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  1. TF in his interview with Peter king mentioned Lawrence was the only QB they would have considered over Pitts. Anyways they had eyes on Pitts for long time.
  2. Falcons draft room celebrated when Lance was off the board. TF said they had Lawrence and Pitts as 1 and 2 on the board.
  3. Dtan is probably one of the very few humans in existence who were banned on all NFC south boards. Aints, Bucs and Panties boards couldn’t put up with his crap.
  4. There was no coaching. Shows how important Freeney was to the team. It’s not just Vic, Takk and others couldn’t do much with DQ.
  5. Brent Grimes. Bounced around in NFL Europe too.
  6. TG was the first and last guy to leave practices. Are you talking about last season where he joined the camp late?
  7. Vic Beasly went to pass rush summit in 2017, boy that worked out so well. Hope they do learn something and bring in TG to teach them how to be a pro.
  8. Media guys like fans are opinionated and emotionally Invested in the teams they cover. I was in Boston the day after the 2007 SB loss to NYG. The beat writers and fans calling in would have made you believed that Pats went 0-16 not 16-0. Winning cures lot of this stuff.
  9. Best and relevant question was from DLED. Schultz and the new ESPN beat writer sound like middle school kids.
  10. Mike smith said 2012 team was the best he coached. They could win the games with defense, offense and ST. The MS teams overachieved with the talent they had on the roster. All the teams which beat Falcons under MS in playoffs made SB.
  11. There is no bonus for players on wins in Post season. The playoff salaries are much lower as it comes from the league pool. It’s peanuts in playoffs compared to the player contracts in regular season. Playoffs is about pride and winning championship than money.
  12. Most of the 91 M owed to Big Ben from 2019 will be paid. He would make 87 M by 2021 and he already missed more than 16 games in last two seasons. So far he made 73 M for playing 16 games from 2019.
  13. It’s not ping pong to pay athlete by wins. It’s team game and there are 53 players who can influence the outcome and not to mention dumb coaches throwing away the games.
  14. Learn the offense, line up and get better every week. Take care of preparation, it will show on the field.
  15. Grady will be around 30 and its Father Time for DL. Falcons should be careful giving a 3rd contract to DT.
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