hate this ******* team bringing in Dirk Koetter. Same thing with Beasley last season (along with the playtime and snaps he’s gotten since 2016, without an attempt at a a replacement when it’s clear what the evaluation was) Quinn, I loved you. But I can’t wait til you’re gone. You are an amazing leader, one of the premier draft talent evaluators, but you can’t coach a cohesive defense nor been able to find a quality replacement since Shanny left. I’m sad I have to, yet again, go into a season knowing I’m about to watch another wasted year of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones and now add Ridley
  6. Middle first round is where I was saying Brown should go all CFB season. Was waiting for his next step rushing the passer this year and it didn’t come
  7. McGary’s skillset is not that of an OG, and that’s before we get to his height/weight. Being able to run block well as a OT doesn’t automatically translate to a road grading OG
  8. Koetter’s scheme is actually pretty TE-dependent. But I don’t care, this ***** better adapt year 2. Julio and Ridley with Matt under center is enough, with McGary being in year two I also expect a top 10 Oline. We’ll draft a RB, maybe a receiver. That’s enough for Koetter to work with
  9. I’m fine with Hooper walking, but we could’ve traded him when we traded Sanu too given the way our season was going. Can’t blame TD and DQ both looking out for #1, but Blank waiting to make his decision cost us a likely additional second rounder
  10. Can’t believe we’re literally gonna get nothing for letting a young talented TE walk.. unless we sit on our hands in FA
  11. Free should be gone (so he won’t), Hooper is a pretty tough choice that I only lean on the side of re-signing because I don’t trust our front office to use the money wisely, so the opportunity cost gets slanted If I trusted our FO I would say let Hoop go
  12. Freddie kitchens ordering food got me
  13. Yes because Takk is actually a quality rusher. His health is now a concern however
  14. Funny our coaches/FO couldnt see this last year? Most decisions I can understand even if I don’t agree, but I did not understand how our coaches brought Beasley back last year. I could see the casual fan wanting Beasley to get another chance, but I know DQ watched every snap of Beasley’s 2018 season and still brought him back.. and I don’t know how anyone could watch Beasley’s snaps and want to keep him on the field PS.. Takk is good, very good