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  1. Fowler is starting on the other side. 3-4 edges
  2. Well he hasn’t been there for some reason so I can’t even have a judgment. Neither has the other vets starting like Harmon and harris so idk lol. But I do wanna see everyone get a fighting chance under pees. But I do think the DLs NT will be Davison and Graham similar to the 2019 Titans
  3. https://www.ajc.com/sports/atlanta-falcons/updated-post-mandatory-minicamp-depth-chart/I6UX5IBCLRHYVJRQBIXC6PQFXQ/ Per Dled
  4. Pees wants young and hungry. Id agree with one more EDGE but as for interior I think they’re set.
  5. Think they planned for this. It’s why his son is also on staff.
  6. We talking about DQ and his ability to coach and put the best players on the field. It never happened. He constantly played the players who were making the most money despite sucking
  7. Davison and Senat. Pees ran his last defense with DaQuon Jones at 315
  8. Think this is different because he’s not directly working with the DL coach he’s with Frank Bush
  9. Personally ill take a late round guy but im very interested in what Ollison can do in this scheme
  10. There is no reason to cut them. They both fit the scheme.
  11. No one drafts someone to compete with their franchise guy it makes no sense. That franchise guy doesn't need "motivation" especially a former d*** MVP. The narratives are getting RIDICULOUS.
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