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  1. This reminded me of this... I want us to sign Ayers, even now, but Goodman may be the reason we don't. He has a lot of upside and I can't wait to see him in that rotation. I just think adding Ayers would really help our front. He and Goodman are similar players, but Ayers figured out how to rush the passer last season. I think Goodman will still be building that part of his game. It just makes sense to me based on fit and the approach we've taken this offseason (Everyone we've signed has played under either Nolan, Cox, Tice, or they were drafted by Piloli)...
  2. This deserves its own thread. I hope Konz and Holmes yolked up too.
  3. I remember Roddy White used to attempt to catch with his hands and could not handle 100 mph fastballs from Vick. I remember Alge Crumpler was the only receiver who could consistently handle Vick's passes (Even Finn had some drops). I also recognize that Janis is a body catcher with small hands who has a small catch radius and plays weak. The only thing similar to Roddy is his size speed combo. Do not kid yourself...
  4. Rd. 1 Mack Rd. 2 Shazier Rd. 3 Ja'Wuan James That's my wish list. James may actually be a better fit at LT. He is a plus pass protector and would have started at LT for almost any other team at the college level. But instead, he bookended Tiny on the right side. I think he'd be a good fit and would give Baker a good camp battle for that LT spot, even as a rookie.
  5. LMAO, still trying to catch my breathe from that second one.
  6. Are you not familiar with a man named Roddy White??? And Julio was running some crisp routes last season. He was getting open at will and very early.
  7. People were saying this same thing before we signed Arenas... Bruh most UFAs coming off their first contract are 27-28...
  8. I know you weren't asking me, since I'm not a returner, but why do we need to do what?
  9. I hope to see that first move happen. He could work well in our DL rotation and would have a very similar role as he did in the Broncos scheme. He also has experience as a 3-4 DE and OLB. Not to mention, he is also still relatively young. Having him and Tyson Jackson would be interesting. Both are good run defenders and showed last season that they are coming into their own as pass rushers now. Not 10 sack guys, but I think both are a little underrated in that department due to the expectations that accompany being a first round pick. But since we did not draft either, they can both get fresh
  10. http://boards.atlant...s/#entry8372289 He is exactly what we need!!!! He is a true Cover 1 Deep Safety. He's fast, a hard hitter, and a sure tackler (one missed tackle last season). And he started his career here; TD signed him as an UDFA, so we clearly saw something in him before. He has now panned out, so it only makes since that he would be a target. I think we are just waiting for the S market to settle some. I hope this is the direction we are taking. He is still coming into his own as a player and already has some measure of familiarity with Willy Mo and the franchise.
  11. No, we still need Rafael Bush and I'd like to get Owen Daniels.
  12. They are tied for most return TDs in NFL history. Hester will be #1 after this season
  13. What about it? Does that stat seem as impressive if he had over double the number of kick returns than he averaged prior to last season? Is it impressive if all KR avgs went up a couple of yards due to returners bringing kicks out from deeper in the end zone?You are using stats to paint a misleading picture.
  14. That is not the only factor involved in signing someone. Jared Allen is an upgrade over most team's pass rushers, but notice that he still does not have a job. I do not even get your point. My comment was about people misusing stats to draw incomplete conclusions. I was not even talking about Hester or if we should sign him in the post you originally quoted… Where are you going with this? He's actually an above avg PR, he just sucks at KR.
  15. He is undoubtedly WORLDS better than both Quizz & McClain. People on here use stats for analysis and sometimes draw conclusions based on those stats, but often the stats do not support their point. Saying he had more yes in a year when he had more returns is pointless. I am not suggesting that he did have a great year as a KR, I am just saying him having more yards last year does not necessarily mean it was his best season at the position.
  16. C'mon bruh never would I argue if Hester is an upgrade over Quizz. If you do not want to address what I said cool, but don't start putting words in my mouth.
  17. Another example of how stats can be misleading. He had more opportunities this season, seeing as this is the worst the Bears D has been since Hester entered the league. You'd be better served referencing his KR avg, but even that wouldn't tell the entire story. I'm interested to see how KR avg compare now to before the moved up to the 35. I'm guessing they are slightly higher now since players are bringing them out from deeper in the end zone. You'd have to consider avg starting field position for drives started with KRs too...
  18. LOL from left to right I see 3 influences to get him here (Prime, wifey & SJax). It better not be for $3 or 4 mill tho… And Ray Armstrong better start teaching ppl to block. That would make his cap hit next year $6 Mill. How is that better? He is not worth $4 Mill/ yr no matter the cap hit, unless he earns that much based on incentives. All this talk of him playing WR, have you all not watched that failed experiment in Chi. He is an awful WR, runs poor routes, gets no separation, has no hands, does not fight for or high point the ball, etc., etc. Is he a GREAT returner, yes. Drew Davis is
  19. Both players play WR. If Hester could do ANYTHING other than KR/PR it would be different. He does not even cover kicks. And any kicker can kick the ball out the back of the end zone on every KO. The opposing coaches made poor decisions kicking to them. It is quickly becoming irrelevant.
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