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  1. Correlation is not causation. I know you are more in to 49ers, But you need to watch some falcons games. 2009:- The Sophomore Qb slump, tough schedule and Over weight and injured Turner. The QB sophomore slump isn’t that uncommon. Look at Baker Mayfield last year with same OC. 2013: The OL had third string players with dumpster defense. If you actually watched the games, Ryan was running for his life. 2015: A brand New offense, players and QB learning the offense. KS brought in Henkerson to replace Roddy. Never really planned out. Ryan never really was comfortable outside first read, and was feeding Julio. 2016: New Offensive talent in Sanu, Mack and players comfortable in second year. 2017: Sark learning new offense, And those fluke Drops to interceptions didn’t help. 2018: Sark gets comfortable, Offense gets better. 2019: DK who never called WCO, which is hard for players and coaches to learn has to learn the new offense. 2020: Ryan thinks DK has better understanding Of scheme and players. In NFL players and OC need to be on same page and be comfortable. You can’t just throw some random generic observations and make conclusions.
  2. Fowler didn’t have stellar career either outside of one year. I love the signing but looks like Fowler knows he needs to prove himself.
  3. Lmao. Dude I proved your bs with actual numbers from NFL in other thread. But continue with your agenda, repeating something 100 times doesn’t make it true.
  4. They were great CB. Let them man learn to be a CB. Sheffield and Terrell can be great outside corners. Push Oliver in to slot.
  5. You still posting same narrative which is BS. He is no different than other OC with a Good QB.
  6. That’s BB playbook, sign players scouted if they become available. Now DQ is no BB to get most of the first round outcasts.
  7. Dumb stuff like this is why Falcons D sucks. How about the team draft or sign a premier Game changing FS. All this experimenting in last 5 years resulted in historic dumpster defense except winning some meaningless games to save the jobs.
  8. The list was irrelevant when Peyton Manning was on top of the list with out playing in 2011. Y’all need to stop worrying about silly stuff. Hope Ryan is the last QB standing in February with a SB MVP.
  9. Lol nothing new. Almost all of his 12 years in NFL he was tier 2 or tier 3. Yet he and Manning are the only QB with 50 K yards and 300+ TD in first 12 years. No need to get worked up folks. I hope Dyan continues being tier 3 QB ranked and breaking records and gets a ring or two.
  10. The one who must not be named. You know who., BB is evil..
  11. No. After Kinlaw was gone, I was hoping they pick AJ. We have Fowler as number 1 pass rushers with no clear No1 CB. I just hope they get another veteran Pass rusher for cheap.
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