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  1. Spriggs is a capable swing I'm fine with McGary being out and it's not like he's physically injured
  2. Assuming its because of weight. He goes from 275 to around 300 and a position switch. Think he needs to drop down to 285-290
  3. Play the players who are ready.Mayfield has experience at OG now and Spriggs has been active at swing tackle. Start Spriggs. No need to make this complicated
  4. If they were to shop him it would be at the draft. His value is the lowest at this point. Plus this team is trying to win.
  5. Numbers game when it came to him. Avery/Hall are the last two on the depth chart Terrell Moreau Oliver Sheffield Green Williams/Hall
  6. Pressure is bound to happen for this team. The number i really care about for today was zero sacks versus a 7 sack team coming into the game from last week
  7. 4 pressures on 45 pass blocking snaps doenst sound bad at all
  8. Hopefully they get the snaps they need heading into the Miami game
  9. They basically both start anyway the depth chart doesnt matter
  10. I think Falcons win. The replacements come in and show why they should have been playing. Grant. Hawkins. Maybe Hall. WRs show up and fight for yards now that ridley is out
  11. Hes a great route runner but as far as everything else that comes with football no. He has no heart. Which is the most annoying aspect of his game. He doesnt fight for extra yards and is scared to take a hit
  12. I have a feeling this is because when hes on the field the call is most likely a run so they key on to it. WIth CP you dont know what the call will be
  13. If I was a mod id insta lock every thread like this until its actually Matt Ryans time to retire
  14. Id rather cut Franks and Hesse for this. Cominsky is okay when playing his position. They used him as the vet to Graham. Graham is literally a 3T/1T by trade. Cominsky is not. OOP for no reason.
  15. The talent drop off between this comparison is wild.
  16. A combination of Design. OL and WRs not getting enough seperation for that to occur.
  17. This is the wrong game to say this. The coverage was tight all game because RIdley and Co just couldnt get open downfield. Commentators said multiple times that this is a coverage sack and things of that nature. Its hard to take shots when the OL A. doesnt give you time and B. he doesnt have anyone to throw it to. Today was more of B because the line help up better today.
  18. If Grant can learn the defense he will certainly get some snaps. I saw Hawkins a good bit today
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