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  1. Kyle was a blast to have as an OC. In his first year you could see what he was trying to build and what potential the offense held even with the bumps they were going through learning it One thing that’s always stuck with me was our first possession against the Jags late in 2015. Kyle ran hard playaction the first 4 or 5 plays in a row, each for a first down plus more. After the 3rd PA when he ran HARD playaction again the next play I couldn’t help but laugh. I was giddy, because I knew it was a man not “sticking with what’s working” but who possessed true unpredictability. Those linebackers bit so hard that 4th time, it was clear the last thing they were expecting was another playaction
  2. Welp Jarrett wasn’t wrong when he said he’s not “a poor man’s nobody” after he got drafted and an expert said he could be a poor man’s Geno Atkins
  3. With this articles reasoning I think we should bring in Lawrence because he’ll praise the lawd!!!
  4. And 2008-2019 has been under two head coaches that were “defensive minds” and former DC’s Imagine if we’d found a solid offensive HC and Matt spent several years or potentially the majority of his career in the same system. The opportunity cost of having an elite QB but choosing to go with (failed) defensive minded HC’s.. oof
  5. To be fair to the offense, I don’t think anybody dropped 30+ on seattle all season long in 2012 until they played us in the postseason
  6. Vandy you got a good eye for talent so I enjoy reading your thoughts on players when I come here
  7. A comp pick would’ve been good but it’s so nice not having 44 on the team this year
  8. Takk’s been unlucky in the roulette game that is sacks. The pressures have been there, how much he creates on his own 1v1 has been there. Is he a perfect rusher obviously not, but he is a plus player at the edge position, and he watched us literally last year give the 5th year option to a guy who’s career ability to generate pressure was on par with Kroy Biermann and Brooks Reed. And this is before we even get to their differences playing the run I don’t blame him for being upset about the 5th year option thing. The rest of the times he’s thrown shade.. unnecessary
  9. Makes it an easy answer when the ring also gets you the other half of the options lol
  10. Closer we get to the season the more confident I am that we won’t have one. And I started off in March thinking 100% this season would happen solely because I couldn’t envision a multi billion dollar operation giving up a season
  11. Not related to our team but the situation
  12. McGary is going to be a good one. OL is dear to my heart also it’s nice to have a tackle that holds his weight like McGary. It’s by no means necessary but the aesthetician in me appreciates having guys more of the Terron Armstead/Tyron Smith mold than of the Lamar Holmes shape
  13. I don’t understand how we have a season personally.. if the Center tests positive on a Saturday then you’d be isolating the QB, at least the 2 OG’s, your DT’s, and your LB’s since the Center would’ve been in close contact with all during practices. 1 positive and your down to second string at several spots? Idk man
  14. Senat was actually quality in the reps he got, especially against Pitt People that are high(or low) on Marlon have a better eye for translating talent to another position than I, because the dude took like 50 snaps his entire collegiate career at the spot he’s gonna play most for us
  15. Good post. I think Fowler’s got a 5th gear he can be pushed to, hope our staff can get him there. He’s got some dog in him too which is nice after the last guy taking snaps there. think Beasley is one of the only players I’ve disagreed with you on and yeah Hurst is in for a huge year. Matty with some speed at TE and the dude can actually block inline for us.. yes please
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