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  1. ****.
  2. It’s missing church hat and a scarf..
  3. After stocker abandoned his route on back of endzone which was picked off. Stocker isn’t getting many looks. It’s time to bring in Graham and see what he can do.
  4. My best bet is they saw something and switched up. Lindstorm was great at RG, I wouldn’t switch him around. Let Brown and carpenter fill in for LG.
  5. It’s just one play. Carpenter was at LG most of the game. I won’t read too much in to it.
  6. Or it could be a match up problem they flipped.
  7. I didn’t say right or wrong. I can see the argument of system QB. With out Brady they went 3-1 in 2016 and 11-5 in 2008. But yeah it is something not many folks say.
  8. Wow that’s a fully loaded statement.
  9. Disgusting to see Falcons beating up grown men,
  10. I hate when people complain about complaining.
  11. It’s deeper than football.
  12. It’s not just about money. Lot of these guys live somewhere in off season away from families. Working 80-100 hrs a week takes toll on family. Sure they make more money but every time they step on the field it’s a risk.
  13. It was war. I enjoyed the game, good ole fist fight.
  14. They signed Malcolm Brown in the offseason from Patriots. Lot of folks here down played loss of Poe but middle of the line last year was a one man Grady show. I can see a career year for Grady Jarret.
  15. I am not worried about next year. TD did a good job in locking up Grady, Debo and Julio. I rather cut Freeman and keep a Lineman. Falcons can draft some of the replacement of role players.
  16. You can never have enough DL. This cap saving mentality is what gets teams in trouble. I would say take decisions after draft.
  17. Me and @Vandy we’re excited about those signings. The Vikings for most part ran in to wall in the middle. It was the edges, especially Takk and Clayborne who let Cook get outside.
  18. Absolutely.
  19. I think it will be by week 4 the offense will start putting it together. I can’t wait to watch what they can do when it gets humming.
  20. Falcons went to allowing one of least explosive plays in 2017 to most in 2018. Its addition of Davison and Bailey which is helping the edge guys. Davison is looking like open highway robbery for 795 k per year.
  21. It’s way too early for that conversation. He has a great start..
  22. But but he made that one throw Ryan could never make.
  23. Parting ways with MM was head scratcher. He suits their tough d and run the ball approach.
  24. More than DQ it’s Debo and Allen being back healthy. Last year this team got hammered with explosive plays.
  25. At the least illegal contact by the OL.