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  1. if he gets our OL Coach seal of approval im down. Lets have Ito-Ollison-Hawkins fight it out
  2. They dont HAVE to answer questions about him. Even when not prompted they do. What does that say about how they view him.
  3. One could also argue this stat doesnt mention offense at all. Its purely about defense and its construction in both eras.
  4. Which resource Peter Konz Lamar Holmes Jeremy Trueblood Jamon Brown James Carpenter James Stone Levine Toilolo at RT are you referring to?
  5. Id prefer a McNeil. But he could opt for Heavier in Tyler Shelvin or Tedarral Slaton
  6. Need to be able to fill the holes so they just have to bite the bullet and make solid moves.
  7. Cut Carp. Davison post June 1 Restructure Matt Julio Debo Jarrett and Matthews Prosper.
  8. Would be great to get another Patrick Kerney at least since this is a 3-4 defense now
  9. 39 in 2017. And thats just because of Clayborn 6 sack game. If u take that out. This team barely makes it to 34. So. They have never been truly close.
  10. This roster doesn't have a true 0 tech. the closest would be Senat who played this at USF. Davison played DE in college and is possibly a cut. So this is definitely a need. I would say in FA maybe DaQuan Jones from Tenn. But this looks like a draft need as well.
  11. Follow the account if interested in articles/videos and quality Georgia sports coverage.
  12. A lot of people focus on just the 1st round im not sure why. Like im not asking anyone to nerd out but Tlaw Fields Wilson Lance arent the only Qbs and nothing guaranteed. Someone in the 4th could just as well have a good career
  13. I don't like stocker but unfortunately he has history with Arthur Smith and we just brought in Grahams college coach so it seems like the same 3 TEs will be here again next season
  14. I feel like Neals value hasn't risen above not re-signing because of injury history. Also McCray can go man. I can't really make much of an argument for others because of the scheme switch. I dont like Means or Harris in a 3-4 alignment.
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