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  1. you missed the point. People who point to breaking a falcons franchise record as evidence of a players superiority need a little more perspective. If ryan breaks a franchise record but still isnt in the top 50 then pointing to the record for evidence of greatness doesnt really work. This hasnt anytHing to do with expectations in a qbs first four years. For instance i could hold my jr high school track teams record in the 100m but if i broke it while simultaneously finishing a race in 5Th place versus other schools it kinda adds a "big deal who cares" element to the record.
  2. Yes hes better than them but shouldnt we use his peers as a barometer? The best "anything" in falcons history usually isnt that great in relation to other players and teams. For instance, matt ryans franchise record for passing yards isnt even in the top 60 all time. Dont let a pathetic team history lull you into complacency in regards to the performance of your qb.
  3. This was my biggest problem with him last year. Its always been an issue but it was really bad last year. A lot of folks blame mularkey which is just flatout ********.
  4. I am. i can't believe i was once a big ryan fan. You can't begin to imagine the shame.
  5. Great post, I agree. We cant even have a simple debate without some captain save a wimp coming thru in his matty ice underoos getting all bent out of shape because not everyone worships him. You dont have to defend him he can do that himself on the field.
  6. If we were twins that would mean im identical to matt ryans arm. Im not weak and noodlish. Sorry you must have the wrong guy.
  7. It was said but thats neither here nor there. What about my other 2 highlights. Which of those two was your favorite? The leaky diaper/tampon or the chestbump fail?
  8. Swift should realize by now that truth and objectivity are frowned upon here so i have to agree with you rad.
  9. i think theyre doing a good job forcing ryan to prove he can overcome a noodle arm and testicles the size of a chicken before they give him another ridiculously bloated contract. I dont dwell in the past i live in the now.
  10. I think their talent levels are pretty equal. Id probably give gabbert the edge.
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