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  1. McGary is slightly above average at this point, to me that’s not even debatable. However I expect another step forward this year to a top 7 RT. Also Cominsky is going to be a player. I wait to see NFL snaps before I make judgments on our players and Cominsky has shown real promise in what I’ve looked at
  2. I just listened to this for the whole 19 minutes lmao he didn’t say a word about Julio. I kept getting excited thinking it was the next subject
  3. I’m taking Chase before I take Sewell. Sewell is too marginal of an upgrade at a set position, so unless we can trade Jake for a great return it doesn’t make sense. 3 WR’s see the field fairly often, 3 OT’s don’t unless you play one out of position and all 4 of Matthews, McGary, Gono, and Sewell are OT’s without skillsets conducive to playing G at the same level. Chase also lets us move on from Julio next year (sadly necessary)
  4. Don’t see the point in Sewell unless you’re trading Jake and can get a nice return. Matthews and McGary are plenty good (Kaleb should take yet another step in year 3), Sewell at best is a marginal upgrade over Matthews. Jake is a top 7 LT with minimal difference between 2-7, and Sewell to me has never been the unquestioned HOFer some evaluators were making him out to be. I found it interesting some evaluators have come around as we’ve gotten closer to the draft aren’t touting him as highly as before. He’s really solid, but we already got ‘really solid’ from a top 6 pick that we used on a LT. I
  5. What a mock. Williams, Smith and Washington? WITH Surtain.. yes please
  6. I don’t hate it like I would if the Saints or Panthers won. It’s not even that I hate the Bucs less than the Panthers.. it feels like it’s not even the Bucs that won the SB lol it was Brady. And most of all they have no ‘staying power’ which I think I view highly.. they didn’t just win a SB with their franchise QB who’s gonna be there the next decade and threaten us for contention like the Saints did in 2009 We had the Bucs down 17-0 at halftime against us, if we closed out that game and won the next we would’ve dropped them to 7 losses and potentially out of the playoffs.. they weren’t l
  7. Nah marginal upgrade at best. Take QB of the future, Surtain, or trade down
  8. The guy is a fraud btw he tried backtracking by saying “no I literally heard about Ryan and the Colts on the radio.” Referring to talking heads just doing what they do killing time and discussing hypotheticals that they know won’t happen
  9. We needed a fan to streak on the field in the 4th Q during one of NE’s drives. I’m halfway serious lol it legit could’ve changed things if the D had an extra 2 minutes to rest during one drive you never know
  10. Like I’ve said before we’ll see in a few years, but he’s going to be a stud. I’m good with him #4
  11. Ito is a beautiful #2 back. Hilarious Dirk couldn’t see Ito was our best back past two seasons, but unsurprising. Took Raheem ******* Morris to make the change, the **** some of us were calling for by week 3 when it was clear
  12. Yeah I have no interest in trading Ryan. Was just discussing the Rams trade bc some people seemed to think that the Lions got all that because Stafford is worth 2 firsts and a third, when in reality the Rams had to have someone take on the Goff contract because trading Goff cost them so much less in dead money than cutting him. What the trade really shows is teams know Goff is a bad QB, for the Rams to have to pay in draft capital to get him off their hands This will be further illustrated if Watson is traded this off-season, the compensation for him sure won’t match up with “Stafford is
  13. Lions got that big of a haul because the Rams HAD to trade Goff as cutting him was impossible due to the dead money they would’ve had to eat. They paid the Lions extra in draft picks to take him. We won’t get that much for Ryan unless we also take on the salary of a low tier starting QB from the team trading us
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