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  1. That would be stupid for them to do and I can’t wait to see see it
  2. Not an upgrade but not a downgrade either. Brown is the better run blocker though
  3. If the darn redskins OL can give Keemun enough time to do that I think the Falcons OL can
  4. So lets point to the positives and look forward to week 2
  5. Thanks for the looking forward topic. Does Cox line up at UT and 3T?
  6. Well funny enough they both are renowned for their run blocking. I’m anxious to see how it gels
  7. I don’t recall them playing in the preseason.
  8. FIrst game back after season ending injuries I can bet they were cautious
  9. Yup. Somehow a NT would have contained the edge.
  10. Brown is the backup RG and Wes is the backup C. Hopefully brown fills in well. I don't have high hopes but there are hopes. He's at least competent
  11. Im not picking one because im tired of fans always trying to find a scapegoat. Here it goes. OL. DL. LBs. Secondary. There ya go.
  12. TBJ flashed in ONE game and you’re saying this? Hill has been consistent enough to win RB3 but showed nothing?
  13. Both will make the team. I think Ollison snaps at FB made them realize he can take Ortiz spot and play a hybrid FB/RB role allowing them to keep “5” RBs including Barner as a KR specialist