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  1. Again, you show how little you know about football. You think production in the slot can be easily translated to the outside? What did DJ do on the outside last game? You also fail to mention that Davis went up against Revis on a large number of his snaps. And the post you keep referring to was in regards to how dumb it would be for fans to want him to start. Based on what we saw in preseason Johnson was not ready to be an outside receiver at this level so for us to petition for it would be moronic. Did you happen to attend falcon practices and see him develop since the preseason? Since you di
  2. There goes your "intelligence." Since when is a #3 receiver a starter. How effective was Johnson as an outside receiver? I'm glad you think three targets means you're a good player. Btw, how is your boy Carradine doing in SF? You were right, we should have drafted him in the first. Why did we ever trade up for Trufant? One thing we need more of is players on IR. /purple
  3. The guy had 2 catches, one of them out of a bunch formation. Not exactly mind blowing.
  4. Yes every player who has ever missed a tackle in their career sucks. Saying the best player on our defense sucks leads me to believe that you suck at logic. Why don't you go watch some NFL football instead of making idiotic posts? Maybe then you'll see that every defender in the league misses tackles.
  5. Good. We need him badly. Our defense has gone to **** without him.
  6. If they were releasing him earlier this week or even last week then it would indicate an incoming Fa signing. But since this is being done so late, I'm guessing that one of the rookie safeties showed up during the bye week and made him expendable.
  7. Mike Cox gets what you're saying.
  8. Light beer is soft and obviously lazy. It is the reason for everything that goes wrong and needs to be replaced. You can't win with mediocre beer. We need to get a beer with better work ethic.
  9. Ya Cone and Davis have already had time to develop and may just need an opportunity. It's time to see how far they've progressed. Why develop players for a few years and then replace them with an Udfa rookie before you ever give them a shot?
  10. He also couldn't get consistent separation against those corners. We're better off throwing Cone or Robiskie out there because they are bigger bodies and don't need as much separation to be open. They have size, can outjump defenders for the ball, and can atleast contribute in the run game if they're unable to do anything in terms of catching the ball. If DJ isn't catching passes for you he's essentially a liability.
  11. This type of thinking couldn't be more wrong. You think Roddy fixed his problem with drops in a game? You think he learned to run routes in the middle of a game-winning drive? Johnson needs work on his route running and hands and those skills are honed by putting in the work during practice. You only deserve to be put into the game after you put in the time and effort and have outperformed your temmates in practice. What possible outcome do you expect from him lining up against Revis? Revis will bend Darius over in front of mllions of people for 60 minutes. The only thing you can accomplish fr
  12. I think the guy has potential but yes he definitely doesn't seem to have grasped playing in a pro style offense yet. There are probably a dozen more reasons why he shouldn't start but I would turn the tv off as soon as I saw our 5'9 Udfa rookie line up in front of Revis. He couldn't get off the line against bench players in preseason. He should consider it a success if he makes it 3 yds past the LOS in TB.
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