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  1. i don't disagree on stressing a defense and double coverage. Here is Julio YAC rank from 2015. He had a great 2015 in terms of YAC but average 2016 and 2017. He did flash in couple of games including the NFCG when he took off and ran for big ones. 2015 : Over all 3rd and first among WR. 2016: 24 over all, 11th among Receivers. 2017: 15 over all, 6 th among WR.
  2. Hall had a nice catch last week, so did Hooper. I am excited about YAC ability from Ridley. He was top 4 in NFL on Expected YAC/r to YAC/r differential. He averaged 5.9 YAC/Reception then what is normal, considering the separation, speed,how many defenders and blockers were in the space.
  3. Actually only 38% of Deep attempts/ yards in 2016 was for Julio. Lot of the deep yard gains were from other receivers. That went up to 68% to Julio last year and over all YPA went down. Falcons need Ridley or some one to step up and go deep. KS did a good job of involving Gabriel and Robinson in deep passing game.
  4. Except Matt Ryan isn’t leading QB with YAC help. Brady, Rodgers and Brees get way more YAC. It’s not even close from 2015.
  5. **** lies, they didn’t include Tyrod Taylor.
  6. Prayers for you both. Keep fighting and it will be worth.
  7. Lot of Diva WR hate running in the middle. Luckily both Julio and Ridley have no problem running in the middle. Even Roddy was tough in the middle of the field.
  8. Sign another FA WR cheap who can contribute or may be healthy Russell Guage and a TE in draft.
  9. Key for Falcons offense. Don’t force to Julio, run or pass. This offense in 2016 was more potent because they used run to setup pass in few games and pass to setup run in some. If the Run game isn’t working, use short passes to open up things.
  10. Gabriel caught the TD pass against GB and Roddy against Seahawks right between the hash marks. Makes you wonder what’s going on? The ball was under thrown though.
  11. Jerseys: Autographed Roddy, Ryan, Gonzo and Anderson. Have bunch of footballs signed by Ryan, Julio, Roddy, Gonzo and others over the years. Posters: Julio poster signed by Julio
  12. They sleep walked in to playoffs with incredible luck. Bucs blew it up in multiple games and GB sneaked in to playoffs. Most of the injuries were early in the season, gave them time to get backups some play time.
  13. Stick to proof and facts. No point getting personal.
  14. Thanks. Now I feel much better about game.