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  1. My Baby! I love it. Can't wait to see the next episode. I was hoping the episodes would be longer. I bought a Cam Gatorade today too... I hate Gatorade.
  2. NYG4

    Most Hated

    I don't understand what Canada's problem is?
  3. Eh.. Idk if I agree with that. I don't think too many people (outside of nfcs fans) are really glued to their seat waiting for the outcome of this situation. Plus imagine the nightmare if he gets suspended then his conviction is overturned.
  4. I really think Greg plays all of the season. I get the feeling Goodell will wait until the appeal is over, then suspend, if his conviction is upheld. By then he may not even be a Panther anymore.
  5. So.. There are no pics of said nudes? Disappointed..
  6. Shall we bury it next to RG3's knee and the picks you wasted to get him?
  7. NYG4


    God he's gorgeous! My Baby!
  8. NYG4


    I think we can add wit to the list of things you lack.. along with any semblance of charm, charisma, or good looks.
  9. NYG4


    Get out my thread. Thanks.
  10. NYG4


    oh.. so yall just going to ruin my thread like this.
  11. NYG4


    But seriously... Stop playing. Was there any doubt in your mind who/what this thread would be about? Come on now. Don't act new.
  12. NYG4


    I'm like.. in full fangirl mode right now.. I want to lick the sweat off of his face.... http://www.underarmour.com/shop/us/en/huddleup I may explode.. if yall don't see me after August 5th.. you know why..
  13. I don't think he actually expects Eli to hit 70%. I think it was more of a testament to how this new offense is going to make things easier for Eli and make him more efficient. We're not getting rid of the deep balls, but a lot of them last year were just inappropriate and inefficient. Making the offense quicker and adding more shorter passes when it's appropriate should help to raise his completion percentage. Obviously not to 70 percent.. but higher than it has been the last few years.
  14. I've only heard that joke about 1000 times since Danny made that statement.
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