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  1. Gono is a very solid backup tackle. Ideal depth. But his level of play took a dip at guard I agree Andrews is the favorite to start. Seems unlikely Mayfield sees the field in starting capacity this season. Mayfield has been practicing some at T but I think that’s more to due with Gono’s injury, the plan for Mayfield is eventually LG I really hope Arthur and Ledford can work some magic at LG and C, because if not things will go downhill in a hurry
  2. Embiid is truly a freak. Bootleg Curry was on fire all series. Major props to our guys for beating them that was impressive I didn’t realize Philly was 62-9 at home their last 71 games there. Dominant. And then we beat them 3 times out of 4 games there this series wow Also I think Shaq really likes us lol
  3. What a win!! Trae gotta clean up his shots asap if we’re gonna have a chance against the Bucks but I have faith
  4. McGary is our RT cornerstone as well, we have 3/5 of the line in a really good place for at least the next few years
  5. Stopped when he said he ranked Kyle as #4 in the draft and I’m a guy who thinks we wanted Lance (yes even after that draft room video was released)
  6. Our regression to the mean for one-score games may be offset by the expected regression to the mean for injuries.
  7. Good start to the season. Can’t afford Jake or Kaleb to miss any time whatsoever now
  8. Walmart Curry looks like the real thing against us
  9. I think this is just them taking 2020 grades and then they have their tiers from replaceable to elite that they’re slotting guys into They had a list the other day of the best 10 Lb’s in football and had Debo like #6. He just had a meh season, his effort wasn’t consistent but with some competency in the coaching staff I expect he’ll be giving his all again
  10. I usually lean towards signing talented guys who have had trouble staying healthy. I like that kind of gamble. As long as you don’t try to fill too many spots with them obviously lol. May view it differently over the next 10 years watching football but that’s how I feel rn
  11. NFL turnarounds can be in a snap especially if the QB spot is taken care of. If you have a good QB in the NFL then making a run always has the ability to be dependent on as little as one offseason
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