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  1. 1. GAME PLANNING - The man admitted he does not make adjustments during games. That is completely unacceptable and idiotic. He would have been the worst baseball player ever. "Make an adjustment!!!" We should start a petition or something to bring awareness to this issue. It is the main reason for our troubles. Think about why our first scripted drive goes so well, we roll over the opposition in the first half, then do absolutely nothing in the second half. Not because our players aren't as good or are out of shape, but because we get out coached. Even the games we win we get out coached. (Thi
  2. What? Ignoring that second sentence since this isn't college football… How often do you see 1st round picks on the bench as rookies? Unless you're a QB with a starter ahead of you, or a Steeler, you are expected to start as a rookie...
  3. ^^^**** no. $3 Mill smh, more like $1 and that'd still be overpaying
  4. There's a good chance you'll see him vanish from the starting lineup only to reappear when Spoon gets reinjured… Does that count?
  5. LOL Cute… I guess he wins by default huh? Too bad he won't see that I'm conceding and will likely come back just to quote another post he did not read.
  6. 1. 2. Nor did you. You said he sucked and provided no evidence. You showed me no video, spoke on no games, and only offered up misleading stats and those were mainly in support of Hester and not about Arenas' abilities. 3. I told you that all of that had been posted before I ever entered the convo so why you continued to insist that I do research for you is beyond me. Especially when you settled for a stat I got from someone else in the thread this all started in… (Something tells 4. Not a lie on my part, I do not have a PFF subscription, but I have seen Free Radical post PFF grades before an
  7. As I've stated that is an issue of semantics. Solid is not equal to good to me. Solid just means reliable. I can trust him to come in and do his job. That is all. I expect a good player to excel at his job. A good player is going to make plays the avg guy won't. IMO a good player is one you think to draft in the 2nd or 3rd, while a solid player is a mid round guy. Someone who will do their job, but who you won't expect anything extra from. However this was the least important part of this discussion, so I will move on now. All three of those quotes were posted before I ever commented on Aren
  8. Lornoth you had no business in this convo so forgive me ahead of time for being short with you. I told him that stats were already posted about the player's efficiency. I did not feel burdened to retype something I know he saw. It was posted several times in other threads where we've been having this discussion. (I believe it has taken place across 3 diff threads.) I back up my claims, but I never made one worth backing up in regard to Arenas. I said nothing that no one else hadn't already said. I never claimed he was better than or even on par with Hester as a returner. And you have got to b
  9. The stats I used were already posted several times. It is not my job to go back and post them again for you. Have you seen me asking for proof that Arenas is not good? Funny how you are throwing the word solid around now after you went back and saw that I never called him good. As I stated numerous times, he is solid and above avg, neither of which are particularly glowing recommendations...
  10. No they are not, but that is an issue of semantics. I am pretty sure you would feel entirely different about someone saying that you were good at something versus being better than average. The stats I provided him were already posted numerous times in threads we were having the discussion in. I just went back and mentioned what several other people had already told him. Please do not try and justify his half-@ssed argument. If anything the stats I did provide did little in the way of proving his ability to help this team.
  11. LMFAO… Where did I ever say that he was good? I called him above avg and solid. Not once did you find a post where I called him good. LouDog just called him good and you liked him lol. I think I understand the futile point that you were trying to make, I needed to provide proof to back up my claim… Fair enough, but the problem is that I never claimed that he was good. You proved that by quoting all my replies. How you got the word "good" from "solid" and "above avg" is beyond me. Come on kid, you're embarrassing yourself. SMH And what happened to you going to sleep? I think it is past your bed
  12. Net return yards are a different statistical category… Idk why you brought this back up I told you, you've got it. But, you make a good point about statistics having virtually noting to do with real football. It's just something that is rather commonplace and I assumed anyone who watched the game regularly would have picked up on that. But I guess that's why there's that saying about assumptions… Clearly you took what I said to heart. And as I previously stated, that comment was directed at more than just you, you were more like the straw... You are wasting your time trying to insult me, you
  13. Go ahead. Please show me where I hyped this man up as anything more than what he is. Feel free to post every post from the past 2 hrs, if it will help.
  14. That has been posted numerous times in each of those other threads, GTFOH wit that ish. Never did I hype him or say he was good. You are one of the worst trolls I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with.
  15. That is a recent rule change, return yards have been credited the same for as long as you've watched football. Not the same, but you've got it. Probably because I never wrote that he is. He is an above avg sub package DB and PR. He got signed to a one year contract with no guaranteed money. This is like arguing the Carimi signing… but I'm the troll.
  16. Again quote where I said he was good... In 2011 and 2012 he was PFF's 4th ranked PR in terms of efficiency. He posted avg grades last year as a sub package corner. That is all I have ever touted him to be. You keep asking for proof of something I never claimed. How about you show me where I hyped him up?
  17. He kinda got caught in the crossfire of this same discussion I'm having with fibonacci in like 3 arenas/hester threads. And it's been building the past week. SMFH come on bruh. No, my point is that your conclusions are not logical. That is not my opinion, your arguments are all based on very common and obvious fallacies. You are fond of straw men... HD was not our return man last year. Even if he was, that does not mean that signing Hester would force HD to restructure, or that the FO would even try that. I'm not arguing with "anything," I'm arguing with you and everyone else acting like we n
  18. How do stats from last year show you anything? Hester was the Bears KR/PR. Arenas was the Cards third S and Dime CB. I would hope Hester's stats last year were better. If you look at 2011 and 2012 when Arenas was returning more often with KC, but still loosing snaps to McCluster he ranked among the top PR in the league. Other people have posted the numbers in some of the many threads now about this topic. As I just said no one is going to be able to provide you game film, and something about a lack of evidence… At no point did you see me call him good. I said he is an above avg sub package DB
  19. No, not that you asked a question, nothing wrong with that. But you asked a question that shows that you know very little about this game. Yet to try and tell you otherwise would be futile. I hate that there is little to no actual football discussion on this board. Your comment just typified the ineptitude that most posters show while trying to establish whatever asinine point they want to get across. I did not know that, and neither do you. I think you know very little about the value of a return man vs the value of a roster spot. And that last sentence...
  20. The longest KR in NFL History is 109 yards… I am starting to hate this board...
  21. Have you ever watched him play? Nothing about this same post you keep putting in every Arenas related thread makes me think that you have. You're asking people to show you evidence that a sub package DB is just that. How do you expect they do that? Unless you have a subscription to NFL Game Rewind and access to coaches film you are asking the impossible. Plus he has a one year contract with no guaranteed money, so we can cut him at any point if need be. You are overreacting to a depth signing. Hester is only a returner and KR is irrelevant. How can you possibly complain when we worked Hester o
  22. We sign a solid sub package DB and above avg PR and people rip him for not being a good KR & Pro Bowler… And when did people start using college scouting reports/highlights for vets with 4 years of NFL experience? This board is embarrassing. You're not new, you should be familiar with Bill Brasky's brand of humor.
  23. Haven't the Bucs won the last two FA periods? Congrats again...
  24. I'd hate this more than seeing Joe Horn in a Falcon uniform… Are y'all sure you're Falcon's fans?
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