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  1. We traded a 2nd rd pick (Arenas) for him. If any Falcon, it would be the Burner hands down IMO. The Cardinals did not pick him up to be a backup. And while he did not win that SB (and shouldn't have even been there, but I'm sure he sends Keith Brooking Xmas cards every year as a thank you) you can't discount that season. Had he won I think he'd be at the top of a lot more people's lists due to the hype QBs get.
  2. One of the hosts on PFT called Manning the best FA in NFL history. I was a little surprised to hear this, especially since he is not young. I'm curious if other people share his opinion, and if so why? Is it the novelty of the signing or are you basing it on past/expected production? IMO it is Reggie White by a large margin. He's basically the poster child for free agency. Then Prime with a lot of cushion ahead of Kurt Warner, followed by CURTIS.
  3. The introduction gave me a concussion. Matt Ryan can take a beating. He's like the Forrest Griffin of QBs.
  4. Thank you Sir. Almost missed it listening to old men yell at each other
  5. Did you think Tito meant T!tties??? Guy, I'm not even a major Hawley supporter, I thought he was God awful prior to this regular season. All these people asked you to do was back up your opinion. Hawley looked like sh!t the past two preseasons. He got tossed around like a little kid and looked weak as fvck. I thought (hoped) he would get cut during the preseason game against the Bengals. You could've looked for some clips on youtube I am sure there are some, because as I stated he played like garbage. I can understand why you do not have faith in him, but I am clueless as to why you have more faith in Konz. Konz has not shown me any promise though, so I would not put my name on him beating out anybody. I believe Hawley will be fine btwn two competent Gs. Although I still am not in love with him and think he does appear to play weak I have to respect the fact the DL like to hit him after the whistle. He must be doing something right... Fixed - You're not very good at the internet but your E-thugging is very amusing...
  6. This the deepest T group to ever enter the draft according to pretty much every scout/ personnel man. Why is it that we have to take one in the 1st? There are plenty of other options available in the mid rounds. There aren't as many impact pass rushers...
  7. This fool just tweeted that projected 4 comps… smh Prob a 5th and 3 7ths, like ppl have been saying and i but em in my mock(s)
  8. When you say "we" you mean… Cause I do not think anyone here makes any relevant decisions regarding this franchise. Do we have the power to impeach TD or something and no one told me?
  9. Someone posted this in a Mike Tice thread the other day. It is from '09 prior to his first yr as the Bears OL coach. It is still applicable though... http://www.midwayill...nning-game.html I found this very interesting due to our FA acquisitions on both sides of the ball. Of course we were going to upgrade RG, but I think this is telling about which one we targeted. Not just the Pioli connection, he is more athletic than Schwartz who is more of a mauler, power guy. We knew Nolan wanted Soliai and with good reason; I'm sure Tice was and would have been beating that drum even without Nolan. This also makes me hopeful that we will target a guy like Sankey in the 4th (I like him more than Sims) who is a very good cut back runner (he has a sick jump cut). And as others pointed out, the center rarely gets left on an island. I think Hawley will serve us well. I do not expect a Pro Bowl, but he will be far from a liability.
  10. Is the JC Copeland hype the same as the McCullers hype? I just do not see it... I hope we sign Trey Millard as an UDFA, his injury will likely drop him out of the draft, but he is by far the most complete FB coming out. IIRC he's 6'3" 250 lbs and has room to put on muscle. He is very athletic, he was also used as an H-Back, TE and HB. And at this point in their careers he is a better blocker than Copeland and Prosch, but I expect Prosch to become a beast once someone actually teaches him how to block.
  11. Wait, wait, wait… When did Mosley become a pass rusher? And what happens when you trade back and someone else jumps in front of you to take Barr?
  12. I think Barr will develop into a good player with the right coaching and scheme fit… I would not pass on Mack unless someone traded me their soul.
  13. I'll care more after the league meetings… But I am excited nonetheless.
  14. I thought Duffman would have to take a pay cut. I knew we were going to keep him when we signed Hester. His overpaid @ss is bout to clearing lanes for the GOAT on STs. Don't really want to see him on defense at all...
  15. Tiny is likely a late first round pick… I'd rather take James in the third, who I think projects better to the left side. He is a great pass protector.
  16. I was watching when they did the 15 sec mention of signing Hester and on the char gen scroll on the side it showed an upcoming segment with that title. I never saw it. Now I admit I may have just missed it, because I don't really pay attention to most of that show… I'm pretty sure they just took it off though. Did anyone else see it?
  17. Yea both he and Jackson seemed like the lights finally turned on at the end of the season. Ayers did most of his damage from like week 12 or 13 on, once Von Miller went down. And Jackson got all 4 of his sacks his last 5 games IIRC. I'd offer Ayers $5-6 Mill. Ayers at weak side DE across from Jackson with Soliai in the middle… MAN!!! And the flexibility to shift around in our even fronts. I really hope this move happens...
  18. Or don't trade and take Mack and Shazier
  19. Yea that's what I am wondering. But his market does not seem all that strong, he was a part-time player last season and I expect Osi to be gone and Biermann to be given the pay cut or walk ultimatum. I just hope we can work something out with him, because that would be a potent DL rotation and top 5 run D easily.
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