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  1. Dude brought all the stops out that game. Many plays I hadn't seen all season
  2. Trufant and Oliver both finished above Alford in PFF grades. Trufant being in the top 25
  3. From what I saw this season and I tweeted about before @CookieByNature btw if yall want to follow me I follow back. Ito can bring the same things Teco brought except raw speed. We will have two clones in Freeman/Smith. Then we will have a sort of power back in Hill which is another dimension. You only replace TeCo if you think we absolutely need the "elusive" back. It's not likely his type is needed in a Dirk Koetter offense. So by not readily replacing him you save money to use on other positions.
  4. I view Ford as an OG. So if its OG or OT. Im going with OT.
  5. My school!
  6. Dude is about to be 30 next season he aint carrying nothing but a replacement to Shelby. Maybe.
  7. Exactly. Lets see what Quinn can now that Manuel isnt calling plays
  8. O.J Howard and Cam Brate did very well under his tutelage
  9. He was defending his sister in high school I believe. Has been a model citizen since then.
  10. I like Simmons/Sweat at 14
  11. No. He was waived from the colts practice squad and signed with the Falcons practice squad October 23rd Then signed a futures contract December 31st
  12. We shouldn't look for reasons to take sacks away because we have other guys on the team who didn't register a sack versus the same guy.
  13. Sean Harlow was signed to the Practice Squad late in the season. Was with the colts practice squad