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    kloughhbin, tanning, werking out, 69ing with fly honies, werking on my dance skills. spending time with family and friendz.

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  1. i juzt beat dragon kwezt 11 sick vid, brehz! Ya boi. G
  2. im mad at him kause he sux at football. lol he's no Sam Darnold. i think Sanchez is prolly even better lmao
  3. sumthymez I use Celebrex.
  4. Ayy lmao Kaptain Fungal
  5. MY LATZ!!! My latz r so swollen.
  6. Y r peepz so anti-russia? it'z not tha USSR N E more. point of fact -- i 69'd a fly russian honie named Katushka in tha kloughhb last night...took my bref away stop falling for PedoEsta'z liez #GarrowKarez2017
  8. yo, dis bisexual honey came up 2 me @ tha kloughhb last nite .... she sed she would b mah champion sos I took her back 2 tha VIP bathroom 4 sum trial by 69 wuz she fly? that'z 4 tha God'z 2 decide
  9. evrybody on tha board iz really worried about u, n we think u need 2 get sum councilling, bruh.
  10. khaos iz a laddah lmao khaos iz a laddah lmao
  11. i didn't work mah latz 2day APRIL FOOLZ! I blazted tha shiz outta em they swollen az fugg! Beefcakez! Great Prankz from cha boi
  12. it soundz like u have a drinking prollem, bruh, i think u could use sum councilling #GarrowKarez2014
  13. i climed it 3 timez without sherpaz.
  14. pullin off dope dance movez 4 1 attraktin mad honiez in tha kloughhb 4 2 beefcake latz will also improve yer overall state of mind, bruh #SerenityThruLatz