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  1. I’m sure they hired guys they believe can help win a championship.
  2. I’m sure he couldve gotten more than he has.
  3. So I guess running fast helps you run into sacks quicker.
  4. Maybe they are already tanking.
  5. Vick was also pretty trash on the field for us.
  6. Haters gonna hate. That’s all it is. Also some smart people are dumb as ****
  7. I’m pretty sure most fields are green. Nice try though.
  8. Especially when that 36 year old is ice cold. He would just put that ish out with a little drip.
  9. How can you say no way this deep in a thread with a bunch of idiots are still blaming Ryan.
  10. Agreed. Foye gives maximum effort. He is slowly becoming one of my favorite.
  11. Rooting for Brady is almost as bad as rooting for Brees.
  12. If the falcons didn’t suck we wouldn’t suck. Oh well maybe someone will figure that out too.
  13. Play to win. Bottom line is you do what gives you the best chance of winning. I know it’s hard to comprehend that in a certain situation scoring less would give you a better chance to win.
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