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  1. I think Vikings, he had two drops last season.
  2. There was another crucial drop but butt pick was highlight.
  3. Levine played LG? What you smoking?
  4. My thoughts exactly, Hall dropped few passes in limited time and went on to inactive list after the missed chances. I wouldn’t be surprised if a new UDFA or Davis beats Hall for the final WR roster spot.
  5. I dismissed all this as nothing before missing the camp. The deal will get done but Julio would have burned quite a few bridges. Lol at people saying Falcons don’t care about Julio hanging out with TO. Hopefully it gets better from now on and all will be forgotten by the time season rolls in.
  6. Lighten up Francis, it was a joke. No need to get the panties twisted.
  7. Both, it’s not Pats thing. B.B dad was one of the best scouts and his book is still considered bible for scouting. He talks about importance of watching opposing teams practices. It was legal back in the day, not any more.
  8. None. Get over it.
  9. Good news! Now get it done. It would be naive to think they are not talking. How fast they resolve this mess is a different story.
  10. Yeah I ran in to Bill Bellichicks scout with a video camera few times.
  11. Ha ha. That’s awesome.
  12. I don’t like internet grammar police but this post hurts my head, you should learn to form sentences.
  13. I have no problem Julio asking more money, they should address his concern by guaranteeing the money. It’s too much of coincidence of him working out with TO and holding out.
  14. We shall see bro, the warning signs are there. Hope you are right and it won’t be a big deal in the end.