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  1. I would say, let the MLS Cup final be that, and not try to make it a wannabe Superbowl. Next season will be the real test. Changes at the most important positions, so even making the playoffs should be viewed as a positive. Keep the fans engaged and keep this train rolling.
  2. Could've had an Atlanta double this season, with both teams winning championships at home. Now THAT would've been special.
  3. A well deserved trophy for the cabinet. Finally something to cheer about.
  4. Go make the most of this. If this was in a month's time I would've made the trip over. Leave no doubts.
  5. Agreed on the Moab bit. Arches and Canyonlands, fantastic even if it's only 2/3 days at the end of the trip. Even if it's driving up and then across to Salt Lake City.
  6. As much as Almiron and Martinez didn't have anywhere near their best games, it was still enough. Escobar had a Stormer, Garza was very good, and Gressel is just everywhere.
  7. Seemed like we missed Senat last night.
  8. First saints offensive play of the game. Nice gaping hole right down the middle. Clueless, oh, and no pass rush, again.
  9. His head is probably already stuck in Vegas.
  10. I can sense the Sarkasm.
  11. What a joke of a decision. ******* clueless. MLS needs officials who actually understand the laws of the game.
  12. Poetry in (slow) motion.
  13. Until people realise that Levitre is scheduled to be off the books next year as it is? Schraeder would be a possibility if the coaching staff were confident in a replacement, Gono?
  14. Just goes to show how valuable Almiron is to the team.
  15. Jags D with two turnovers and not capitalising. Eagles doing just enough. Lots of Eagles fans from the states are over for this. Three full rows in front of me alone.