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  1. From actually watching the games. You just called our LBs undersized… then referenced Ray Lewis? And you think the best position for Mack is ILB. LOL I don't even have the words. Thanks, convo is over.
  2. Ok bruh if. I already said he plays too high. There are plenty of other players that are better now with at least as much upside, several have been listed in this thread. Enjoy your crush
  3. I wanna win in the Super Bowl. IDK how you win in spring unless you're a dual sport athlete
  4. We do not run a 2 gap 3-4! He is not athletic enough to play in this scheme. He can sit in the middle of a Def like the 9ers D and just waist space, but this is a completely diff scheme
  5. Not mad nor did I throw them out. You compared to 1st rd picks to a guy that will go day 3 at best. Sound argument
  6. Not a new defense. He can play anywhere along the DL (IIRC he had a sack from the wide 9 against Bowling Green). He can take on and beat double teams and abuse solo match ups when asked to penetrate. The 3-4 we run has one gap concepts, so that is not an issue. And he was like the strongest DL at the combine and has an excellent bull rush. He does not use it as much as most college players, because he actually has a developed arsenal of pass rush moves and actually rushes with a strategy. He has shown that he can convert from speed to power with the best of them. Watch him play before you emba
  7. Big John Henderson was an absolute freak of nature and supremely athletic. McCullers is slow, not explosive, and plays far too high and weak. He will get seriously injured playing the way he does against consistent double teams. He looked poor against the competition at the Senior Bowl, which is a bad sign considering how underwhelming the competition was. He is not John Henderson. Ogden was an LT, please stop.
  8. The word bust gets thrown around loosely these days. We did not spend the third overall pick on him, and if he got drafted 23rd overall he wouldn't be a bust. Nothing to see here
  9. Draft Kerr, but first gouge out Worzone's eyes since he does not use them
  10. He is 6'8". This is football. Low man wins. The fact that people on this board want him in any round is sickening. I'd draft Donald in the first and play him out of position his entire career before I ever wasted a pick on McCullers.
  11. Does this mean our 4-12 team has like 8 Pro Bowlers now? (Didn't care enough to check how many, I'm close) You've heard of Bill Parcels, Bill Belichick, John Madden, Buddy Ryan, Bum Phillips...
  12. You need to read about salary caps. He does not count $11 Mill against the cap this year and you'd honestly have to be half ******** to think that he would. And Unless specifically stated you have no clue, nor do I, what their cap hit will be this season.
  13. Duffman better get cut when Osi does. He does not need to take reps from anyone we have or have yet to acquire
  14. He is *** and will be moved to G. Just cause they made a sh!tty movie bout him does not make him relevant
  15. We'll sign him after he gets cut. Reverse Prime Time, took a while but Karma is good. R+N=M??? I thought I was good at math, guess not.
  16. I CAME... In here to troll OP. Left unexpectedly happIER due to this post.
  17. LMAO at least some ppl have a clue What he did was become a FA the year that the cap jumped $7 Mill and is expected to jump at least another $7 Mill next season and likely have larger increases thereafter. This contract is not that big. I swear some of y'all just started watching football last season. The contracts always inflate with the salary cap. This is not much money, esp not for a productive 1 st rd pick who is still improving.
  18. They give him a low cap # this season. Back load his deal. Have to cut and restructure an @ss of players again in a yr or two since the idiots do not know how to manage cap space. So to answer you question Outofsight, the can't. They're just going to sign him anyway.
  19. I just want to warn you all now. Tony Gonzalez will sign with KC. I do not expect him to play this season, but he will understandably retire a Chief. If he plays for them I won't be phased, at this point he can't stretch the field by attacking the seam, he gets 0 YAC, has been dropping passes more frequently, and does not even attempt to block ppl. He's been a liability the past two seasons. He is still one of my favorite players of all time. Byrd to NO according to NFLN Ian Rappaport
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