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  1. I don’t think it was an argument. Julio said it.
  2. I think it’s a PR stunt. It only cost 5 million And a roster spot to get the fan base excited for next season. I hope we still draft a rb in the upcoming draft. Also hoping TG3 has a little more to offer than Free did last year. Either way it work and I’m excited for the upcoming season.
  3. Pretty soon your gonna have to say 0-17
  4. Then how do you know he didn’t already say exactly what you just said? How do you know it’s about Antonio brown? Do you just read others replies and say what they say or are you guys just natural born a- holes. Just curious.
  5. You know our defense is gonna make people think he can play until he’s 50.
  6. Someone will try.
  7. A broken clock is right twice a day.
  8. He about to get paid though. Busts usually don’t get paid after rookie contract. So not sure how he fits into that category.
  9. Definitely the prettiest rb. Seems like she’s always available too.
  10. Most of the time it the series over not just the play. Almost sacks don’t add up to much when they convert the first on the following play.
  11. I’m sure there is a problem with your math.
  12. Yes. They actually just fired him. It was a joke I’m sure.
  13. F the niners. Hate them sumbitches too.