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  1. I hear Blair Walsh is at the bar, and he needs some company. Joking aside, sloppy special teams and dumb penalties when all the defence needed to do was milk the clock, likewise the offense.
  2. Bosher hasn't got the leg at the moment. He seems to be dealing with more and more injuries these past couple of seasons.
  3. Thats the way it is set up if there are multiple teams in the same division, not across divisions on head to heads, otherwise what is the point in having head to head count as anything in the first place.
  4. The weather turned for the worse when I was there last season. Horizontal rain and high winds put paid to a proper visit of Mt Rainier and Olympic. Still, a nice city to walk around in.
  5. At the time I didn't think it made sense. They would've wanted to leave more time on the clock for a closer field goal attempt, so why have two in breaking routes?
  6. So the defenders all of a sudden just watch as he waltzes past them and not even attempting to make the tackle? They gave up multiple times in a position to win the game.
  7. This is only going one way. How stupid can a team be. But again, a flag on Washington whereas New Orleans gets a free pass on similar plays.
  8. Soft Redskins. They are whiffing it up right now.
  9. Is he meant to be a journalist? Did he not learn written English at school? Never have I seen someone paid to write and rant start so many sentences with an and.
  10. Can't moan about the teams performance, so they turn on the fans.
  11. Any chance we can be gifted 10 points by the officials?
  12. These last 8 games are Quinn's recovery period, because as far as I'm concerned we're out of the wildcard running let alone division winning range. Can he turn around the direction of this team moving forward, to at least a semblance of a team with discipline. Bang a few heads together and get back in the game at least.
  13. 31-17 Cowboys. More drops, route running errors (that some will blame on the new stadium), and playing an injured Bryant meaning any 4th downs over the 50 will be played aggressively and failed upon.
  14. No, because he wasn't bailing on his teammates half as much as he has been this season. Either box out, aggressively attack the pass, block, or ride the bench for a bit until he realises what it takes to be a starter in the league.
  15. We won't beat a Vikings team with any of those quarterbacks playing, so does it really matter?