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  1. Nothing was said about dropping to 12/14 games though? Putting a positive look on next season.
  2. Lots more posters will come around to liking these jerseys, I'm sure. The numbers look so much better on the white and gradient jerseys than the black.
  3. Thinking further ahead, to 2021, it's possible we will have at least two (decent!) compensatory picks, and so I'd imagine 2021 picks might be in play to negate the need to have to use a second rounder.
  4. Got it in one for me. They're not far off. Wish they'd go black/white for home (with a red helmet forthcoming?), And then mix and match white/black, white/red for road. Life would be quite dull, if everyone agreed.
  5. So far I'm good with the white/black, white/red, black/white and the alternate combinations. Not keen on the all white or all black (would prefer red helmet on the all black combination). White jersey is nice, numbers work better on the alternate, and the black home jersey is okay (could've done with a red helmet with the black jersey).
  6. Not looking good. But if it's not improving after 10 days then I would be very concerned.
  7. It does if you believe in the capabilities of the team when they are on it. If the other team beat us at our best, then so be it.
  8. The schedule isn't out yet, only the list of teams. The draft hasn't started yet either. The team plays to its capabilities and it won't be as "tough" as is made out.
  9. Chargers cap is nice. Simple but effective.
  10. Same. Not long after I got back from.... The USA. Also had a dry cough that lasted nearly two months until it disappeared over Christmas. I'm currently on day 5 of 7 self isolating on something I'm probably never going to be able to be tested for because my symptoms aren't life and death. Two bouts of "flu" in 5 months, doesn't add up for someone who doesn't get ill.
  11. Last week WHO "test, test, test". Where were they over two months ago? Bending over for China. I'm amazed the government in the UK didn't ban travel from there, or from Northern Italy, as soon as it was apparent there was a problem. Bring back nationals yes, and straight into quarantine, no excuses.
  12. The UKs "leader" was following advice from health officials/scientists. To say he didn't understand the healthcare infrastructure couldn't cope with it is rubbish. Just because he didn't follow other countries restrictions at the exact time. The advice for those at most risk groups for the time being is 12 weeks self-isolation. The policy of banning travel from China and then Italy should've been in place ASAP, and the WHO stating in mid January that there was no clear evidence of human to human transmission (that's two months at least after this outbreak!), what a load of bollocks that was. A neighbour at the end of my road tested positive for the virus yesterday and it was only because he was in hospital for other reasons that tests flagged it up. He's in the most at risk group. It's going to be a heavily abbreviated off-season at best to have games beginning in September.
  13. I bet the Browns owners are thinking "if only we could change our jerseys as much as our head coaches".
  14. Not bad. Would prefer a red helmet but could do a lot worse than this.
  15. I'd also suggest that booking everything separately would work out cheaper than going through the packages. Last weekend in September/first weekend in October seems to be a good probability, and an afternoon kick off if it the other game at Tottenham is Dolphins Vs Seahawks (which would have to be a 6pm start).
  16. Hopefully there is better communication with tickets this time round. A well known and amazingly helpful STH on here sorted me out with tickets (hope you are in a position to make it back over!) which turned out to be on the Detroit sideline (Falcons mess up!) still excellent seats which I think were £120. The game in 2020 will be at the new Tottenham ground, which is far better than Wembley is as a stadium. I live a 10 minute drive away, drive past it every few weeks, and I believe my first visit will be night two of Guns N Roses at the end of may, but relatives who have sideline season tickets for Tottenham rave about it, has their own brewery as well. They will offer a sky club (a covered walkway ring at the top of the stadium), regular club and tunnel club options which are, as you'd expect, pricey. Also note that they bump the concessions up compared to the football games here as per NFL and their contracts. Tickets for last year's games there went on sale at the beginning of June, and I believe the cheapest was around £60-70, but expect that to go up this year. If any STHs receive any information on tickets please post as I'll be looking to, as last time, sit with those making their way over here.
  17. Texans/Jags, Panthers/Buccs just a few months ago.
  18. Add on another year, so two more seasons of Neal, who would still be able to search for a big(ger) money deal after if he doesn't have any further setbacks.
  19. Well if TD and Quinn are still here next year realistically there's only one starting O-line spot to fill as a potential starter, four picks in the first three rounds, so the focus goes back on getting starting quality on the defence. No trading away any picks in the first three rounds, and better bloody well make sure they hit on all four of those picks.
  20. Has me feeling confident we Gono win this game.
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