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  1. Falcons have 21 days to put him back on IR. They can put him back on IR if needed. That’s what GB did with Aaron Rodgers last year.
  2. More like DQ era. MS was **** good at beating the teams they were supposed to till 2013 when the wheels came off. MS had problems in playoffs, DQ has problems with AFC teams.
  3. WR and Raheem Morris were fighting on the side lines. They mailed in the game.
  4. Start benching with Alford, terrible.. The whole secondary is Trash, Poole played well against Browns though.
  5. No he did not. Alford, Foye, Richards , Campbell and the whole DL went missing along with Duke. It was pathetic defense.
  6. Oluokon was running like headless chicken on those RB dump offs. The whole defense stunk.
  7. Underprepared against AFC.
  8. They could have gone 4-2 in 2012. MS finally pulled the starters in Bucs game in 3rd qtr. Smitty swept Bucs and panthers at least twice. Anyways Smitty had winning record in NFC south from 2008-2012 compared to pathetic record of DQ against AFC. I don’t care what it is but DQ needs to start winning against AFC.
  9. Just win, what ever it takes. Embrace the suck and tenacity are just buzz words if you can’t win.
  10. Not the first 5 years. Against Saints yes.
  11. Idk, MS owned AFC teams in his first five years. DQ struggling with really bad AFC teams.
  12. I will quit the season day they are eliminated from playoffs. It’s a huge challenge ahead but too early to quit.
  13. Man I would think DQ probably takes all of AFC easy.
  14. From what I saw on field during TV time out in second Qtr. Ryan went to Morris and started a heated exchange, then Ridley came in and Morris was trying to coach up Ridley. What ever it was, just curious what the **** was going on? You don’t see that a lot in Falcons games.