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  1. Holmes-Blalock-Konz-Reynolds-Trueblood woof
  2. Like it, don’t like it. Overall I prefer the traditional angle
  3. Beasley is a decent rusher, and he can play SAM pretty well as he’s good in space. He is in no way a top pass rusher, however Pushed around the arc on far too many of his rushes, he’s got no inside counter. Bullrush is average. He’s a quality spy with his speed. But overall he doesn’t create a ton of pressure or beat his man straight up for sacks, which often come from him looping on stunts or closing down on a scrambling QB
  4. He came in at LG at the end of the game, Levitre was questionable heading into the game so I’m sure Quinn took him out for precautionary reasons once the W was sealed
  5. Season is toast if we have to shut Free down. And I’m a TeCo guy
  6. If Tru could catch we’d have 3 more picks. But he’s been working on his hands for a while now, just something he doesn’t got. It’s cool tho cause he’s lockdown
  7. Roberts is a threat on punt returns once he’s got the ball in his hands. He has made some dumb decisions like fair catching on the 5 yard line, and not fair catching on the 10-12 when the opposing team was punting from across midfield (punter can give more arc since distance isn’t needed, punt coverage can get there so you’re more lenient with fair catching and do it if it’s at the 10 yard line or further). But he’s constantly having to make those judgement calls, like constantly. It’s a hard spot to be in that often Looks like someone finally told him just to knee it on kickoffs, at least I really hope so. Returning kicks out of the end zone in 2017 blows my mind
  8. The bold is dead on. Exactly what I’ve been saying
  9. Good let’s see if this D can stop one of the better rushing attacks
  10. I was big on TeCo coming into his rookie year and last season, but it’s so clear Free needs to be the workhorse. Sark is just killing us. Dude doesn’t seem to understand their capabilities, what was it 2 mins left in the game before he got TeCo in space? After how many rushing attempts up the gut. I mean good lord
  11. Doesn’t help that Ryan makes his guys play center fielder on the majority of his deep throws. Ball hangs in the air and guys have to track the rainbow
  12. Either Ryan doesn’t like them or we’ve had a string of coordinators that don’t
  13. I think it’s kinda funny we fell into the same trap that we did the last time we were a playoff team. Thinking the roster is pretty much set and just need a piece or two. TD talking in the off-season about how this roster is his best ever etc. Trading our 3rd and dealing 5th’s like we don’t need them. I said in the off-season our offense isn’t as talented as touted and we weren’t set at TE or WR or OT depth and that Shanny was a genius who greatly amplified our success on O
  14. Obviously should’ve been caught but Ryan makes his guys play center fielder on deep throws tbh. Rainbows for days