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  1. His first snap he got held up at the LOS & didn't make it to the second level to block Gary Guyton, who made the play in the backfield. I didn't watch him too closely last night, probably will tomorrow. From what I've seen though his hips are high and he gets off balance too often. I do remember him making a few nice blocks, but can't recall right now. Like someone else said I'm more concerned with McClure. He has looked terrible every game, and it's the way he's doing it. You can't blow assignments when you've been around that long. He's consistently helped out on the wrong man, double te
  2. So Kurt Warner wasn't a good QB? What are you doing on a football forum?
  3. Charles Davis - one of the best analysts in the biz, really knows his football and does a good job of educating fans on the game. He's also one of the few members of national media who gives us respect.
  4. Julio's been saying the same thing this offseason. Said last year was like they just threw them out there and said "Matt throw Julio the ball." No chemistry, coming off surgery and not to mention WR is the hardest position to transition to in the NFL. They are going to put up insane numbers this season. Matt should be very close to 5K if he doesn't make it. Gonna get bout 3K from JJ and Roddy combined
  5. Yea and I still see Roddy catching 100 with 1100-1300 yards. Matt Ryan will have a ridiculous regular season.
  6. Great analysis. I was cursing McClure that entire first quarter. Not only was he getting beat, he was confused. You can't be lost in the middle of the field on your 14th season. Time for him to go. And Cox is also hot garbage. Look at Quizz's TD run against the Ravens. He gets blown up in the backfield, like he does most plays, but luckily Quizz was still able to get in. He didn't fair any better against the Bengals. Hope Polite can pick things up quickly cause we need him to be the man week 1. Any news on how serious Snelling's injury is?
  7. lol at this being a topic. Didn't turner start off his career here against KC? I see another big game for him in the near future
  8. weak sched, week 7 bye, have him ready for the eagles week 8. I like how that works out
  9. Offense WR- Jones, Douglas LT-Baker, Holmes LG - Blalock, Jackson C - Hawley, Konz LG - Reynolds, Johnson RT - Clabo TE - Gonzalez, Palmer, Gallarda/Brown WR -White, Meier QB - Ryan, Davis RB - Turner, Rodgers, Snelling, Smith FB - Polite Defense LDE- Edwards, Biermann, Massaquoi DT- Babineaux, Jerry, Peters, Walker, Robertson RDE-Abraham, Sidbury, Matthews WLB- Weatherspoon, James MLB- Dent, Peterson SLB -Nicholas, Adkins RCB- Robinson, Samuel, Owens LCB -Grimes, Franks , Walls SS- Moore, Hope FS-DeCoud, Mitchell Sp
  10. MJD Scouting Report: http://ucla.scout.co...c=1&nid=2006672 MJD Measurables: http://www.nfldrafts...=2006&genpos=rb Quizz Measurables: http://www.nfldrafts...=2011&genpos=RB Y'all are funny. I have no clue what potential Rodgers has and having played sports I'm not foolish enough to think I can determine a player's work ethic, scheme-fit, etc. I do know he's been productive in college and having only played one year behind two backs, still has a lot of room for growth. MJD didn't have more than 170 carries in the regular season until his fourth season btw. And MJD had injury issues
  11. Pretty sure you do take athletic linemen for a zone scheme. The fact that they're big doesn't rule out their ability to play zone. Sure we will still have some man, but Koetter and Hill ran primarily zone schemes, if I'm not mistaken.
  12. Pretty sure we're switching to a zone scheme. And...
  13. I don't like him not taking the shot downfield in that situation either, but clearly he's trying not to get hurt. And the quick pass is infinitely better than she he just takes a knee.
  14. Offense: WR: Roddy White, Julio Jones, Harry Douglas, Kevin Cone/Kerry Meier, Cody Pearcy/James Rodgers QB: Matt Ryan, John Parker Wilson, Dominique Davis (I know this won't happen, but I don't feel Redman's experience is enough to warrant a roster spot and JPW looked good prior to injury) RB: Michael Turner, Jason Snelling, Jacquizz Rodgers FB: Bradie Ewing TE: Tony Gonzalez, Michael Palmer, Someone Else RG: Vince Manuwai, Joe Hawley/Konz RT: Tyson Clabo, Garrett Reynolds C: Todd McClure, Peter Konz/Hawley LG: Justin Blalock, Johnson/Jackson LT: Will Svitek, Sam Baker, Lamar Holmes (I realize
  15. Manuwai. He was a victim of the lockout last season. The Jags didn't trust him seeing as he had no offseason work with the training staff and doctors. He's had a yr to rehab and an off season at the Falcons facility. I hope he'll win the job so we can keep Konz as the backup C and let him focus on learning from Todd McClure.
  16. This article is a little misleading as far as run to pass balance. What it lists as pass atts were only the comp. Gabbert had 210 completions and 413 attempts last season. So Koetter's run to pass from last season was really 489:413. Much smaller disparity than what the article, fantasy football is only concerned with completions, leads you to believe. And I'm sure he would've called more pass plays if he had a halfway decent QB who wasn't scared ishless of getting breathed on by defenders. Just watch any film of his from last season, he would "drop back," jump and throw off his back foot with
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