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  1. Debo did more in first 3 weeks of his NFL career than Duke Riley in 2 years. He had some stuff to learn but pick 6 against Brees in first 3 games of his career showed what Debo was capable of in nfl.
  2. Not DQ era. Duke Riley was trade down to top 3rd round. He is underwhelming.
  3. So was Vic, 8th overall.
  4. Anonymous donor who didn’t want saints to play in his brand new stadium.
  5. Some times he gets too carried away by prototypical size and measurements. Then you get Lamar Holmes, Peter Konz, Jallen Collins, Duke Riley and Hagman
  6. This board has never recovered from calling Vic a bust from rookie year. Even in 2016, people weren’t ready to accept they were wrong. The way I see it, Vic will have a very productive career in NFL with right fit. He is gonna get paid.
  7. He should have taken a vacation after the SB disaster. Better than embrace the suck, come back fresh and recharged.
  8. That myth has been debunked. You won’t say them for at least another season.
  9. This keeps getting better. Almost makes me forget crappy 2018 season.
  10. And who are Falcons gonna replace him with? You can’t have enough pass rushers if coaches know how to use them in a game.
  11. You can’t say outlier based on a rookie season, one season he played out of position. I will wait for some one not named Marquand Manuel using Vic before calling outliers. Richards and Freeney coaches up Vic in 2016.
  12. I think MM didn’t know how to use him or they were compensating for Duke Riley with Vic playing out of position. Also, Beasley had great year with some one like Freeney coaching him up. At this point I would bet coaching is bigger issue than Vic. Hopefully DQ the DL expert takes over and fixes.
  13. While Jones is often credited with great ability to use his size and speed to get himself in position to catch passes that many other receivers cannot, Ryan’s precision should also be lauded. The former MVP’s 69.4 completion percentage was 4.6 percentage points higher than expected (64.8), giving him the fifth-best differential between expected and actual completion percentage in the NFL. This highlights Ryan’s ability to put the ball in places where his receivers can make plays. This reminds me of the Great throw and catch in SB. If the ball was off by couple of inches, it would have been incomplete. All they had to do was run run run kick.
  14. Falcons in Smitty Era had good contributors in second round, may be except couple of years. 2008: Lofton. 2009: Willy Mo 2010: 2nd traded for TG, Corey Peters was solid pick in 3rd. 2011: 1-2 Julio. 2012: Konz. Bad pick but at least he stepped up in 2012. 2013: Alford 2014: Hageman. A project pick and waste.
  15. They are sore losers. Falcons got some terrible calls in SB but we blame the coaches and not refs.