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    kloughhbin, tanning, werking out, 69ing with fly honies, werking on my dance skills. spending time with family and friendz.

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  1. ayo, not for nuhin' butt i got a lotta prollemz wit doorz 2. my latz are so swollen, most of tha time i gotta turn sidewayz to fit thru them.
  2. ive onlee seen like 7 moviez in my entyre lyfe 2 buzy kloughhbin' cha boi, G
  3. i juzt finished tha Bible. 4/5 great storiez but i found sum partz kinda preachy. #Katholik4Life
  4. ayo LMAO I think Ima preorder Cyberpunk2077 2day. that game lookz dope AF!
  5. tha bezt book of all thyme hazn't been written yet.... kauze i haven't written it #AuthorGarrow
  6. well, im in. ive been a guinea pig in lotza prestigious experimentz, n no, thatz not juzt kause Im Italian. lotza scientiztz want 2 know why i got such buldging latz. itz mainly cauze im blaztin these bad boiz on tha daily. + i cycle mad quality juice. if u need any help with yer project im here 4 ya, fam. #GarrowKarez2020 #Science
  7. i donate 2 tha policemenz benevolent association. that usually keepz me from gettin ticketz when i get pulled over 4 speeding in muh bentley. G
  8. cheh bruh! never skip Lat Dayz! i doubt most honiez kould spot knock off Gucci gear. butt tha flyest of honiez can! tha double stitching on the G in Gucci iz how 2 spot a fake. i heard good thingz about Jordan'z cologne, butt i'm a Knickz fan when it komez to B-Ball. Maybe 1 day Patrick Ewing will put out some fresh scentz!
  9. tha trick 2 gettin fly honiez iz EZ, there'z no trick 2 it ya gotta werk out. i recomend blastin' yer latz and cycle some premium juice from a dealer u trust! ya gotta wear fly thredz 2. Gucci is key. don't forget tha kickz. i like a nice pair of snake skin bootz alwayz wear lotza dope cologne. doezn't even have 2 be expensive. i like Derek Jeter cologne. tha ladiez luv the smell, n it'z very affordable get a nice deep tan, can even be a spray on finally, work on them dance movez! dope dance movez r what honiez crave! #GarrowzTips
  10. i aint greedy theys alwayz enuff honiez 2 go around #GarrowGivez
  11. tha moral of thiz poem iz that sometimez in lyfe, it takes a tan hero to change your wayz. #GarrowKarez2020
  12. Tha Return 2 Innoscentz by cha boi, Garrow i wuz all up in tha kloughhb wit mah boi, B.B. Stylez Honiez all around us, supermodels kold 4 milez i dance up 2 a fly 1, ya know she all smilez tha scent of mah cologne got her loinz skr8 riled she luved mah gold rosary & muh Gucci trouserz she luved mah swollen latz, she say dat dey arouse her her fly perfume smelled like pheramonez n flowerz i wuz fist pumpin so hard, like it'z muh superpower i took her back 2 mah mansion sos we kould watch sum Full House she took off mah Gucci slackz, i took off her Prada blouse i
  13. I like to keep my latz pretty well shaved myself #HairlessLatz
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