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  1. http://espn.go.com/b...rfa-rafael-bush Our next S
  2. I believe he will be retained and paired with Michael Johnson who I am sure Zimmer will target and acquire considering their cap space and connection. I do like him though
  3. You should have probably asked after this year's offseason since that was a condition of the question and we currently have no DTs.
  4. Not as a WLB, and his frame can carry more weight.
  5. Or we draft Mack at 6, Shazier in the 2nd and move Spoon to MLB. Much scarier.
  6. Highlights cannot be used to analyze a player. It's 2014, draftbreakdown.com
  7. depends on what good means. Considering the fact that the cap will likely jump to $140 Mill next offseason, that we should have more cap space after releasing some more players and restructuring/extending contracts, and that we have hardly in money on the books after 2015 we are in great position to be big players in FA. Byrd will be our big get. Then after that we can get some quality players at poisons of need, especially since our most glaring needs, interior OL & DL, are cheaper positions. I'd like to see Byrd matched with both DTs from MIA, Asamoah at G, and Evan Dietrich-Smith instead of Hawley. Might even have enough left over for someone like Robert Ayers.
  8. Or Greg Jones or Le'Ron McClain since they are proven and affordable considering they are FBs. Plus drafting Copeland in the 5th would be a waste since he is a FB. Not saying they aren't useful, just not highly valued. Plenty of quality available in FA and I want a rookie FB as much as I want to start a rookie T. (Not at all)
  9. I disagree. Your line of thinking would suggest that Michael Sam is a good pass rusher. I believe he lead Mizzou in sacks and TFLs, (and entire SEC if I'm not mistaken [could easily be I only slept an hour last night]) when in reality his was the 3rd best edge rusher on the team. Whereas someone with his similar stats from a smaller conference and no help from his teammates would automatically be considered a lesser prospect. Their are many more factors than just level of competition to consider. In Mack's case, it is hardly even relevant. People keep mentioning all those other small school HOFers because his college career was even more dominant than most of theirs. He was the model of consistency and improved every season. There is not an edge rusher in this draft with a more impressive body of work. IMO his is second only to Donald's.
  10. hard head you seem far from neutral seeing as you are beating the same drum from the other thread, as you pointed out yourself. His low level of comp could only be used as a negative if he struggled against them. He did what he was supposed to do, dominate. You may question if he could do similarly against better comp, but your conclusions are invalid. Assuming that Donald or Clowney would have been more productive at that level is just that, an assumption. He was always the best player on the field so he was exclusively game planned for. He was double teamed, triple teamed or chipped pretty much every play. I seem to remember Clowney struggling with this amount of focus from the opposition and he had much more help from his teammates than Mack ever did. Likewise, assuming that he will not still be dominate just because the level of competition is better is baseless.
  11. He has been the source of many mood swings over the years. The excitement that comes with seeing him in the backfield with no one btwn him and the runner, quickly followed by the anger and disappointment that the back still managed to pick up positive yards. SMH
  12. 1. If you watched the game all his sacks did not come from the left side. 2. Your comment makes me think you only focused on the three plays he was credited with a sack, like he wasn't wrecking havoc all over the field from multiple positions. 3. Even if it was the RT each time, no one else has done that against OSU. And you suggest that since Mack did not beat one of the 3 best Ts in college it did not matter… LOL 4. I did not compare him to DeMarcus Ware. I used Ware as an example of someone who dominated lesser comp and went on to dominate in the league. That does not state or even suggest that Mack will do the same, just that his level of competition should not be used as a negative against his abilities. 5. Also if you understood OP, the one thing that supposedly put Barr in the same convo as Clowney and Mack was his speed and first step quickness. But seeing as both of them were faster in the 40 and in their 10 yd splits, that point is now moot. My point is that your criticism of Mack was not remotely valid, that Barr does not belong in the convo and that your criticisms were completely misguided.
  13. Annnnnnnd we're back… You do know that Barr does not have ANY pash rush moves either right? You do know that Mack consistently dominated his competition and the best performance of his young career was against the best team he has ever played, The Ohio State University. Of those three, Mack is the only one with multiple pass rush moves and a strategy to implement them. Barr literally runs around people. Your argument against Mack could have been used against DeMarcus Ware… it's not a good argument.
  14. Most of the reports I saw from scouts stated that Charles Sims was the best RB during Senior Bowl week practices. Whether he was or not, saying McKinnon was the best by far is certainly biased. During the combine, Mayock mentioned, I believe twice, that several teams were interested in him as a S. He also apparently took some reps at DB during the practices and was one of the better defenders in terms of pass coverage. Whatever position he plays his first two seasons he will likely be relegated solely to ST duties, because whether he plays RB or S he has no experience in a pro system. But with that kind of athleticism I expect him to make a large and immediate impact on some teams ST units. I'd love to see him returning kick offs over Quizz. And having him lined up across from Antone Smith as a gunner is like an automatic fair catch/TB. Sign me up for that.
  15. Babineaux and Soliai do not even play the same position. You may as well compare both of their numbers to Osi's. Babs is no where near as good as Starks. Starks can play anywhere on the line of an odd man front and can play inside in a 4-3. Babs is an undersized 3-tech, pass rush specialist that we played out of position and too often. Starks has been one of the best and arguably THE most consistent interior DL/3-4 DE for over half a decade. Signing both would be a huge boon to the run D, at the very least. (Babs is good, but your fandom has made you delusional.)
  16. Except for the two things that WOR mentioned, which are the things Snelling did for this offense. He can't replace Snelling, he is a one dimensional plodder. He is literally the worst RB prospect that you could pick to replace Snelling. THE WORST
  17. Does playing Von Miller at LB take away from his abilities as a pass rusher? He will play SAM.
  18. Umm... Mack would play SAM LB for us, not DE. Think of Von Miller's role in Denver's hybrid front.
  19. Umm… I gave up a 3rd and 2nd for him. In that trade I only gave up 3 picks. The first is the pick needed to draft him, the 2nd and 3rd had to be sacrificed for the trade. It's not like the Julio trade where we give up this year and next year's first. He is worth losing a 2nd and 3rd IMO. I would not draft Clowney if he dropped to 6th, I'd trade back.
  20. I hate Ed Reynold's game. He is not one of the top 5 S in this draft IMO. Overhyped product of Stanford. Jimmie Ward in the 2nd
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