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  1. its just too easy to roast the Falcons
  2. One of my favorite players
  3. I’ve watched it about 5 times until we go up 28-3. Only re-watched the ending once to see what went wrong
  4. On a scale of - - to + + Shanny is ++ OC Sark is - Koetter is + Knew Shanny would beast when he was hired. Saw enough from Sark by week 8 2017 to know he wasn’t it. Koetter is a solid OC, plenty good for what we need if we stay healthy. Team is ready
  5. I love Matt Ryan man. It’s been a blessing Also I love Shanny. I’ve always wanted to see Ryan at his max potential and Shanny gave me that, and of course by several metrics Ryan had the best passer season of all time
  6. Vic is worse than his numbers suggest. His pressure % is low, he gets run around the arc way too deep way too often, has not developed his hands in 4 years, and his best season in run support was 2017 which was average run support. Tried saying his “move to SAM” that year had nothing to do with his poor season, he still got his nickel rushes which is what he’s always been. Too high a % of his sacks are coverage and clean up sacks. Not worried about him going somewhere else and blowing up. Rushing from a 2 point stance in a 3-4 isn’t changing his arsenal, his ridiculous get off has been neutralized for 2 seasons now due to a lack of inside counter and that doesn’t change with him standing up Comparatively, I’m not down on Takk despite similar sack numbers. His pressure % was actually up there with some of the top rushers in the game, and he was solely responsible for at least 2 of Vic’s sacks when Vic got run 10 yards in the backfield. Vic didn’t create any of Takk’s sacks by moving the QB off the spot, there’s no “pass rush tandem” or “working in unison” between them. We have 1 good edge rusher and we need to find another to pair with him, likely through the draft. Hope to god if Beasley is back it’s on a really cheap contract and as a depth guy
  7. Yep. Stopping the run is far down the list of priority for stopping opposing offenses nowadays. All about stopping the pass and generating pressure As for the OP, intuitively it makes sense, but the data suggests edge pressure is more detrimental to an offense than interior pressure. Regardless, both are far more important than stopping the run
  8. Gurley letting Atlanta down
  9. Lmfao Saints really gonna win the Lombardi in our house
  10. Beasley is not worth being brought back even on a reduced salary
  11. Bizarre since we want to keep with the outside ZBS
  12. Momentum doesn’t carry over to the next season, but I also don’t concern myself with draft position. What actually matters is proper evaluation of coaches, schemes, players, and prospects