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  1. Anyone think Campbell is looking like he's carrying quite a bit more weight this season? He looks slow.
  2. Yep, officiating really just gave them extra plays for the defence to screw up on. Scrap the replays unless common sense can be used.
  3. Quinn could then have used the Nespresso package!
  4. An honest mistake is getting it wrong the first time, not watching two plays in the game on ******* replays and making the same mistake again.
  5. Half a yard short,hold or not.
  6. And a ****** spot, half a yard short as well.
  7. Three TD drives with terrible calls.
  8. Another one on the fair catch interference. What is going on with these idiot zebras???
  9. It's going to be three possessions. Don't worry about that.
  10. Was Julio not wide open on the throw to Hooper, and then wrestled by the DB and surprise surprise, NO FLAG!
  11. Glad this is the end of my trip. Three lay downs in a row. Doubt I'll be returning next season if Quinn and this super D is still around.
  12. I can understand why Quinn won't challenge now. If they can't get that right then why bother challenging DPIs?
  13. It's crap, but this defence needs chewing out. Horrible. Oliver has no "football" brain.
  14. I'm sick of replays if they can't open their ******* eyes. Wasn't even a close call.
  15. Officials are useless. I'm in line with the play and he lost it on the roll over our defender. What's the point if officials can't use replays properly?
  16. Helping them to two starts at the 40 from kick offs also didn't help last week.
  17. Wasn't he meant to be good on special teams as well?
  18. Leading at half time also. The shock of it all!
  19. He should stick to crying about Leeds, never has anything positive to say even in good times. At least the whingeing about them is mildly amusing.
  20. Collins, Beasley, Takk, Oliver. Good job we aren't paying 3 of them a boat load (or even on the roster) currently!
  21. It's got to be done!
  22. First thing I had in mind when I got the car in Texas on Friday, and the same again in Arizona tomorrow. Hopefully it's a double double win on Sunday!
  23. Is it just knockout games all the way this year?
  24. Just not with Freeman as the running back for those plays!
  25. Could be a big reason, players that 9/10 bring it, and they say players consistently letting their teammates down getting starts.