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  1. WTF we will run what we've been running since Nolan got here. WTF have you ppl been watching. Do you go to the bathroom and get snacks every time we're on Def? This ish is beyond old... Mack in the 1st, Shazier in the 2nd, Kerr in the 5th
  2. Right no way this can be right. We just paid a NT 11 mill for this season. And we do not have any extra cap space, we still need to pay Bosher 14 mill and Saeed Lee another 10.
  3. Scar is ******** radical. We want 3 starting caliber CBs in this system. We showed that when Nolan first got here. We will reaffirm it today when we land Revis. We start 5 DBs. Alford will start at NB
  4. Because there are other factors involved. Like being a FA instead of being traded to whoever wants you. His salary demands are demands so that he will be released. If you're going to earn less, wouldn't you like to decide where you do it? Plus there will be a bidding war for him, whereas if he restructured he would not have the upper hand. Were you confused that DeMarcus Ware did not take a pay cut even tho no one else was going to pay him bout $16 Mill either? These are still people with lives outside of football. I'd think if your job told you to take a pay cut so you could be transferred to a sh!ttier company located in Cleveland, you'd say **** no too.
  5. THIS. People's blind criticisms of him causes them to overlook the obvious. TD told us early on that HE wanted to strengthen the lines. The first addition he made to our lines was Pioli. If you honestly think that TD was not targeting Asamoah and Jackson already in his new union with his long time friend, you are naive. He knew the top FA G available (there is adv scouting of other teams' players) and a quality young DE were formerly drafted by Pioli. Blank is not making those kinds of decisions. Give TD his due.
  6. LOL you picked a game against Baylor where the entire offense's focus was on stopping him from making plays. They lost like 100-0, that is not his fault. That bowl game was the worst he has played. You assessments based off that game alone make sense. But there is plenty more tape of him available which you conveniently did not post, because he dominated in every other game. One bad game does not make him a bad player. There are many more games where Clowney disappears completely. Nice try tho.
  7. No, he takes poor angles, is a poor tackler and struggles in man coverage. He is a zone S. He would look worse than DeCoud in our scheme.
  8. He won't be taking a pay cut. He has to be getting paid for it to be a pay cut. If he is cut no one owes him anything and as you can see no one is going to give him 16 mill
  9. We start 5 DBs. If you recall we had Grimes, Dunta & still acquired Asante because we need 3 starting CBs. We are going to seriously pursue him and I think we will get him. Consider we do not have very much money committed to our CBs. Revis, Trufant, & Alford combined with the run stoppers we just added… how exactly is that not a smart move? And don't tell me because of the contract, we have no clue how much he will sign for but no one is about to pay him $16 Mill. I say 10-11 which we can afford after cutting Osi & Duffman and being creative with the cap figures.
  10. You know we are one of the teams that called and inquired about a trade? We will sign him as a FA. Karma coming back to us for losing Prime Time. Stay tuned
  11. LOL I couldn't even get past his post before I had to reply. Looks like I wasn't the only one Wish I had more likes
  12. I don't get it… It's not like he said our said our new Thugs are going to crush Bones, iN Harmony.
  14. D@mn them some BIGUNS!!! I take it you're in the market for a new girlfriend...
  15. Complete liability on passing downs. He is worse in coverage than Lofton. I'd only want him for a mill to 1.5 at best. He is only a two down player and with as much as ppl are throwing now that translates to very few snaps. But he is unequivocally one of the best run stoppers at the LB position.
  16. Why would he retire a Falcon? He will retire with the Chiefs, that is the classy move.
  17. I came in here ready to spazz out on you OP. Very well executed lol
  18. Well this thread was a failure if I ever saw one. It was nice to see that a lot more ppl than I thought actually pay attn to Def tho. I hope to see more of this in TATF (esp since I can't participate in Pure Football). You need to go back and read through the thread, excluding the OP and anything he wrote...
  19. cap hit =/= how much he will make this season
  20. I do not see us running a pure 3-4. We'd be stupid to. We will have plenty of one gap concepts so that the LBs and rush DL can attack and penetrate instead of reading and reacting to the offense like in a traditional 3-4. We want to attack the offense, not the other way around. That said we will run some esp in obvious run situations. EDIT: Woah I did not bother to read the OP, I just assumed you knew what you were talking about. The 3-4 is not considered an attacking def. It is the opposite. The DL hold their position and are responsible for whoever comes in the gaps. Essentially however comes right at them. Since they should all ideally occupy a double team it frees up the LBs to read the play and fly to the football. That is the opposite of attacking. I'll actually go back and read it now so I can address any other misinformation.
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