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  1. because god is good… and organized.
  2. LMAO at least he did not compare him to Eric Crotch That fool just tried to tell me the other day that Soliai was WORTHLESS. SMH Glad they gave us Murf Baldwin
  3. They'll be madder when we take Rafael Bush to replace him
  4. **** naw I give it 5 min b4 someone posts the same happening to Hawley
  5. Do you know the difference btwn a restructure and a pay cut? The incentive is that part of their base salaries would be converted to guaranteed money in the form of a restructure bonus. For guys who could both be legitimate cuts after next season that is plenty incentive. I would not offer them more, just guarantee an extra mill or 2. Revis essentially signed a one year deal this season. It was $16 Mill annually with no guaranteed money. I'm sure he was looking forward to being in this position again since no one is going to pay $16 Mill to any CB annually. And you do not know him so do not tell me what kind of deal he wants. Beiber will convince him that there are more important things than money… LOL Le Snead is secretly still working for us so he will have no problems accepting this trade. He is a 1,000 yd WR who will cost a team $1.8 Mill. That's worth a 6th rd pick
  6. That was the best part. And let me pretend to be serious for a second. That would still only commit & $14 Mill to the CB position. Of course we don't need Revis, but Moore is the only member of the secondary making money so we have the money to commit if we wanted to. I say that because looking at one player without comparing if to the money committed to the rest of the position is misleading. We have virtually no money committed to the secondary. Could we do this, yes. Should we…
  7. Yea he prob has the most missed TFLs too. That is not a knock against him, he just gets into the backfield at an inordinate clip. Another reason it makes sense to let him mentor Aaron Donald. For those of you saying he is perfect for some new role in our new scheme, he has been playing DE for us in the 3-4 for the past two seasons...
  8. good I thought they were going to cave and sign him long term. If he has Asamoah to his right he will be fine this season
  9. Alright, alright, alright!!! First off this is an actual mock, as in I do not take this seriously and will not be upset if none of this happens. Feel free to flame me and insult me for my opinions, just give an explanation for yours so I can respond accordingly. Cuts: CB Asante Samuel (frees $5.25 Mill) LB Stephen Nicholas (frees $2 Mill) G Garrett Reynolds (frees $1.285 Mill) DE Osi Umenyiora (frees $3.5 Mill) DE Kroy Biermann (frees $3 Mill) S Thomas DeCoud (frees $3 Mill) Retirees: TE Tony Gonzalez (frees $7 Mill) RB Jason Snelling (frees $1.75 Mill) Restricted Free Agents: CB Robert McClain Offer: 1 yr/ $1.431 Mill I think Bobby Mc is a quality NB. He is worth the cap hit considering how little we have committed to the position.) Unrestricted Free Agents: DT Jonathan Babineaux Offer: 3 yrs/ $9 Mill ($4 Mill Guaranteed) Great resigning for a reasonable deal. Veteran presence and he will be in more of a situational pass rush role. Very Nice! C Joe Hawley Offer: 6 yrs/ $6 Mill ($1 Mill Guaranteed) I'd prefer Evan Dietrich-Smith, but Hawley will be cheaper. He is also younger and just coming into his own (look up Mud Duck's interview explaining how it takes 5-6 seasons before most centers get a feel for the game). He has upside and TD will continue to try to resign our own. DT Corey Peters Offer: 1 yr/ $1.5 Mill Would've garnered a long term deal if not for injury. I am not sure he will be ready at all though so I will proceed with the idea that he spend the season on IR. T Mike Johnson Offer: 1 yr/ $840,000 Vet Min Salary Benefit ($.55 Mill Cap Hit) This one is simple. He gets one more shot at a starting role. If he stays healthy and wins the starting role he still should be given a big long term deal. Don't commit to injury prone players. Extensions: WR Roddy White Offer: 3 yrs/$15 Mill (frees $3 mill) He is going to beast this year. I know he and JJ feel some type of way about what happened last year. Roddy has always played with a chip on his shoulder and I expect him to go out there with something to prove. I would not give him much guaranteed money tho, in case his injury troubles do become chronic. Restructures: G Justin Blalock (frees $2.5 mill) T Sam Baker (frees $1.35 mill) K Matt Bryant (frees $1.8 Mill) Trade: WR Harry Douglas for 2015 cond rd pick (frees up $1.85 mill) Hopefully the Pats lose Edelmann or the 9ers have forgotten him falling on his face in the '13 NFCCG. Outside Unrestricted Free Agents: CB Darrelle Revis Offer: 1 yr/$9 Mill I do not see him being traded since they are looking for a king's ransom for him and i doubt he wants to restructure for OAK or CLE. I also think he went to the Prime Time school for "How to Be a FA Every Season and Work as a Hired Gun." I say we get Rick Ross, Beiber, & the rest of MMG to go to the meeting with Blank to convince him that the A is where anybody who is anybody wants to be. If that doesn't work, nothing will. G Jon Asamoah Offer: 6 yrs/$27Mill ($14 Mill Guaranteed) Thank you Pioli. This guy is just coming into his own. He is great in pass pro. Ryan will love the pocket he can now step into. DL Tyson Jackson Offer: 4 yrs/ $17 Mill ($6 Mill Guaranteed) I'm hoping Pioli works some of that same magic, but this time on the DL. He has a lot of untapped potential and is still fairly young. NT Paul Soliai Offer: 2 yrs/$6 Mill ($3 Mill Guaranteed) Top 5 run D… CHECK! S Rafael Bush Offer: 4 yrs/$8 Mill ($1 Mill Guaranteed) TD signed him as an UDFA in 2010. Elway stole him off our PS, then he was forced to suffer in the cluster fvck that is NO. Bring him home TD!!! TE Dustin Keller Offer: 1 yr/$.84 Mill Vet Min Salary Benefit ($.55 Mill Cap Hit) WR Danario Alexander Offer: 1 yr/$.84 Mill Vet Min Salary Benefit ($.55 Mill Cap Hit) WR Joe Morgan Offer: 1 yr/$.84 Mill Vet Min Salary Benefit ($.55 Mill Cap Hit) All three of the above receivers are guys with injury troubles. If they can stay healthy each will be a come up. If not, doesn't hurt us any. Draft: Trade 3.4, 2015 1st & 2nd for 1.13 Rams Rd. 1.6 Khalil Mack OLB, UB Rd. 1.13 Aaron Donald DT, PU Rd. 2.6 Ryan Shazier OLB, OSU Rd. 4.3 Bishop Sankey HB, WU* Rd. 5.7 Ja’Wuan James T, UT* Rd. 5.C TJ Jones WR, ND Rd. 6.6 Zack Kerr NT, UD Rd. 7.5 Jerrick McKinnon S/KR, GSU Rd. 7.C Marcel Jensen TE, FSU Rd. 7.C Spencer Long G, UN Rd. 7.C Dexter McDougle CB, UM Undrafted Free Agents Roderick McDowell RB, UC Brendan Bigelow RB, CU Corey Brown WR, OSU Allen Hurns WR, UM Trey Burton H-Back/FB/RB, UF Gator Hoskins H-Back/FB, MU Khalil Wilkes C, S Terrance Hackney T, BCU Jeoffrey Pagan DE/DT, UA Shaquil Barrett DE/OLB, CSU Brock Vereen DB, MU QB (5): Matt Ryan, Dominique Davis, Sean Renfree, Seth Doege, Kenny Guiton RB (6): Stephen Jackson, Jacquizz Rodgers, Antone Smith, Josh Vaughan, Bishop Sankey, Roderick McDowell FB (2): Bradie Ewing, Patrick DiMarco H-Back (2): Trey Burton, Gator Hoskins WR (8): Julio Jones, Roddy White, Darius Johnson, Danario Alexander, Joe Morgan, TJ Jones, Corey Brown, Allen Hurns TE (5): Levine Toilolo, Andrew Szerba, Adam Nissley, Dustin Keller, Marcel Jensen T (7): Sam Baker, Lamar Holmes, Ryan Schraeder, Terren Jones, Mike Johnson, Ja’Wuan James, Terrance Hackney G (5): Justin Blalock, Harland Gunn, Gabe Carimi, Jon Asamoah, Spencer Long C (3): Peter Konz, Evan Dietrich-Smith, Khalil Wilkes DE (4): Jonathan Massaquoi, Malliciah Goodman, Stansly Maponga, Shaquil Barrett DT (8): Travian Robertson, Corey Peters, Jonathan Babineaux, Tyson Jackson, Paul Soliai, Aaron Donald, Zack Kerr, Jeoffrey Pagan LB (6): Sean Weatherspoon, Akeem Dent, Joplo Bartu, Paul Worrilow, Khalil Mack, Ryan Shazier CB (6): Desmond Trufant, Robert Alford, Saed Lee, Robert McClain, Darrelle Revis, Dexter McDougle S (7): William Moore, Zeke Motta, Kemal Ishmael, Sean Baker, Rafael Bush, Jerrick McKinnon, Brock Vereen ST (3): K Matt Bryant, P Matt Bosher, LS Josh Harris
  10. This ish never ceases to amaze me. I never knew so many Falcons "fans" don't even bother to watch them play. We played him there last season… Murf Baldwin has an article up on BR about how Bartu is better suited for the position than Duffman.
  11. I saw the Browns will pursue him once he hits FA. Can you imagine him lined up across from Joe Haden?!?! Only the Runs would be able to mess that up, and they'd probably fail at that too
  12. yes since he can two gap with the best of them. But I'd still expect him to have a lot of one gap responsibilities in a 3-4. That is ow you get the most out of him, by letting him wreak havoc in the backfield.
  13. I know most of you do not get this, but what he wrote is entirely different from "to use a 3-4 base scheme." If he meant the later, that is what he would have written. The main thing changing is the players. Since we do not have play Babs and Jelly (among others, here's looking at you Osi) out of position at DE we will likely run out of the odd front more, but we used it a lot as is. You are still going to see a lot of 4-3 Under, Over, and 4-2-5 looks. You should google the 1995 NY Giant def playbook, the year Nolan was DC. You can easily find the PDF.http://subscribers.f...el_idpguide.php We will still have plenty of one gap principles… You know what, nvm. I can only do so much...
  14. I hope he is our next target. Blalock-EDS-Asamoah sign me up for that
  15. We run very little traditional 4-3. We used an odd front more. Listing the other formations was irrelevant. I already know we ran more nickel and 4-3 Under (some call it 5-2, many on this board mistake it for the LEO) looks than 3-4. But we used the 3-4 more than the 4-3. That is a fact not an opinion and it has been written about before.
  16. He does not suck, he is a cover two safety and we no longer run a cover 2. The weakest aspects of his game are exposed in this system because of what our S are expected to do. He will make some team happy, I'm thinking the Cowgurls.
  17. I think he could be, as long as you use him like HOU did with JJ Watt. He is not a two gap player, but you can move him around on the line and let him penetrate. When you think about their skill set it is pretty similar. I would not sign him if I was running a traditional base 3-4 def. I do not think that is what we are doing though so I am not concerned. He can also rush standing up so they'd have flexibility. And sacks are as misleading as INTs, they have little importance in the way of evaluation.
  18. Ummm… forgive me i'm new to this feetball activity. Apparently, getting pressure and playing the run (unless I miss understood and you meant "frolic in diarrhea") are two of them? What exactly are the other responsibilities of a 4-3 DE?
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