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  1. I don’t think there is enough to call Mayfield overrated. I think he is little cocky and needs to grow up. It will be interesting to see if he can learn to let the game come to him rather than forcing the ball. He had a great rookie season, QB can struggle in their sophomore year.
  2. Falcons have been lucky to have Ryan and Julio. Both humble guys with no distractions.
  3. OBJ needs a veteran QB who can keep him under check. I think Stefanski may bring stability and consistency to Baker, OBJ and that offense.
  4. You could easily say the same for QB. Russell Wilson, Ryan and to an extent Stanford are only ones who survived and playing for last several years.
  5. 3-5 M. Jake should recruit his cousin.
  6. I wanted him last year, folks here said Clay was too old and we had Takk.... He can still get it done if used as pass rush specialist and also mentor the young guys. He can line up next to his last years team mate fowler.
  7. The mental toughness and consistency will matter if you are looking multiple years. There are guys who have incredible potential, talent but fizzle out coz of mental toughness or off field issues. OBJ is just wasting his talent and potential.
  8. For both Watson and Hopkins. Watson was off in 2019, very inconsistent.
  9. Yep. Hopkins had Bad QBs 5/7 seasons. Julio always had Ryan and averaged 9-10 yards per target. Hopkins had one season over 9 Yards per target in 2018. Bill O’Brien is an idiot to trade him when he finally got a good QB.
  10. Lmao. Haters gonna hate. Tru wasn’t perfect and made plenty of mistakes. But this **** is funny. Tru laughed time the bank with a good deal from Detroit. The arm chair GMs here making sound like he has no job Now.
  11. Watch the whole play All players. That play was disaster before the ball was snapped. Uneven front, Center or OG gets to second level untouched and takes the LB out. Kazee had straight path to tackle, the play is over 15 yards down the field. And look at all those bodies inside, Grady Jarret is the only guy hustling on the play. He can’t cut Chubb off the Defenser has inside leverage. He moves inside, Chubb is gone outside.
  12. Dude your ignorance and hate is clearly showing. That play Foye and Kazee messed up. Tru did the right thing, he was containing the edge, you can see the RB heading to sideline., he lets him bounce outside then it’s on him. Fatboi and many others have debunked this garbage on that play many times. Kazee had a easy shot at him 15-30 yards down field. He missed an easy tackle, then foye inside. The blocker takes out Tru if he moves inside.
  13. I would expect nothing less from Matt Ryan. Will the coaching staff rise this year?
  14. That Chicago game is my fav. I was on Dorsey/ Brohm or Flacco train. Didn’t like the Ryan pick, he was too much of a slinger in college. That bears game turned my opinion on Ryan.
  15. This may turn out to be the best pick for Falcons in the 2020 draft. He has the right attitude and can’t wait for this young man to shine.
  16. I am excited to see what Gurley can do this year. Hoping Gurley will continue the trend of MJD and Doug Martin putting up great numbers under DK. He can be a lethal RZ weapon Lined up with Jones, Ridley and Hurst.
  17. It’s entertainment, some of you guys go extremes on both sides. Falcons having top D or worst D won’t make any difference in my life.
  18. The Falcons D is too inconsistent under DQ. Trotting historically worst defense half the season doesn’t give too much confidence. I am gonna wait and watch to see which defense shows up.
  19. LOL. Way to miss the point. It doesn't have to be two extreme ends. Every one wants nice things, but then don't fake science.
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