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  1. Oliver has looked better since moving to a slot role
  2. I know not to put too much stock into pff grades but he has a 49.8 grade on the season
  3. I mean it wasn't like there was pass rush when they were playing lol. Lets see what the others got with full snaps
  4. No game is pointless when these guys are literally fighting for their careers.
  5. Its certainly going to be a different feeling on Sunday
  6. You know whats funny. They have more players on the injury report. With Jaire Alexander DNP saturday because of a knee issue after practicing the previous days
  7. Tired of the negativity so I’m going to say yes. We have seen this team do this for years. They always beat the hottest team for some reason. We say it with the Super Bowl panthers. Heck last season super bowl 49ers. It’s always something. This one is going to be surprising.
  8. Packers WR Allen Lazard out indefinitely
  9. Honestly something tells me the Falcons fare well with the Packers. This team is stupid that way. Watch them blast the Packers but finish with a score like 31-24
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