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  1. Thought this was gonna be about Devin Funchess...
  2. Mack, Mass, Bartu, Babs, Jackson, Goodman I do not expect much from Maponga this season. It is still early in his development and he shouldn't have played as much as he did last year. It was hard to eval him considering that and the fact that he was coming off a foot injury and missed offseason workouts. I think he has some potential tho. Cut the old dead weight, Osi is a liability against the run, too expensive for a situational pass rusher and doesn't need to take the young guy's reps. Biermann was never a pass rusher. I hope we cut both and use the money to sign DRC.
  3. As someoe said on NFLN the other day, no franchise handles success worse than the Panties.
  4. Makes sense. Their number #1 RB is on the wrong side of thirty and the past two seasons HD blew an easy play in the 4th quarter that would have given us the W over them. Harbaugh seems like a dumb guy
  5. Are you a reporter or something? Why were you on the radio? My order 1. Robinson 2. Mack 3. Matthews 4. Clowney
  6. Plus we can spend up to the limit if we want, because DeCoud's $3.6 Mill that comes off the books in June will be our emergency/rollover cap space.
  7. LMFAO! Typing just to type. Here's my rebuttal: fgj gjmhj,fhjfgdgaetjfb shrnfgjarhfhjm trjj.j tursykyeuc ajsn fxgkuk ft Bubbles
  8. Mr. This Sh!t Here Gon Stop… I'm gonna need something shorter than that but better than Mack Truck
  9. This is probably the deepest Tackle market in years in terms of FA and the draft. This is the first week of FA, we will sign more ppl. And if we do not, there are plenty of viable options in the draft. I hate this annual early FA pu$$y aching. HATE IT!
  10. We also get $3.6 Mill added to the cap in June once DeCoud's contract comes off the books. I do not see this happening, but I cannot lie and say I would not want to see it. All this talk of toughness, no one is tougher than this man. No one. If he was willing to play for something low and take a 2 yr deal where we could hide some of his cap hit in 2015 I'd love to see it. Everyone talking about HD like his is a viable option does not pay attention. Matt Ryan's QB Rating is terrible when he throws to HD. (I do not remember where I saw it, I will look it back up later and make a thread about it,
  11. Perfect nickname. I was thinking about how he is gonna be hunting heads during his one on one with Jay when he admitted to feeling some type of way about how KC treated him and having something to prove to the league. I want the scalps of Kuechley and David… but it sounds like he wants them even more than I do. Baby Faced Assassin has quickly become my favorite OL.
  12. You have NO idea wtf you are talking about
  13. No worries we will still get Mack at 6, and half the fans will still complain about him
  14. bump… because if I had to read the BS, so should you
  15. I'm disappointed in myself for finding this surprising
  16. he is too small, not a press cover corner. I do not see this happening. He is a playmaker tho in that slot
  17. What??? IDK why this board has so much disrespect for young bloodline. I've been waiting for him to get to the league since Bruce retired… like two seasons ago lol. But seriously, it was not long ago we were watching him and McNair get gyped in one of my favorite SBs ever. I think Jake has a much higher ceiling than he is given credit. He's not his older brother, he's going to play at a high level for a long time. Mack @6
  18. FB in the 3rd? You really thought that, typed it, posted it, then came back and repeated the process to defend it? Wow I'd rather take Sankey in the 4th. I would not be surprised if no RBs get drafted in the 2nd this yr, doubt there will be more than 3 total before the fourth. Look at last yr.'s draft and compare the talent
  19. He already played with a chip on his shoulder. I'm ecstatic
  20. And he plays high which makes things worse. I do not think he has the athleticism to play end. He is just a big body.
  21. Hands of The Truth is called Hands of The Truth for a reason... And I'd rather draft TJ Jones in the 5th or 6th. He is one of the best route runners coming out of school that I have seen. He's fast (4.4), quick and explosive. Has experience as a punt returner and his father played on ND's nat'l champ team w/ his godfather "Rocket" Ishmail (His uncle played 15 seasons in the league; I like bloodlines). He will actually contribute to someone's WR core as a rookie if given the opportunity.
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