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  1. Matt Ryan aint taking us anywhere. . . he is a game manager. He is not dominant. He is not a playmaker. He is not the forefront leader he needs to be. He is a fill-in game manager for a team that needs all of this talent on offense to do anything.
  2. I dare them to ban me when they have not banned some of the other posters that should get banned, too
  3. BY the way. . .I am the actual real Idowu, not that other Bible-thumping clown running around here with the screen name: TheIdowu.
  4. I've only been banned once idiot and that was when I was under a different screen name
  5. Who banned me when I was TheIdowu1 or TheIdowu2 or something like that. . . I forget my old name now.
  6. Falcons will be one and done yet again and not because anything other than the OFFENSE. Defense will be top 10, but offense will be underachieving
  7. Blame the o-line, blame MM, next year, it wil be the same ole thing. What will be the xcuse? Oh, I know! Well, new scheme and coordinator Right? GTFOH!
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