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  1. so he did crack over 200 yards and he had a QB rating of 82 whats Ryan Highest QB rating in 3 playoff games ? Can you get me the Tebow one vs Pitt The Stafford one vs New Orleans and what was Drew Brees QB rating in his 4th season in that playoff game vs Jets
  2. Im trying to find out has there been a QB to lead a team to a SB and his first 3 post season starts he failed to pass for 200 yards in any of em ?
  3. QB .. Eli Manning just lead his team to a Super Bowl behind worst oline in league He was also hit 20 + times in a NFC champ game The worst oline in league and a defense ranked near the bottom of league Yet Eli Manning can lead his team to Super Bowl
  4. We agree football is a team sport but when your QB and highest paid player are being part of the problem in playoff losses instead of being the answer . Its a Major Problem Ryan needs to be more of the solution in playoffs not part of problem he has been
  5. what are you talking about ? Its the same excuses i pointed out Just 1 QB was physically gifted but was to lazy to peak his talents The other QB has football smarts but lacks the physicial tools to take his game to elite level excuses are excuses
  6. What team wouldnt want a top 10 QB in league in his prime with stats and is a leader and has huge upside ? I mean its foolish to think that no team would want Ryan . 3 teams prior to draft would have traded for Ryan Mia Cle Den
  7. So how bout this statment QB Matt Ryan needs the best offensive line in the playoffs and a dominant defense in playoffs to suceed ? He basically needs it all to succeed and be crowned a champ Great oline dominant defense 2 great wrs HOF TE top tier rb 3rd down rb Kerry Meier Nolan as DC am I missing anything else .. should we get Ryan another big time wr for slot ?
  8. So then you are saying QB that defensive stats dont matter during regular season its about who is playing the best in playoffs . How about QB play in playoffs . Has Ryan performed well enough in playoffs in any of his 3 games . Im sure Giants defense played well in playoffs but Eli Manning has stepped up in playoffs and made plays unlike Matt Ryan
  9. All Im asking QB is what is the defensive total rankings of the 2 Super Bowl teams? that was all .. no need to argue just if you can post the rankings
  10. I just asked you what was the Giants and Pats defensive rankings .. You didnt answer why not ? I didnt need the rest
  11. QB - do you have the defensive rankings of the 2 Super Bowl teams last year .. Thank you
  12. so what was the Pats and they got to Super Bowl and what was Giants please post
  13. agree that is why we wont rush Ryan ext . Let him prove he can be elite before we commit
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