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  1. his description really reminds me of Tebow
  2. I mean did you watch the games lol. backup OL was beyond trash.
  3. Aint no play in ga
  4. *Inserts WWE Wrestler Naomi pic*
  5. I might just play it again for this lol
  6. Welp no football discussion here lmao
  7. Not a camp body. No reason to bring in a 29 yr old vet unless you see a role for him
  8. Anyways back on topic. He started a few games for the bears
  9. Seems like he is a solid NT. Shoulder injury derailed him a bit but 2 years on IR. He should be fine now
  10. He obviously has a spot on this team. Keep in mind. No one is listed at 5 tech right now. Everyone is an "inside guy" that position will be fought for by Shelby, Crawford, and Hageman. Idc who wins it either. You can't ignore his raw power and aggressiveness. **** I want to see him next to Poe in a set where they switch spots and just say collapse the pocket
  11. *cough* *cough* Rashede Hageman