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  1. I usually give different news channels a bit of my time, but after the comical attempt after the London Bridge attack where they were found out I will never spare any of my time. Just needs more of these news networks to be outed and shamed beyond repair.
  2. Hoping that game day tickets go on sale towards the end of July. At the moment, I'm probably looking at three home games.
  3. There's a low set of plexiglass on steep top tiers of a lot of newer indoor arenas. I suppose it's either have a higher wall or plexiglass in certain places.
  4. Currently in Sardinia. Clear water, plenty of heat, good food and the women are classy.
  5. Pumpkin and huckleberry ice cream out in Seattle. Interesting combination!
  6. Been heading that way for a while. Same as all the "will the new stadium be ready in time" rubbish every time something has been completed.
  7. Tickets sorted for Chicago (113) and Detroit (124).
  8. Far from it. Also if you're interested about new stadiums due to host NFL games you can check out the Tottenham one which is usually at the top of the under construction page. They have ties with front office staff of Atlanta United, for what it's worth. (I'll end up walking to games there when it starts in 2018, which is nice!).
  9. Would anyone recommend Kanab for the wave trail? I've heard that they draw lots the morning before for permits and seeing as I'll have two and a half days (after spending a couple in Zion) before I catch an overnight to Atlanta for the Packers game, I wasn't sure whether I should try that trail and then drive to check out Monument Valley late afternoon Friday, with a final morning hike to finish off before driving back to Vegas.
  10. Well won in the end. Fortunate to be level at the break. Strikers and midfielders pressing high is fine, but the back four get caught out too often trying to play high themselves. Need to learn to drop back five yards and give the midfielders time to track back. Not sure why you'd have a captain who is the weak link in defence. One defender and a midfield general required, otherwise some foundations to work with.
  11. Satch on the PA. A touch of class.
  12. We use it often, as a term of endearment. It gets bandied about quite often at football here, more as a release than specifically at a player.
  13. Did you mean Texans as a wildcard team losing to the Raiders and not Titans MKII?
  14. It's looking like they will need to hit the ground running at the new stadium. Six home games in a row towards the end will be huge.
  15. All being well after this season with Takk, Poe, Duke, we'd only really need to shore up the interior and then if there's someone that's an upgrade on Allen then it's party time.