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  1. The way they play, even if they lose its entertaining. Can't recommend it enough. They've got the whole stadium open for the RSL game as well, so tickets as cheap as $30 for this one (I'm probably going for the $60 ones in 233, as I quite enjoyed that area without my view being obstructed).
  2. Depending on how the schedule shakes out, I'll be in Grand Forks the day before opening game (I'll leave that for you to work out why!) and at the ATL United game on the 22nd. Hoping for a game on the 20th/23rd and two road games to open up as there are flights to Green Bay available to me, and either Cleveland/Pittsburgh. I've still yet to visit Varsity, Fox Brothers. I usually stay downtown for a couple of nights (stopping by at Ruth's Chris and/or Maggianos) and then head out Fairburn way for cheaper rates. A friend of mine has a relative that has opened up a restaurant to the east of the city, apparently. Last year tried out Antico by GA Tech, it was ok.
  3. That'll do. Just to time my break so I can watch the first half hour and catch up on the rest after shift. Sky Sports seem to muck around with the times. They are the main coverage on another 2/3 weekends and they've only announced until the end of April.
  4. What time is KO tonight? Over here the coverage start time is a little early so I'm wondering if they'll have the remainder of one of the earlier games on and then fill the difference in with highlights. Looks like I'll be at the game against RSL in September.
  5. This is along the lines of what I thought would happen this off-season. Good drafts then need more picks... "Drink from the well, replenish the well".
  6. Why is it troubling? With consistently good drafts, it should result in balanced drafts, and the cycle goes on. If Quinn prefers to work with players drafted, then of course the defensive players won't be using as much of the cap as the other side.
  7. Not forgetting crayons.
  8. I thought it was the dog's bollocks.
  9. That would usually be the case after falling off a cliff.
  10. That was a relief episode. Ok, what's next?
  11. Was Sproles not a casualty of Loomis overspending? Don't think it makes sense to trade away what should be a valuable member of the offense for a 6th.
  12. Why? That's something a team would take for a backup lineman to be a backup lineman for another team, even though he doesn't have much of a cap hit. Coleman is young, talented, has production in limited snaps. He would garner more than a 6th, especially with some of the teams and the cap space they have in the forthcoming years that could easily afford an inflated second contract.
  13. I think the idea of extending Levitre and backing it up by drafting Wynn, should he be available, is a sound one.
  14. Coming over in September and possibly October. Can't wait for the season to start so that my Saturday nights are occupied.
  15. Failure summed up by the final drive of the season. First and goal, two timeouts, a defence on their heels after some good runs, some daft playcalling. Situational game management didn't improve at the end of halves from start to finish.