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  1. At the game, and yes, terrible is accurate.
  2. If they mix it up and put those assignments in here and there. Can't keep playing the same coverage as Brady will work it out.
  3. No OPI?
  4. Some good news. You keep bringing the positivity Tandy!
  5. Much like the weird flag on Allen when he wasn't covering anyone (and could only be explained by Alford covering across, which also shouldn't have been something he could've been penalised on on that play).
  6. So if they've explained to him that they thought it was a hit to the head and it blatantly wasn't, would you be okay with the call? Whether it was a late hit or not, is irrelevant. Officials can keep saying one thing to players and can't even be consistent with calls they explain to the fans. That's a problem. It's either a late hit, or hit to the head, is the point I'm getting at, and if they can't get that right then people will question other calls/non-calls because of this.
  7. I agree with Grady. In that case, we are due plenty of flags for taps on Ryan. Anyone who thinks the "hit" was too high is a bit silly.
  8. I'm going to give it another couple of games. Lose all four to the weakest division in the league and with what's lined up for the rest of the season, then it's nigh on season over. Too bad, because I would like to return in December for two meaningful home games (turn up, stay in my section and belt out my vocal chords), so I'm holding out for some juice in the next two weeks to keep this trip alive.
  9. Could've had a delay of game, no? You could see them on other plays laying on grounded players and obstructing them.
  10. Very much so. So not only are we not getting the free plays when it is seen, they are not seeing it at all! Especially when our run plays were being stuffed, and you wonder how the tackle or end is in the backfield promptly without being touched.
  11. Whatever the rights and wrongs are/were, there's successive games (at home no less) where they were in position to get the job done, and didn't.
  12. Discipline and teamwork. No I in team. Get the job done together.
  13. Like the hold on Gabriel last week. Watched the Packers game from week two yesterday morning and PFF Collinsworth mentioned during the play with Neal's DPI about tugging the jersey will ALWAYS get called. That was ringing the same with a poxy hold on Alford's INT against Detroit which would've eased our nerves at the end of that game. Lo and behold, a blatant miss against Buffalo in a crunch situation and one called that was anything but a flag on Alford yesterday.
  14. This year, Ryan isn't forcing the ball to Julio? Just seems to be that the offense goes through long periods no targeting Julio. They had what, Tankersley and Howard, first and second year DBs to test. Sanu is a big miss for this team. A good blocker, bigger bodied receiver and a focal point for third down conversions.
  15. Should be concerned with every game, because every game is important, even more so after their performances so far this season. Going to be anxious about beating anybody at this rate.