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  1. I think he’s solid in the run game and that’s what sucks. Because he’s a 1T and that’s where Davison takes all the snaps. He needs to prove that he can pass rush and take some 3T snaps. I know he can hold his own versus the run but he can’t be one dimensional because the base package is limited snaps for the taking
  2. Daniel is a power runner with some elusiveness similar to Ollison
  3. I honestly want to see Senat after a full year of plan D. I wish we had preseason. I still believe in the guy. Well. Like all of our players.
  4. Another thing. They added to the staff quality coaches. Moving Raheem back to DC. Tosh Lupoi DE coach. Joe Whitt Jr. secondary. Coupled with NFL ready players. This team will be taking a step forward. How far is the question
  5. Recently converted WR into CB. Id take a career CB over that at least right now.
  6. Definitely think he will turn some heads if given the opportunity
  7. He essentially already does with how the SS is featured on defense. But I would like to see him as the nickel LB allow for Kazee and Allen to be the deep safeties
  8. I think thats what happens in that scenario. Blidi/Rico split time there. Allen football IQ helps being closer to the line anyway in that scenario.
  9. Im only saying no because its clear the falcons want to develop the cbs they have this year. With Blidi Wreh-Wilson being the vet CB people keep talking about. If they do sign one then cool. But Oliver Terrell Sheffield absolutely need to be on that field.
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