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  1. Failure summed up by the final drive of the season. First and goal, two timeouts, a defence on their heels after some good runs, some daft playcalling. Situational game management didn't improve at the end of halves from start to finish.
  2. Just stick Ward in and shrink the playbook in half with Coleman on the sidelines. When it comes to crunch time, this offense doesn't deliver, in just about the best situation it could've found itself in considering time left, two timeouts, etc. Situationally incompetent and that is the one thing i'd take Quinn to task over other than hiring his buddies all the time.
  3. Situational incompetence. I bet Coleman is real fresh right now he's got until July until training camp. It's touchdown or goodbye 2017 season. Go with what works. The straw that broke the camel's back.
  4. Having been there before, you've nothing to worry about. Overrated, and not like sports where fans have to be segregated anyway. Mingle, eat, drink, win, have some more fun!
  5. They'd be based on the east coast for away game (blocks).
  6. Nice find. Makes it worth my while renewing my seats.
  7. Enjoyed watching Sharpe and Mora wind Bayless up about Dallas. Always amusing.
  8. Oh I bet the same person who was shouting Matt Flutie at M&T Bank for 3 hours probably still believes he is. The deluded whiner. Just goes to show that one game in London that Harbaugh laughed off after losing came back to haunt them. Every game matters.
  9. Payton the two-faced slimeball. Nice loss you got there Sean!
  10. Surprised none of our defenders gave it the Cam first down point, after all, he was giving us first downs aplenty.
  11. Best keep up appearances for every day until the next game (maybe you'll be in the stadium keeping those seats clean and dust free). Otherwise, see you again in 7 months!
  12. Or he's taking the heat for his and his team's play, much like Mourinho does over here for Manchester United. It works to a point, until the players are absolved of any blame and think they are indispensable.
  13. In Brotherhood, rise up, it's all about the ball, battle, 60 minutes, fired up. Right, that's out of the system. Merry Christmas!
  14. Exactly. Milk the clock, and at worst pin them back. I'm trying to think of anything other than the Green Bay game where we've actually accomplished something positive before half time where clock management and playcalling haven't been downright absurd?
  15. I guess he don't need her if a win against the Falcons is the best he can muster for Christmas. What an idiot.