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  1. I assume you meant "I'm like you now". And how exactly are you like me? You called me a Taint fan and I expressed that those are fighting words. You then tried to act like I gaf about where you live and would really come there. LOL
  2. Please miss me with that. IDK who you think I am but you have the wrong one. Your bad. And even if I was a dumb@ss Ryan hater that would not make you right. We'd both be wrong. Y'all light weight e-thugs are something else
  3. You must not have watched Barry Sanders routinely make 6 guys miss behind the LOS (two of whom probably got up and missed him again) just to gain 2 yd on the play. He'd rush for 2,500 behind Konz & Reynolds.
  4. No one asked you to look up anything. If no one blocked on his long run would it have been effective? If Gonzo had dropped the ball would anyone even remember his blitz pickup? One person is not responsible for winning a football game. You lost me with your e-thug insults. I have a pair, they work admirably. I think he will and should be on the roster too, so IDK why you keep bringing that up. You must really be tired of your name. The last insult was wrong on three counts, but the next time you decide to call me a Taint lover PM me your location so I can put you back in pocket.
  5. He makes ppl miss all the time. If someone whiffs on a tackle it doesn't count in the BT stat but it is essentially the same. He has been rated as one of the most elusive backs in the league in PFF's ratings. I'm sure he can still block Shawn Merriman. Let's just hope Lights Out is the leading pass rusher for every def we face this season.
  6. Because... those two plays were the only ones that mattered and he was the only one who did his job on those plays?
  7. Logic bruh. It is so black & white that it's purple.
  8. LMAO if I stumble across that comment in one more thread I'll probably be able to laugh my way to a six pack.
  10. Thank You. Gonna love seeing him score on that shovel pass 3-4 times a season. I'd like to see him run more angle routes too. Most LBs can't change direction with him and having him in the middle of the field with the secondary running after JJ and RW is something I need to see more of.
  11. You shouldn't be. Ray Edwards did not work. Logic dictates that every vet DE the franchise will ever sign again will be an overpaid bust. You must be sick of hearing this because it's so obvious.
  12. I found it interesting he is only listed as G on the Falcon's website
  13. I wanted Houston cause it seemed more realistic. This would be great tho long as we do not over pay. Griffen's deal scares me
  14. I'd rather wait and kick the tires on LaMichael James after he gets cut.
  15. You do know that is different than exercising his 5th year option right?
  16. LOL @ wanting Run DNR. LMAO @ his injuries being a result of the turf monster. That better be the one year vet min deal where he only counts bout half a mill against the cap.
  17. i can't get over how easily he has been abused by mediocre talent the last 2 seasons. Pass
  18. That did not happen though, all I said is that Moore can play both. Never did I say that their game was the same. I said they are both hard hitters. No need to reply anymore you are free to your opinion. We just disagree.
  19. He can play both just like Moore, which is a requirement in this system. He was the backup FS to Jenkins last season. He is also listed as a FS by every site that denotes a difference in the S positions. You have no clue what you are talking about. He is def a starting caliber S. I thought you might knock his lack of INTs, but he still hasn't had the opportunity to start a full season. Last year he had 6 PD to Decoud's 2.
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