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  1. Their dome was dead quiet after that pick. I have to agree that Smitty went over the top. we just scored with ease and now we got the ball at the 30 looking to go up 14. I dont know what he was crying about. The guy needs to relax at times. I know penalties are bad, but let your team play the way they play.
  2. He earned the respect with his first pass. haha classic
  3. I find this tread funny because I didnt want Dorsey or Ryan. I liked DMC before the draft. I thought we couldve gotten him at 3 and paired him with Turner to help support Flacco or Brohm which wouldve given us a beastly running game to help our young QB. At the time, I wasnt sure if Turner would be as effective as he has been. I will say that I was still excited when we drafted Ryan though. I figured he would be a solid QB and he hasnt dissapointed me yet.
  4. Yeah. this Dimitroff guy just screwed us. Dorsey is gonna be a force inside. Maybe we will get lucky and we can dump Ryan and grab Brohm.
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