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    I just like to have fun man..........and football!
  1. I hope we can get the next up an coming OC like Jim Bob Cooter
  2. im booing the offense but cheering defense. at this point in life im a falcons fan and I cant help myself but sometimes I wish I wasn't. call me fair weather if u want but this bites man.
  3. the loss to this team on national tv and how it all happened sux. now we have 2 replays of blocked punts to endure.
  4. I've lived in central Florida for almost a decade now and I am a HUGE Bucs fan this weekend
  5. I actually hope the jets win this one and believe they can........somehow.....right?
  6. Leave it to TATF to start a topic on Bierman's off-season training and almost immediately turn into a f**king political discussion COME ON MAN deadnut84 out
  7. I've spent my whole life between 2 states Florida and Georgia and these are my teams Falcons, Braves, UGA, Dolphins, Fl State. Falcons and Braves are tops.
  8. I want to see this guy's return skills our field positioning was not good last year for both sides
  9. I was hanging steel inside a publix on dale mabry last night everytime I walked out to the truck I got soaked!
  10. I live in central Florida and it seems like I'm living in another country does that count??
  11. There were so many moments from last year it was truly the best year I've experienced as a fan yeah I put 12 in front of 98, 10, 04 and 02. I gotta say I was never more pumped as a fan than during the Broncos game taking on one of the best in the game on MNF and those 3 INTS got me pumped bigtime even more than the 5 Brees threw.
  12. I'm gonna drop my 2 cents in on this one Spoon and Nic would be great LBs for us if we put a straight up stud MLB in there with them like Patrick Willis or Sean Lee. Also Spoon should not be running the defense like he was last year let him be who he is I know we prob did this cos we were in nickel most the time so he had to.
  13. Man FINALLY someone posting positive on our D! I agree with a lot of what was said. The main thing I think we need to work on is fundamentals of the game. I think we were so bad at tackling because we probably spent a lot of time running turnover drills, our guys were always going for the big play and wouldn't be able to just tackle the guy and bring him down. Just work on some fundamentals and we will be alright I am so excited about our team's potential.
  14. Ryan, White, Gonzalez, and Jones should all make this list I'd go so far to say Decoud and Moore should be on it too. TG should be our first on the list and I wouldn't be surprised if TG and Jones are the only Falcons on list with how we're viewed by everyone.
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