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  1. https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/news/laurence-fox-gets-role-as-joe-bidens-son-in-new-film-291803/ Can Fox paint though?
  2. I don't have fox news here nor do I watch it, but I'm sure you can factcheck out of your backside and correct me, doggy.
  3. That's what I'm like when I see **** like it oooooh the Arizona audit crashed and burned from a "leaked draft" from the fake news media and not the full unedited coverage of the actual hearing. Have a great weekend, it's ice cream time.
  4. You do understand the audit identified votes that shouldn't have been counted (i.e. double voting, blank signatures, out of county voting), not whatever the final numbers for each were? Also that there was a purge of votes one day before the auditors had access (connected to the internet, which they said it wasn't). It didn't crash and burn (quite the opposite), but go ahead and listen to what mainstream media print for you to swallow, like the leaked draft which was a load of bollocks, and listen to the actual hearing, it only lasted two hours so should be easy to get through over this weekend.
  5. Would it be any better for you if it was Chris Cuomo, or Don Lemon, or ****, that witch Oprah carrying the interview?
  6. Can the last person left possessing an NFT that no-one wants please turn out the lights?
  7. Aren't Reuters gospel, the gold standard? About as detailed as the covid tests themselves then. Still waiting for tests to determine which variant cases have tested positive for.
  8. https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/singapore-reports-1012-new-covid-19-cases-highest-since-april-last-year-2021-09-19/ One from a "must be a Qanon conspiracy nutjobs" publication, just for you.
  9. Funny how your go-to retort is qanon. Next you'll be coining that favourite Clowns In America term. 😉
  10. Could always point to the New York Times, Bezos, sorry, Washington Post in the same light, for factual (or lack thereof) reporting, but that's the divide and rule of these companies in unison. Let's see what happens, maybe they've found a nut, maybe not.
  11. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10002533/Life-saving-antibody-cocktail-given-Donald-Trump-given-vulnerable-NHS-patients.html Apparently. Let's see.
  12. What does his indictment have to do with? Russia, Russia, Russia? Whether or not there's any announcement on the Maricopa County audit on the 24th we'll see. How about Georgia? More happening than at the supposed protest in DC yesterday that's for sure. Back on topic, are there any state or national deadlines this week for healthcare staff to have been jabberdooed or face the sack?
  13. Produced nothing? So there wasn't an election audit going ahead in Arizona? There isn't a meeting to discuss unsealing and inspecting Georgia ballots tomorrow? There's not an indictment against Sussman from Perkins Cooie and their connections to the Clintons? Nope, nothing to see here, nothing happening whatsoever.
  14. I bet quite a lot who pose no allegiance to any side are scratching their heads as to whether the amount of votes he got were genuine or not, especially after what they've seen so far. Isn't there a meeting in Georgia tomorrow to decide on whether to unseal and inspect the ballots? If there's no funny business then there's nothing to hide. Puts Dominions supposed reputation at risk, and if Dominion is confirmed to have been used by our ONS in the UK, then that puts their covid data in jeopardy.
  15. So are these jabs not working as well are they were meant to? Has the take up for the second been as high as the first there? Will they be calling out to "protect the vaccinated" like VP Harris has?
  16. So you're saying that the last flu season was 500,000 deaths attributed to the flu? Just checking for clarification.
  17. Many more than this year's flu season in your country.
  18. Did it not? Humouring the point of skewing figures even more than they are now. Just wait until the new "covid tests" are available at the end of the year/early 2022, you know, the ones that can actually distinguish between covid and influenza (as per the CDC's request) and they start comparing cases, hospitalisations and deaths from a time when the tests they were using couldn't. How's Israel getting on with cases etc now they've pretty much all had two jabs and onto the third, and preparing for a fourth?
  19. Which goes back to last year here where someone could've been killed after being hit by a bus but classed as a "covid" death, as they had tested positive within 28 days of that incident. Way to skew the figures.
  20. Then why did the league schedule them to go there, aware of how just being in Florida means they are going to test positive, and inevitably die of Florida-covid? Seems like a bad move on the league's part.
  21. What's happening with the saints and all their positive tests? Their positive tests all from those who've been double jabbed?
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