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  1. No purple needed though.
  2. Well it didn't change after 2012 coz we made it to SB. Except Arizona, all other teams won SB.
  3. Its not media hype, I defended Sark enough. it was bad play, I am sure Sark would say the same behind the doors. I hope he learns from it and does better next year.
  4. You are over rating Ryan. I remember a thread last year, Send Ryan and Julio to Cleveland for RG3. That sounds about right.
  5. Enjoy the 10 points/Game offense if it requires super effort by players while OC can't even surprise a defense with a NFCG trip on the line.
  6. Did you watch the play, Julio was blanketed, it looks worse on all 22 and the next generation video. The defender had a better break on the ball even before Julio fell down. Sark needs to call plays to open up. It was a bad play call, there were no options.
  7. Man the play was a disaster even before it started. Julio catching or not wouldn't make any difference, The defender was pinned to him and Julio went out of bounds. You just don't have one option and can't cut field in half. I have defended Sark before but that play was cluster F.. Let this sink in...
  8. When the game was on the line to win it.
  9. Remember he had to eat the crow after NFCG. I don't blame cowturd, he is in ratings business. Falcons fan should know better not to listen and more importantly post those videos and give him more ratings.
  10. Exactly, every one knows he is nothing more than entertainer. Man it’s gonna be long off season.
  11. It won’t, it will be how the other team blew it. Bank on it. Hers is an entertainer, he gets his ratings by rustling jimmies of the fans.
  12. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice and more, shame on me. Why do you guys listen and post about this clown? He wants attention and he is exactly getting that.
  13. It’s too premature to ask for replacement when the guy is probably in grade 10. While we are at it, who will replace Trufant, Vic Beasley and Deion Jones?