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  1. Is it possible for Beasley to get flagged for unnecessary softness?
  2. Wow, how many times do you see that play happen in games and never think anything of it, let alone throw a flag?!
  3. Reminder of some of the missed throws and stupid interceptions from the 2013/14 seasons (Detroit at Wembley springs to mind). Puts a whole lot of pressure to win next week, and the Eagles were slow starters today so you'd expect them to be better next. Hopefully the season isn't almost a lost cause by week 4 when I'm over for the 3 games. I'll take one scrappy win any which way it comes.
  4. Almost all booked up, but I'll be in section 130!
  5. I'll join.
  6. Could always end up with Miami having the number one pick next year, and Rosen again being traded after being replaced in the draft.
  7. Just like 2012. I'll let you figure it out...
  8. International flights, 3 nights accomodation, and sideline visitor side lower level seats to watch the Falcons whoop the Panthers in Charlotte would've been enough for me.
  9. Hugh Jackman a couple of weeks ago. Metallica this week, and Rammstein next month. From my actual NFL trips over here: Slash - Atlantic City, Kid Rock/ZZ Top - Lakewood, Ghost - Seattle, Metallica - Sioux Falls. No shows that I know of announced for sept/oct.
  10. Stayed at Inman Park last year and will definitely be staying there again this time around, lots of nice places to eat, and this year will spend more evenings in bars (no ATL UTD game this time). Amalfi Pizza downtown for a quick bite to eat after the game, or Varuni Napoli in Krog St Market (preferred, and with excellent risotto balls).
  11. Hey folks, looking for some tips for those who have knowledge of Texas and/or Arizona/Utah. I'll be renting a car so transport isn't an issue, but making the most of the time I have is. I should have at least three full days before arriving in Houston (possibly from tues-fri), and one full day after the Texans game before flying onwards to the Monument Valley area (tues-fri) and then arriving in the Phoenix area Saturday for the college game and Cards on the Sunday (Sat-tues). Any tips on things to do, restaurants, and I'm not sure on whereabouts in Phoenix to stay? Been eyeing up this trip since I started travelling for Falcons games in 2012, so this has worked out perfectly with the back to back road games!
  12. I'd be covering the nod across the box from that type of cross, just seemed it took Guzan a split second too long to work out where the ball was going.
  13. Another Guzan mistake. First time watching them for a month or so, and another disappointing performance.
  14. True. They are opening an NFL academy in september, at a college 10 minutes from home, too bad it's 10 years too late to give it a shot.
  15. Looking forward to my September trip now. Titans, @Texans, @Cardinals and the SJ ATLUTD game. Get into the playoffs and anything can happen.