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  1. Solder got a nice get off there, no flag.
  2. Think happy thoughts.
  3. More home games though.
  4. Different sporting culture though. A sport with so many breaks, team timeouts, TV timeouts, officials working out what on earth the calls are, etc versus a sport which goes non-stop for the most part. Although I was in the club section for that same game above, and the club sections didn't fill up until a good 10 minutes in. Desserted at half time and then the same thing in the second half.
  5. A week after the last league game, so what's that going to be, 27/28th October? With more teams joining the MLS in the not too distant future, even less chance of a regular league style.
  6. PJ Hall was everywhere early on yesterday. Seemed to be the only Raiders player worth watching yesterday. Yes, I sat through and watched the whole game, even though it was over before half time
  7. Should be an easy choice for drafting early rounds for the next few years. Lines, lines, lines.
  8. He's done. This team is done. A pony Steelers team made to look good.
  9. Injury problems with him. The rut started last season. New punter next season please.
  10. From what I saw of Sundays game, they didn't do much. If I was Martino, I'd be concerned that another game against a challenger went by the wayside.
  11. I think that's the best we can hope for. I really do. Next week is AB's introduction to the 2018 season. He's not done much so far.
  12. Needs to be three wins before the bye. All three losses were avoidable, another one before the bye will be curtains, I believe.
  13. Well both of his team's failed yesterday. Two big L's. Luckily one can defend for the most part.
  14. Defend the line and tackle. Though from both teams, tackling wasn't their forte yesterday. It was downright embarrassing for the most part.