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  1. Can someone watch the defensive film and tell me how Beasley had a good game.. like point out where he had a good rush? He had one good inside move on Lane all game. The play where he almost sacked Wentz was a result of Grady and Takk getting pressure, he didn’t beat Peters. And the play where he did sack Wentz was explained on the broadcast how that was a win for the OT thats before we get to the run game which is a longer discussion. I’m just thankful for Takk, I’ve thought he was going to be an all-pro since his debut against the bears and I’ve stuck by it, a true monster
  2. Debo, Rico, Takk, Tru, Oliver, Neal, Campbell, Grady, and Bailey all had great games Vic is still bad, funny how much leeway coverage sacks buy him. He had one good rush against Johnson all game, and one good diagnosis of a screen that was impressive since he couldn’t even read the QB. He dropped in coverage a few times and was fine But overall he adds so little out there. Stalls on nearly every single bull rush, gets pushed around the arc on his speed rushes. Watching on run plays guys like Takk and Bailey set the edge with a TE and then actually disengage and make a play on the ball carrier, or split upfield against the TE and make a TFL, but then when it’s Vic he’s simply occupying a space when he’s out there.. the difference is night and day, but it ends after this season thankfully
  3. Oliver had a really good game. His recognition of some of the routes against him and his ability to break were impressive. That length too, man. I think he’s going to be a player
  4. I don’t mind pass happy. Especially on first down, pass while you’re “ahead of the sticks” or at least not behind them too often we’re getting behind the chains losing yards running on first down. In turn we’re passing more, and in a more difficult passing situation behind the sticks we’re asking Ryan to pick up too many 2nd and 12+, 3rd and 10+
  5. It’s about time we had somebody look like they were seriously injured and turn out to be ok. Our loss rate on those has been 100% for a few years now
  6. Free is pressing too hard, coming back from injury. he’s one of those little spurts that naturally does that If theres anybody I say give him a few games to catch his groove it’s Free. One of the best backs in the game when healthy and I don’t think injuries have robbed him of any explosiveness
  7. We did it boys
  8. We need a game winning drive from Ryan here
  9. Gonna come down to our offense having to score. That’s where all our money is, they better deliver
  10. How in the **** do we manage to **** ourselves over when it comes to hidden yards
  11. Here comes the falconing also gotta love spending two first round picks on linemen and losing them for the year
  12. Maybe next year we won’t get decimated by injuries lol. They’re a pretty big drawback to football, happen a little too often. But that’s the nature of it
  13. Omfg Beasley wasn’t in on that last 3rd down. Maybe the coaching staff is learning
  14. I love spotting the opposing team a free 25 yards every drive
  15. Why are we always behind the chains..