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  1. It’s unusual off season with no combine. The skill players or DL would have got more hype after combine. QB have little to do with combine. I agree with AS though, it’s odd off season.
  2. I don’t usually read Schultz but just wanted to read if he was still stupid. I guess you can’t fix stupid.
  3. Is Schultz on drugs? I don’t see AS or TF saying anything close to what he is implying. He is just making stuff up like his bipolar self.
  4. Then why worry? Kick the can down the road. Just like every other team. No idea why it is so hard to understand cap and salary. Only chicken littles on the TATF worry about cap.
  5. Julio isn’t any more trade friendly than Matt in 2021. Julio will have 45M dead money. I wouldn’t be mad if they got chase and have Julio, Ridley and Chase lined up. Chase isn’t gonna be warming the bench like a back up QB.
  6. Ryan is getting paid 23 M this year. That 17 M is prorated bonus from the past 3 years.
  7. That is cap for the year, Salary+Bonus. Bonus is prorated from past 3 years which didn’t count towards the cap. Ryan is getting paid 23M this year. Like I said Cap hit(Salary+Prorated Bonus) is different than what Ryan is being paid this year.
  8. IIRC ponder Ponder was the last QB to be picked at 12. All top 4 AB in that class went top 12. Can’t miss QB class.
  9. Interesting he brought up similarities of Top heavy QB draft from 2011 to this years and acknowledging duds that year and in last 10 years. On the parallels from the 2011 lockout year to the current offseason: “There were a lot of things we learned from that year. The lockout year was very interesting. We were a new staff that year. It was a top heavy quarterback draft at the time. You had Cam Newton, Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker and Chris Ponder. I think all went within the top 15, give or take if I remember correctly. There is a lot of parallels. You have to do your due diligence. Y
  10. He will probably get a big deal averaging 10-11M per year. They should keep option up for Alex Mack if he is going to take a big cut. The word on the street is Ben Garland is available.
  11. I wouldn’t mind if any of top 4 QB fall to late first round and Falcons trade up from #35. There could be many options other than a project at #4.
  12. Not at #4. I prefer drafting a QB from 2-4 rounds as back up to Ryan and learn the ropes. Any one at #4, no matter what position shouldn’t be sitting for 2 years to learn.
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