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  1. That is how it works. Trufant is still on falcons cap still June 1, so is Gurley on Rams.
  2. Gurley is June 1st cut, he won’t count till June 2. It’s not cap space problem, looks like Falcons didn’t want to sign Clay.
  3. @MAD597 : Looks like your type of player.
  4. Where were you. There were folks here on TATF who wanted to Tank in 2016 season after cutting/Trading Ryan and pick up Josh Rosen in 2017 Draft. Too bad Ryan became MVP and lead the team till last 4 mins of SB.
  5. Steelers players did say he was always a nut case and Mike Tomlin let his antics go on behind closed doors in the locker room. Sure, there may be some impact of CTE but his problems started long before the Concussions. There are many players like Luke Keuchley who had worse, you don't seem them going crazy. It's sad that a talent like AB is wasted.
  6. So, not driving Julio to GA state line?
  7. Falcons keep stunting the growth of young QB to protect Matty melt. They missed a great chance of tanking 2016 season and could have drafted Josh Rosen. The mocker fockers on this board know more than TD.
  8. There is nothing neutral. If you watch Steelers football, even Steelers fans say AB isn’t doubled like Julio.
  9. AB has Seen more single coverages. It’s like beating a dead horse.
  10. Nothing surprises me on TATF. The legal trouble AB is in right now, catching balls or who is the best WR should be last of His worries.
  11. Not just AB, few here are off meds on TATF.
  12. Olympics is Global event and most countries were withdrawing from the event. NFL is much more local and controlled compared to olympics. I don’t think there will be a miracle in 3-4 weeks. There should hopefully be more clarity on where this may be heading. It gets worse, we may see a delayed NFL 2020.
  13. I don’t have high hopes but I didn’t either after KS and Sarks first season. DQ should have hired WCO coach or just let DK run what he runs. This is a mish mash of different offensive philosophies.
  14. That 16 M browns took was for the current league year at that time. They traded in March 2017 and took the guaranteed salary in 2017. Texans took what ever bonuses which weren’t counted in cap till that point. In NFL you can’t trade past bonuses and salary not counted in the cap hits. This is one of the reason, I am not a big fan of restructuring high valued contracts unless you know the player is not gonna be cut or traded.
  15. Brock Osweiler trade was very simple. Texans were on the hook for past bonuses which were pushed down the road for cap, they took 9 M dead cap hit. Cleveland took the cap hit for the remaining guaranteed salary they got him for the year in 2017. If Ryan is traded, Falcons can’t trade the cap for past years, they would take 50-60 M dead cap and the other team will be hook for future earnings. Now with Ryan’s restructure it’s probably worse.