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  1. He and Julio down by the schoolyard
  2. Kinda looks Turbo Taylor's dance lol
  3. I'm aware of the time he's missed, but it's not excessive given his position. Free has been very dependable and is the obvious re-sign
  4. Teco's not injury prone, he's about average for the position. It's just Free has been crazy durable
  5. I can't doubt DQ if I tried. I'm sure this dude will be a monster
  6. This is by far the least I've payed attention to the draft since I started following the Falcons. I have zero concerns about who we draft because of my trust in DQ/TD
  7. Somebody asked for clarification and it's pretty clear she either doesn't understand FS/SS in our system or she doesn't fully know what her source meant because she couldn't give an answer about if it was for FS. Think this is more about a backup to Neal
  8. "His calling card comes with touchdowns, given that he has rushed for 22 over the past two seasons, but a lot of that comes down to opportunity. Freeman has been given the ball 32 times inside the 5-yard line during that span, generating 13 of those 22 scores. That's a 40.6 percent conversion rate. The league average over that time frame for backs with 10 or more attempts is ... 41.3 percent." This is the kind of info that's much more valuable than the volume stats often recited
  9. I'm as harsh on us as anyone but we were blowing the Pats out for 3/4ths the game lol
  10. Jaleel Johnson in the second would be unreal. Easily one of the best DT's in this draft, but I don't see him dropping out of the 1st
  11. That's a steal nice man
  12. Lmfao I still can't believe we blew a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl ******* unreal
  13. It's funny how some view us as having a secondary desperately in need of help, and others view our secondary as one of our team's best strengths and one of the better secondaries in the league I'm with the latter. We need DL and SLB help
  14. He's in the absolute prime of his career, the highest mix of athletic ability and experience/knowledge for WR's is 27-29. I believe he just turned 28 so we should have this upcoming season and then another of his unreal ability. After that the athletic decline begins but experience/route running helps compensate