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    kloughhbin, tanning, werking out, 69ing with fly honies, werking on my dance skills. spending time with family and friendz.

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  1. i once met a fly honie @ tha kloughhb who rekwested this song frum tha DJ
  2. i prefer vodkar n sugar free read bull #SugarIzMurder #garrowKarez
  3. "When u tear out a Tanman's tongue, u r not proving him a liar, u're only telling tha world that u fear what he might say." --Ricky R. R. Martin #LivinLaVidaLannister
  4. i once got pulled over in my Bugatti. LMAO i wuz goin pretty fast. allz tha cop did wuz kompliment my fly ride he also sed i had a pretty fly fashion sense on account of my dope Gucci trouserz i wuz sportin. i didn't even get a warning ticket #TanPrivilege
  5. Thankz, bruh! 1 luv! N I'm sorry 2 hear about your krabz. i guess u 69'd wit tha wrong honie? #GarrowKarez
  6. lmao i try 2 get out, butt it keepz pulling me back in! #GodfatherGarrow
  7. That wuz a prank, bruh #4EverKloughhbin
  8. preesh fam! I'm up in tha kloughhb kold ury nite workin on my movez! chaboi, G
  9. i read tha bible a kouple 2 3 timez i found it a bit preachy butt as a practicing Katholic (i got like 19 iced out rosariez) i say BIBLE is a acronym Basik Information B4 Leaving Earth --AltarBoi, G-Row
  10. alwayz good 2 drop in n say hello 2 tha krew! --G
  11. welcome back fam!
  12. thankz, bruh! ya know, maybee 1 day when i find tha right fly honie butt im still peepdippin' 4 that special somebodee. im lookin 4 tha kinda honie who iz kinda lik my gramma (RIP). a gr8 cook, n also she prolly gotta b Italian wit a fly tan. sos in tha meantime, ima keep kloughhbin' n prayin that tha right fly honie will dance in2 my life! G
  13. preesh, fam! wit gr8 power komez gr8 rezponzibilitiez, no? sometimez i feel a little overwelmed when i get innond8ed wit DMz n emailz akzin me for advice. butt let me tell u thiz, how about? i take it all in stride bekauze im all 4 the embetterment ov my fellow man! chaboi, G #KeepKloughhbin!
  14. preesh, fam! butt wit swollen latz like mine, i prolly won't need n e luck! Latz > Luck #G
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