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  1. I think mahomes is availed. Andy Reid cut him after the Super Bowl loss on which he failed to score TD.
  2. Or he is just having fun. Trying to drum up interest in a game no one cares about.
  3. Figure up the dollar value for that. One thing. I learned over time is that the Falcons will probably disappoint you.
  4. There’s just no reason for us fans to watch it again. It’s not like we are gonna learn anything from it. I don’t think I will ever watch it again.
  5. No. As long as he’s alive he is the right leader of this team.
  6. I don’t think so. That group would lock down any receiver group to have ever played the game.
  7. The reason to be excited is that it’s football season soon. What more reason does a fan of football need. It’s obviously more enjoyable if we are winning but I enjoy football and am excited no matter what.
  8. I was just wondering how effective that is during a game. In that situation would he even hear someone yell ball.
  9. Are you going to ask them why on earth would they collect a check for doing nothing when they could go flip burgers for less pay.
  10. So are you saying we should plan on not winning this year and roll it over to next year. I thought that’s what we’ve been doing.
  11. You can help people out once you make. Thing you should do is not break the and go to prison. He financed it I thought and it was on his property. He may well have been the bad influence.
  12. You are probably the only one who’s going to read that book.
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