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  1. Would be surprised if he took the field next season. Heal up young man.
  2. Hopefully in another lost season he can see more playing time and develop. No excuses now unless he's not healthy enough to play.
  3. Oliver has to have the play in front of him where he doesn't have to travel downfield and turn so much. Much more effective then and isn't giving up on what should be contested catches on the sidelines. Also can tackle decent on run plays.
  4. Has Elon Musk figured out if he's positive or negative yet?
  5. Calling it a wrap for this season, see what he can do in 2021.
  6. Nope, that'll be the kids going back to school and mixing, as they hadn't been mixing indoors with eachother from march-september.
  7. Ryan played well today, some good scrambles as well. I think I may have been at the last one. Was it against the Titans in Nashville?
  8. Exactly, Detroits are those tops you put on to lounge in all day and feel you can't be bothered to wash, or if it's chucking it down outside and you're out practicing you actually want to get covered in mud.
  9. Play to your players talents. Could have the most talented team in the league and an OC like Koetter would screw it up.
  10. Knowing this team and it's failures, Koo would've probably missed the chip shot anyway.
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