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  1. Hes too young to appreciate how dominating Jordan was. Jordan’s bulls would have beat the warriors. Look at all the legends that Jordan was working against. There really shouldn’t be a debate.
  2. I think he only has final say on the options he is presented with. I’ll just take the best player at every position and call it a year.
  3. That’s just absurd. Everyone knows a real man kicks a bicth.
  4. I think he’s just smart enough to know that the only way you don’t say the wrong thing is to say nothing at all.
  5. He just wanted us to prove that it worked. Kraft put him up to it I bet.
  6. You know you don’t have to respond to every attack. People are just down right mean and rude. Over a game no less. Opioid addiction is nothing to joke about. I guess we are all addicted to something. Seems some poeoe are addicted to being a-holes.
  7. Well yeah. Why not. I’ll take some too why we’re at it. My neighbor sucks.
  8. Maybe they realize they over paid and are trying to force a trade issue. Either way it doesn’t make sense not to play him unless you thought the other guy gave you a better chance to win.
  9. I was a bit surprised that he played as poorly as he did. I thought he stepped up big time in the championship game only to get to the Super Bowl and choke. Oh well. Next year won’t get here soon enough.
  10. He saying they was stupid.
  11. Really. You know dang well he’s the goat. He did it way to good for way to long.
  12. Whichever coordinator is better give the talent to other. I personally would like to see how we look with a great o-line. It’s so hard to beat a team when you can’t get to their quarterback. I know that goes both ways, but maybe we could learn to blitz properly to make up for our crappy d-line.
  13. So if we were to do that does the highest possible earnings have to be set aside for the possible cap hit. Would it essentially be like getting a refund at the end of the season if they didn’t produce.