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  1. Rams were out for revenge. I am in LA now, local radio was talking about how much crap LA D got for no call and no one talked about Brees pick. They were saying in pregame to come and smash Brees and offense in mouth. Put that crap to rest and show the world.
  2. Half truths and one sided narrative. That illegal block on back on Rams LG which wiped TD was bs. He pushed him on shoulder.
  3. Game of attrition in LA.. too many injuries..
  4. He is back was out for a series.
  5. Whistle coz of incomplete pass.
  6. Lol Aints got robbed a TD. I guess karma is a b****.
  7. He is used to sitting back and cooking eggs in backfield.
  8. No. I want him back and get more punishment and losses.
  9. Shows the toughness of our guy.
  10. The guys on LA radio are saying Rams D was fired up for this game. They were tired of hearing Aints complaining about non call. They gonna punch the Aints in mouth win or lose.
  11. Brees got taste of what it is to play like Ryan behind crappy OL. He was least hit QB last year and for number of years.
  12. It was designed run play and Goff didn’t get ball on time.
  13. Drinking piss is bad for brain...
  14. Listening to the local LA Radio of Aints game. Announcers taking shots at refs in super dome. They wouldn’t have called the neutral zone infraction in super dome. Lol
  15. I will take a home underdog in the fight. It won’t be anything close to Min game. It will be fun game.