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  1. It’s not panicking ifyou question lack of moves. Its too early to panic in off season. Its usually nov-dec if the team doesn’t looking good to play in Jan-feb.
  2. They all lostinmexico
  3. Absolutely! I have added intellectually and honest to the list recently.
  4. Spoken like a true Homer. Op is a realist.
  5. He obviously didn’t watch games, I can recollect atleast 5-6 passes defended by Trufant in the endzone last season.
  6. Under Bruce Arians. They did go to an AFCG.
  7. Say it enough times in your head, it becomes a fact.
  8. Don’t waste your time, he is a troll, not a good one either.
  9. Post the details of others and compare to Trufant. Wait you can’t..lol. The trolls here are slacking, Swift would at least try to post some stats. You can’t accuse people and ask them to prove innocence.
  10. There are no facts in this post. Nothing to see here.
  11. This garbage is not even worth flaming.. let it die slowly..
  12. My bad it’s hard for me to understand the craziness Going around here.
  13. We’ll thats what Houston did, traded a second and 4th to Browns with osweiler.
  14. It won’t make any difference even if you did, stupid is what stupid does.