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  1. I heard the Falcons were gonna pass but he wouldn't take no for an answer. '
  2. when your fat *** is blocking the aisle because you cannot fit in your private seat, you have no claim for privacy.
  3. people have blanked out so much they will be taking phone pics of the mushroom cloud trying to send it to friends.
  4. speaking of bounty I bet you will go through a few bounties watching that locker room cam
  5. yea I kinda hit it one late there.
  6. are you clothed at the time?
  7. LOL at " to err is human, it's time to move on"
  8. Thank you. But his apology was pretty uncalled for. There was a video of the incident also, and the guy was more like a loving grand'ad around these kids. There was much affection and laughter as he said it.And I remember it certainly wasn't nervous laughter asthe article said. Kids don't have nervous laughter. But still funny how it went from racist to not racist.
  9. While I wasn't meaning just to point fingers at the pope, when you guys call him " holy father" that kinda kills your argument here. And many of the rules I was talking about are not moral in nature, but only a burden. For instance, I can see nothing in forbidding birth control that leads one closer to God because I don't see anywhere in the Christian teachings that says sex is only for procreation. What is immoral about a married couple having sex for pleasure? Where is this found in Christian teachings? What is wrong with having that pleasure without having to worry about a child you may not be able to afford at the time? And I won't even get into the priests not being allowed to marry deal. and other religions have some pretty messed up rules also, needless to say.
  10. pretty racist. I remember a good while back some old white guy was reading a story to some kids, and jokingly called a little girl "a dirty little girl". And when I say jokingly I mean this little girl laughed her tail off when he said it. Well the little girls name was a black sounding name, like "Isis" or something so the NAACP was all up in it with a quickness. Only the little girl was a little blonde white girl so they just kinda derped backwards out of the door and nothing was heard of it again. I mean, if these folks were upset a girl got called dirty little girl, it's pretty racist to no longer care because the child is white, aint it? I would search for a link but I'm not typing " dirty little girl" into a search engine.
  11. Religion is a relationship with God filtered through mans rules and traditions.Religion divides and separates. Religions pile laws and burdens on men and even attempts to make those higher up in the ranks on par with God himself in some cases. I will always question it and in some cases, hate it.I have no issue wit a mans faith in God however.
  12. as far as KOG, I thought he knew who I was and I was clowning on him. The other guy, not so much.I'm pretty sure if there were men that strong the bible would have told us about them. It did not, sooooooooooooooooo..
  13. I think if you want to pull some BS lawsuit like this, if you lose, you pay the people you sued. No tour has ever made 40 billion, and I am sure by his far declined record sales, this one would not have either. and as I said, the promoters should counter suit because he is the reason the tour was cancelled, not them.
  14. Why is Matt Ryan at a Dodgers game? looks like he's bulked up, though.
  15. whatever happened to John Lithgow? That dude was awesome.
  16. just too many cameras and too little true wilderness now. I used to, and it's kinda sad that it's just too hard to believe anymore.
  17. hey man, google lady cyanide to see what you were stalking.
  18. is suing the concert promoters for the 40 BILLION she claims MJ would have made on this tour. Yea, because it's their fault he was so completely out of touch with reality thanks in part to an insane, leeching enabling family who turned a blind eye to his drug and child habit. I would think HE is the one who actually broke the contract. But hey, it's LA so the insane old lady may actually win. So do you blame her for trying?
  19. That would be believable had you posted it on April Fools day, Liberace.
  20. LOL, what does that have to do with anything? is the preacher ranking sins now? I guarantee that if someone doesn't even look at women besides their wife, they are hitting Rosey hard because no ones wife is willing every day of the year.And looking at women in your mind is looking at them in your heart, said the Lord.
  21. Do you find us repulsive? BTW,I even call BS on you finding the thought repulsive. And I'm fine with you not caring what I think because I don't care what known liars think anyway.
  22. If I get scared, I will go get Kaep. Cause he be dat ***.and U kno dat.
  23. dat **** Kaep come up into it's own yard and beat it.
  24. also, I thought KC wore red. Why is Andy Reid wearing all that blue?
  25. which non throwing shoulder? his left or his right?
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