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  1. You can help people out once you make. Thing you should do is not break the and go to prison. He financed it I thought and it was on his property. He may well have been the bad influence.
  2. You are probably the only one who’s going to read that book.
  3. What if we trade uniforms with the jets but keep the same team name.
  4. Serious question. What percentage of player make winning the first priority versus making money. I think most of the established guys are looking forward to team success and everyone else is hoping for individual success so they can have a job and they are extremely excited about the opportunity to showcase their skill set.
  5. If Julio really asked for a trade it’s because he wants more money. His years are number and it’s not like you can just pick where you get traded to. He comes in and asks for a trade and TF says no problem. Where would you like to go. I’ll get on the phone with KC they are a lock for the playoffs.
  6. I think he saying we were in position to win all the up to the last play. I agree with you though. So many things went wrong.
  7. I don’t think you can reason a person into changing their mind. Sometimes after time to reflect and remove your emotions people can realize they’ve made a bad decision. In julios case are we sure that he wasn’t speaking on the FO desire to trade him. Would you want to be at work if you new your boss was in the office trying to get rid of you while you were outside working.
  8. Counting eggs before they hatch isn’t wise. I would like to keep Julio also. I’m sure it’s not going to happen now that he’s butt sore.
  9. Are you learning so you can communicate with someone or because it sounds cool.
  10. I think it’s about money. Will he get an extension or new contract when he goes to another team. He sure as heck wasn’t getting one here. I thought I heard he would be the 19th highest paid receiver next year.
  11. How about the increased production from gage. Can any of that be attributed to Ridley pulling doubles while Julio was standing on the sideline. I love Julio. He is maybe my top 3 all time Falcons. We are gonna have to find a way to win without him eventually. And I’m not suggesting Ridley is as good as julio but I think he can be.
  12. So he’s basically Julio. Gains yards and can’t score.
  13. Then you could speak in riddles and then be like “see I tried to tell you.”
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