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  1. All i know is the new logo might have a white stripe in the hand lol
  2. High chance to be Wes replacement. And Gono should he lose the LG battle becomes the Swing tackle. But i do project him to win at this point
  3. Interesting battle between Gono and McCray. I know brown and carp but I’m not counting on them. LOSER PLAYS SWING
  4. Even our OL coach said he needs an opportunity. The signings of brown and carp are based on TD's lack of self-evaluating, You can't tell me Gono/Wes couldn't have provided what they did for a fraction of the cost last season.
  5. I mean ive seen Schaub do it time and time again. Long road up especially after the injury.
  6. He had one good year under quinn. Fell off a cliff afterward. As a UDFA you can't do that
  7. Probably, I just hope he balls out forcing everyone to change their narrative.
  8. SInce I’m tired of drafting for a position and not giving them a chance I’ll say no. If Gurley doesn’t workout then u grab one in 2021
  9. What we know is he can still be productive. That’s all we can ask for.
  10. Man this must suck for the rams
  11. First of all. Im the writer of the article. If you want to criticize the writing do so. But don't just dismiss it because im also a member of the boards
  12. True. But it did seem like Jackson would stumble more often than not instead of straight up running. Didn't look like the same guy here or in New England.
  13. Todd Gurley isn’t Steven Jackson BY DA'VONTE HUGHES · PUBLISHED MARCH 25, 2020 · UPDATED MARCH 25, 2020 Image vs Play Style When Todd Gurley was released from the Los Angeles Rams, everyone figured that he should head back to Georgia. The next day it was announced that the Atlanta Falcons signed Todd Gurley to a 1-year $5 million deal. This signing according to some fans brought back memories of when the Falcons signed Steven Jackson in 2013. Full link to article- I know this feels like it should be obvious but you wouldn't imagine how many fans compared the two. I decided to write an article to combat the otherwise nonsensical comparisons. Two different players who are coming into two different situations.
  14. RB is off the board for me until 2021 honestly. I think an RBBC of Gurley/Smith/Hill/Ollison works for the time being
  15. He has NFL talent for sure but for what role im not sure. Camp body of course. Finally we got an XFL guy i guess