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  1. You see some Falcons fans in northern Mississippi. I remember we had some on this board from Tupelo.
  2. Alabama is divided state. North of Montgomery is more Falcon friendly. South of Montgomery, gulf coast is Swamp friendly.
  3. I will take it. This historic dumpster D hasn’t stopped any one in recent times. If the D did their job, this team would have won 2-3 more games.
  4. Lol. This is the reason Falcons will continue to lose. Many here have been saying this from 2018, dumpster defense is losing big leads even when falcons score 30-40 pts. Offense can play perfect and still lose. Falcons are the only NFL team to blow 15 pt or more leads multiple times in a season. The Cowboy games with offensive performance was 440-0 until the D melted down. Get a good D and running game or it’s a clown show.
  5. Falcons would have won at least 3 more games more if the Falcons had a decent defense.
  6. Lol. Defense took 45% cap last year. They played like crap. In last 10 years first round picks were defense. Nothing to show except dumpster defense. Atlanta Falcons will be clowns team with offense and no defense. That’s not how you win in NFL.
  7. Yeah his offense keeps giving the points to the other team. Some of y’all have weird way of looking. Arthur should grab Raheem and ask him when will the defense make a stop when needed.
  8. Defense has to do their job, it’s that simple. I can understand giving up a FG, you can’t give up TD. All this talk is moot.
  9. Whole lot of speculation about nothing. This is not how NFL works.
  10. Falcons logic: Engine(Defense) is on fire and dumpsters. AC (offense/Gurley scoring trailing) is the problem. Let’s blame the AC
  11. DQ lost the locker room in 2018. It was obvious after the Browns game in 2018. The team just did enough to keep his job and their jobs.
  12. Reminds me of tank for josh Rosen crowd at the beginning of 2016 season.
  13. Raheem Morris should be hired for future. Not how many games he won this year. If he has best plan among all the candidates, then consider him. This type of attitude is what kept DQ for more than a year or two before he was fired.
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