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  1. DQ lost the locker room in 2018. It was obvious after the Browns game in 2018. The team just did enough to keep his job and their jobs.
  2. Reminds me of tank for josh Rosen crowd at the beginning of 2016 season.
  3. Raheem Morris should be hired for future. Not how many games he won this year. If he has best plan among all the candidates, then consider him. This type of attitude is what kept DQ for more than a year or two before he was fired.
  4. That’s the pick Falcons would make. The ones we don’t like. Obviously, purple is still needed on TATF.
  5. Wow. I don’t know when the Falcons had some one like that rushing the passer. Hope he is there when Falcons pick.
  6. DQ is classy guy. Good luck to him. I bet he is feeling lighter in many ways.
  7. There was a lengthy article on how DQ wanted experience and blah blah. DQ wanted yes man OC and DC.
  8. There is always gonna be rush for coaches. I can see why they went and hired DK with out knowing if Kubaik will be available or not. I don’t blame DQ for hiring DK, but making him run KS offense. If he wanted to run KS, he should have retained Kyles staff here and blocked their interviews.
  9. Raheem Morris was same blend in TB like DQ. Rah rah coach saying right things.
  10. Well writers have to write and stir pot. They have short window for speculation after coaches get fired.
  11. I was done with DQ on the sidelines of the Browns game in 2018. I made a thread back then and last year against Texans. Both games I was couple rows behind the Falcons sidelines. Me and @Knight of God have been saying since 2018, DQ never bad Defense accountable. Offense was playing perfect games and losing. The offensive guys lost DQ when they have to be perfect every game. Cookie crumbles under pressure.
  12. Right. That’s Not how it went. Kubaik was the first target as per sources at that time. Den blocked it and Falcons didn’t know if he was going to be available. Revisionist history at its finest.
  13. It’s new low for TATF.. some folks are on drugs..
  14. I will be fine but want some one who can push back on Arthur blank and build a balanced team.
  15. I saw it on the blown high in Cleveland and last year against Texans. Made couple of threads about it. Anyways, I hope DQ gets closure and goes somewhere he can reinvent himself.
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