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  1. Try, try, try again. Seems like they operate each petal separately but just need to test opening/closing with a single control.
  2. Unless they are playing him. He seems to be lurking in every poxy shadow. I still think Arya kills him in the crypt, with Catelyn or Ned's face.
  3. Winter is here, on his face...
  4. I found Arrowhead and Mile High to be louder...
  5. Any obstructed views so far? I've seen some online where they've got railings way too high for the stairs by section entrances on the upper tier.
  6. A late second rounder.
  7. Well it's got to be better than most of the crap pizzas when I've visited. Spoilt where I am, but saw it advertised some time ago so will at least give it a try. Looks similar to Pizza Pilgrims here in London, will it taste any good is the main question. Actually the only two decent pizzas I've had was from CPK, and Tony's in San Francisco.
  8. Got a ticket in 233 for the LA Galaxy game. Hope to see some of you there.
  9. They could use them as wide receivers if needed, so added versatility there would give the front office and coaching staff even more reason to keep them. Our pair fit the scheme, have the production, so dropping a higher paid receiver in Sanu seems more likely than letting Coleman go, to me at least.
  10. Or they could give him the fourth pre-season game off ready to rock and roll in Chicago.
  11. Going to settle on a middle tier ticket for the LA game. $40 is fine by me. Also going to see about stopping by for the Chicago Fire game the day before opening day.
  12. Looks like they didn't proceed with Antico. Shame really, but it'll just mean I'll have to stop off before a United game.
  13. This team just doesn't quit. Bit of a breather now?
  14. This was the shortest episode of season 7. Up to 59 minutes next week and then breaking the hour mark for the last two.