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  1. Good. Add Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, **** add Florida and Texas into the mix as well.
  2. Come on draft some pass rushers.
  3. Nice, already got that first trade back out of the way for the new regime.
  4. Williams, JOK, Moehrig... Decisions, decisions.
  5. Moehrig or JOK on D, if not then Williams. See how the Jags go, would they go for someone like Moehrig or Jenkins?
  6. I had to add Outter, and the keyboard still has a mind of its own and swaps to Otter or Putter depending on which way the wind blows.
  7. Fontenot working his magic to drive up the top 10 trade talk for teams in the teens to follow. If only.
  8. That would be a very good start to the new regime.
  9. Let's see how the European Union will get on. That could be a big change for those countries involved on that gravy train. Not concerned about the situation with the UK in the immediate future, but elections in France and Germany over the next 18 months will be interesting. Meanwhile in London we have more corrupt mayoral elections in three weeks, with possibly the most despised politician (even more than Boris!) in the seat at the moment.
  10. What about the helmet change rule? Get on with it already.
  11. Best to keep all options open, don't show your enemies your hand too early.
  12. I can't see them throwing in Sweat. 2021 first, second and fifth, 2022 first and fourth, 2023 first. Starting point.
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