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  1. Eric Berry was avg 9 mill a yr but since the new yr just started it is now 8.3. So you technically are right by 24 hrs lol
  2. No it wouldn't This is the epitome of the avg TATF post
  3. I'm angry cause this was already a thread and you wasted my time by forcing me to read the title and leaving me no choice but to enter and point out your error Never gets old They do not fill the same role, nothing suggests they won't target Starks as well
  4. Very few FA Centers have resigned already...
  5. We already run more 3-4 than 4-3. We run the 4-3 Under more than either. The 4-3 Under is a combo of both systems. You have two big two gap tackles, along with a pass rushing LB. You also have a 3 tech and pass rush DE. The only thing I see from this move is that we will likely add players to better fit this system (Babs, Biermann, Osi, DeCoud are among some who were asked to play roles they could not fulfill.) and we will likely see more of that pass rush from all over that Nolan has been preaching. You are sadly mistaken if you think you will not see us in the 4-3 next year. We will continue to show multiple fronts. I do not really care if the depth chart says we run a 4-3 or 3-4, we already ran out of the odd front more as is. Why do you think we saw so much of Jerry and Babs at DE last yr?
  6. Sign Evan Dietrich-Smith instead of Hawley. But Hawley will look better if we have Asamoah
  7. We run more 3-4 than 4-3 already. We will continue to run the 4-3 under as it is a good combination of concepts from both fronts. This isn't news if you watched us play. The main thing changing is the players not the philosophy
  8. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU DIDN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO I'd rather sign the Nigerian Nightmare off the street. (Oh, wait that'd essentially be the same thing, but it's 2014… So drafting Williams would be exponentially worse)
  9. As much as I like to argue and troll other trolls I much prefer these sorts of discussions, so thank you for this... That is a good point, Clabo's struggles could have several contributing factors outside of his control. I do not feel firing a guy and allowing younger guys to compete is ceding anything, I feel it is player development and necessary to field a competitive team. The problem I had was how poorly the staff was in the evaluation of our young linemen. That literally irks me and is something I am very concerned about. I do feel they handed Konz his job though, just not the tackles. But I had a major problem with them thinking we could trust two starting tackles that have been injured their entire careers. They had to anticipate that Holmes would need to provide significant snaps even if just for a couple of spot starts. The lack of depth made no sense. BTW we did not fire Dahl, we chose to overpay Blalock and Clabo instead of resigning him, since the Rams took it upon themselves to overpay him.
  10. He weighed closer to 285 than 305 this past season. Him being more expensive automatically gives him the biggest bust factor, even if he had 10 sacks last season. Don't take any of this as me disagreeing with what you said. We just have a diff opinion. Shoker is opposing those that are saying that Johnson will be a definitive bust, he ref 3-4 ends because the guy I quoted kept talking about Houston's ability to line up on the DL in an odd front.
  11. My homeboy is a Dallas fan. He bet like 5 people in our circle that they'd beat us… gave the previous season's fantasy winnings right back LOL
  12. Is "M Johnson" the name of some new deadly barbiturate?
  13. G, I do not know who you think I am, but you have the wrong one. I have 600 posts under my belt, an insignificant amount I know, but you can't find 3 that would support the ish you're typing now. But, you did distract me from the original convo so kudos to you I guess.
  14. But Houston's stats weren't similar. He did not provide comparable QB pressure. Sure his sacks compare, but his hurries, hits & PDs do not. And I still do not get his point even if they did. You can't talk about him being out of position at DE in one breathe, then turn around and say we should start him there instead of pursuing the best available at the position. I can't relate.
  15. Except Bryant played sparingly and only at the 5 tech. He was not used at multiple positions. When we run our 4-3 Under rest assured that there will be times when you see him lined up at the 3 tech to abuse a solo match up with the G, which actually is something that Sea did with Bennett. BTW, we did it with our own DEs too, so need to go sucking off up to another team.
  16. I am a Houston fan and want him to play Babs' role. And I would have been fine playing him at end if we added 2 interior pass rushers. That being stated, WTF are you talking bout?!? Houston produced as much as Johnson last season?!?!?! Seriously?!?!?!?! Man the two are very different players who fill different roles in a scheme. Their comparison should end with noting that they are listed at the same position on the depth chart. Watching one game of their games would show you that they do not play the same position. This is like comparing Von Miller to Thomas Davis because they both play "SLB." A grand SMH at you sir.
  17. Not to nitpick, but I do not think that is a fair assessment. Clabo got benched by a team that has no Ts, cutting him was absolutely the right move. And Johnson was competing at the position before going down for the year. I do not think they ceded those positions, both front runners just got injured. I agree with you and WOR tho that we need more depth, since I assume Johnson will be brought back and both will very likely miss significant time do to injury. I'm still holding out hope that we land Anthony Collins. Especially since the alternative would leave him wit the Sucs.
  18. HOLY F'ING ISH SNACKS!!! You picked the wrong one buddy, you would have fared better with WOR (someone who did not already state that they preferred Houston to Johnson, just saying). If it took you to the combine to know what defensive schemes we run, then I should probably not waste my time... But who am I kidding, I'm bored and my time obviously isn't all that valuable... Is your point that we should add interior pass rush? I agree with that. No matter who we have on the edge we need someone to prevent opposing QBs from stepping up in what has been a pristine pocket. No we do not have those guys. But we do have Mass, and if we were to acquire let's say Starks and Donald that'd be a pretty formidable line in all phases. You are exposing yourself. WOR already posted his stats. You are a victim of what I like to call "Putting the ***** Sack on a Pedestal." To say he did nothing this year is beyond laughable. He is a flat out baller. The only way he has Ray Edwards written on him is if he lost some drunken bet at a tattoo shop. Otherwise, I doubt it. Watt is not a traditional 3-4 lineman, since he has no 2 gap responsibilities, yet they scheme for him (On another note, this is the reason HOU will not draft Clowney for any reason. Crennel runs a traditional 3-4 and will have a hard enough time scheming for Watt. No way will he add another one gap DL in his system.). Something tells me that Nolan will find a way to use Johnson in an odd front. Lamarr Houston should never be compared to Michael Johnson. I'm not even going to justify that comparison by discussing it any further. I will however reiterate that Houston was my first choice. Now that should tell you something. I should have read that last line first. It'd make much more sense to make Alex Mack the highest paid C in the league and to overpay for one of the more overrated Ts in football. But I guess thats how you feel bout the two it looks like we're going to get huh. Luckily for us you have no idea what you're talking about.
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