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  1. Cottage pie. That ones been too gravified, and the potato should be mashed and layered on top so it can brown off with a little crisp. Who's fighting over the bread?
  2. Old neighbour of mine had a jab on Saturday afternoon, had same symptoms that same night, plus heart palpitations. Speedy recovery to yours.
  3. Chiefs don't need to help a Brady team out any more than they are getting assistance as it is.
  4. That'd be like watching CNN, Fox, etc, right?
  5. International news updates just for you. I mean after all, if other countries internationally have interfered with your elections, it becomes null and void. It doesn't matter if it's just the one country involved or one hundred.
  6. Buffalo are going to give KC a run for their money, let's see what the champs are made of next week.
  7. Those are pieces of the jigsaw, crumbs if you will.
  8. Benjamin de Rothschild announced as having passed away. A number of Cardinals have died in the last week. Sunday, all the roads that lead to Rome were closed off, lights went out at The Vatican. Government officials in the Netherlands have resigned over "child benefits" issues. Seems to be pretty much the only thing going on in Europe right now. Might as well lock us down under martial law or something next week.
  9. They did that in their final touchdown drive against Houston. Well either final drive or regulation or the OT. Tannehill with keepers on consecutive plays.
  10. Not much is open here. Food outlets are takeaway only. The measures taken here for small and medium enterprises is killing them off. We aren't too bad off locally as those we do visit I believe they own their business properties so it's more a case of them excepting furlough contributions, which is just holding back the unemployment surge in hospitality until the new tax year.
  11. Okay, let's see what happens next week, first. There's going to be a whole load of people in politics (including plenty of "republicans" I must add) being put before the courts, and charged with the most serious of offences. When's inauguration day again?
  12. I'll give that a miss. No cult here, just an interested observer from further afield, as the ramifications for the rest of the world will be far greater than any election I can remember in my lifetime. 2021 is going to be quite the enlightening year for a lot of people.
  13. She's up to her eyeballs in corruption. Will we find out she has been fitted with an ankle tag, and does she have a Vatican bank account, we shall see.
  14. Not at all. I find her outfit rather fitting, considering she's dressed for her own funeral.
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