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  1. The gradients are looking almost top notch, just the stripes along the side to get rid of. Will definitely be investing in one of those.
  2. Yeah, definitely keep up the vitamins. Interesting studies that the area with the highest rate of vitamin D deficiency amongst the population in areas of Europe, and the top two stood out as: Northern Italy, Spain. Maybe just a correlation than a cause but interesting nonetheless that those are two of the areas that had big outbreaks. The loss of taste and smell got back quicker than the fatigue, headaches for me. Get well soon!
  3. A friend of mines wife has lost 5 family members, and she herself has been awaiting cancer treatment now since I was over in Arizona for the Cards game in October. She would've had it started by the end of march, they had to resort to a more aggressive treatment as it is. I believe cancer treatments are beginning again here but there's quite the backlog. Very sad for that family you mentioned.
  4. Good that investigations like this make progress. Investigations have been going on in the UK, and once the higher-ups catch wind of it, they isolate them and make them and their families lives a misery.
  5. Meanwhile you have last week's "peaceful" protest apparently, and this week it's violence. The mayor of london was awfully quiet last weekend... Being played on both sides by the media, but the public scoops that up and brings it home to steam. "Chaos is a ladder".
  6. Nothing was said about dropping to 12/14 games though? Putting a positive look on next season.
  7. Lots more posters will come around to liking these jerseys, I'm sure. The numbers look so much better on the white and gradient jerseys than the black.
  8. Thinking further ahead, to 2021, it's possible we will have at least two (decent!) compensatory picks, and so I'd imagine 2021 picks might be in play to negate the need to have to use a second rounder.
  9. Got it in one for me. They're not far off. Wish they'd go black/white for home (with a red helmet forthcoming?), And then mix and match white/black, white/red for road. Life would be quite dull, if everyone agreed.
  10. So far I'm good with the white/black, white/red, black/white and the alternate combinations. Not keen on the all white or all black (would prefer red helmet on the all black combination). White jersey is nice, numbers work better on the alternate, and the black home jersey is okay (could've done with a red helmet with the black jersey).
  11. Not looking good. But if it's not improving after 10 days then I would be very concerned.
  12. It does if you believe in the capabilities of the team when they are on it. If the other team beat us at our best, then so be it.
  13. The schedule isn't out yet, only the list of teams. The draft hasn't started yet either. The team plays to its capabilities and it won't be as "tough" as is made out.
  14. Chargers cap is nice. Simple but effective.
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