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  1. idk....my account got tossed yesterday for saying basically the same thing as a joke when someone brought up trading roddy white. had to log in on my old computer to figure what happened. smh
  2. i dont know. i heard he was getting traded.
  3. Ehh.. your ends can play but your tackles are overrated. Kuechly can be had in coverage and Blackburns a bum. Never said they werent good. Just that they need to realize that their front seven 7 is **** when compared to SF and Seattle.
  4. Bleacher report is the same thing as me making up rumors.....NEW REPORT: The Falcons are interested in making a 3 way trade with St.Louis and Houston to get both the 1st and 2nd picks in the draft. We are going to move Julio, Matt Bryant and the #6 Pick ^See? Its that easy
  5. Not quite. He was never very good. Most were surprised when he made that ProBowl as an alternate. He had a few good games that year. Could never tackle. Your front 7 isnt that good. Relax
  6. Im here before all the liars say how they never wanted him....
  7. http://grantland.com/the-triangle/khalil-mack-is-here-to-ruin-offenses-and-chew-bubblegum/ Cool Grantland article on Khalil Mack. Talks about how he was recruited, why he is so dominant, and why he wore number 46 in college.... from the article: As far as uniform number stories go, Khalil Mack’s is up there. A Florida kid with just a single Division I scholarship offer, Mack landed at Buffalo. As a freshman, Mack’s overall rating in NCAA Football was 46. It was the number he kept for all four years. The article gives a nice background to Khalil Mack and is a fun read considering we might draft the guy.
  8. i agree. we had a terrible record, but we were pretty close in a majority of our games. we had a few blowouts midseason when we were being hit really hard by injuries and you could just see that morale was low; however, overall we didnt get blown out as often as you would expect for a 4-12 team. if we fix our issues on the lines, we could be alight next season
  9. how come lovie gets a pass from you but mike smith doesnt? im not disagreeing with you, i think smitty needs to improve his time management skills, change his offensive mindset when we have a lead, etc. etc. etc....however, being from chicago, i have been exposed to lovie smith quite a bit, and im curious why you are okay with giving him a pass, but not mike smith? and fyi, up until the 2011-2012 seasons when management tried to pinch pennies on the oline, the bears actually had a very good oline led by olin kreutz.
  10. Well to completely cover his NFL family members: His grandfather is Clay Matthews Sr., 25th round pick from Georgia Tech, who played in the NFL in the late 50's. His father is Bruce Matthews, who was a 1st round draft pick out of USC, 14-time probowler, and HOF O-Lineman for the Oilers/Titans. His uncle is Clay Matthews Jr., who was a 1st round pick out of USC and four-time probowler for the Browns and Falcons, played 19 seasons in the league. His brother is Kevin Matthews, who was a All-Big 12 Center for Texas A&M, also played 2 seasons for the Titans. Jake himself was an All-American at Texas A&M, who will soon be drafted with one of the top 10 picks of the draft. His brother Mike Matthews is currently the starting center for Texas A&M. His brother Luke Matthews is currently playing high school football in Texas. His cousin Kevin Matthews played at USC from 2000-2003. His cousin Clay Matthews III also played at USC. He is a Butkus award winner, a 1st round draft pick, a Super Bowl winner and a 4 time probowler. His cousin Casey Matthews was an All-American at Oregon, went to the nationall title game at Oregon, and plays for the Eagles. There is also a boy from both families who did not play as much football. Imagine how much that has to suck.
  11. dont even try that. i watched him for most of the game and he would get beat for entire drives down the field. greg hardy handled him everytime he was lined up across from him. it was very bad. either matt got rid of the ball or he got hit by holmes guy
  12. ok, so thats pretty good. nice to hear. we should wear them permanently lol
  13. not trying to be "that guy" but how many games has he played in them?
  14. i agree that koetter is awful, but the problems you describe tell me that you dont know **** about the X's and O's of football
  15. Dont know if this was already posted, but with the "rumors" the Nolan would be fired, I would just like to remind people what the market for DC looks like. A big name NCAA team is hiring BVG. Be careful what you wish for.
  16. and he didnt even miss any games with that groin injury in 2012 anyway. the injury was smiths fault lol
  17. typical "TATF change subject because the truth hurts" post
  18. plus the wholen "Retiring HOFer" thing. he shouldve made it in
  19. If/When we cut Asante, will JacQuizz go back to wearing #22?
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