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  1. Unfortunately doesn't hide the lacklustre team performances of late.
  2. What a waste of time, and one of the real cons of VAR. Hits him in the back and he gives a penalty?! EDIT: not his back, but still gets turned away. The broadcast is rubbish, a view from behind the goal where you couldn't even tell if it went in or not.
  3. Scrappy game so far. Get to half time and go again.
  4. Hopefully the French air traffic controllers will make it into work by Wednesday morning. Didn't watch the final but the tournament has been (for England not winning it, ho hum) the best I've watched. Excellent stadiums (Samara, Moscow, St Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod), VAR added to it 9 times out of 10, not many instances of 10 v 11, plenty of drama, extra time and a few penalty shootouts added in. Won't bother watching the Qatar-hosted world cup, so our family will be entering for as many euro 2020 games as we can afford. What's the next major tournament?
  5. My football team last played in the top tier when I was 2, also never won domestic honours, the national team last won before even my father could just about remember. Definitely feels like being one of those "almost but not quite" lifetime of being a fan. But still, we follow wherever we go. A central midfielder, a striker and a winger is needed for the national team, and it's got to be from the upcoming group of youngsters that have played promisingly in their tournaments the last couple of years.
  6. Indeed, better off losing to a team that made the tournament than losing to a team I can't even remember who the USMNT fell to. Still, they pissed it away with the wind in the first half, and their keeper had one save to make (well two if you class the save that should've been given as a corner). Sterling is part of the problem with that. Shouldn't be playing up top if you can't shoot.
  7. The problem is bringing on Dier will restrict what we can do. Inviting them to press the 3 at the back higher up.
  8. Missing too many more direct balls on the counter and instead pissing around at the back.
  9. Wasteful. Walker starting to look a liability.
  10. Still wasteful in the final third. Hit the ball for crying out loud.
  11. Or Welbeck who has done nothing to deserve being taken in the squad.
  12. Deserved a goal in this tournament. Been our best player.
  13. That was nice of FIFA to put tickets for tonight's game up for sale at 6am this morning. Last night's game had unsold tickets on the website.
  14. The team just have to give themselves a chance of taking out the French, and the best place for it is the final itself. Or an all European final, and bemoaning how Brazil should've been good enough to win it....again.
  15. Still think this will go to extra time. The topsy turvy game saved for tomorrow.