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  1. Meh didn't think we were going to get him, We at least are not handicapped by 2 over paid under performing players and Howard is out of the division. We got options now at least.
  2. Republicans do not believe in common sense or the idea we all do not live in a vacuum. No man is an island is pretty much all Obama was saying.
  3. Looks like we got another TD troll on our hands, what a surprise.
  4. Peyton spends alot of time defending the Saints and knocking down the Falcons, pretty sad to see what typical of this board.
  5. Also how can you hold previous player against TD? TD arrived here with a roster of players, the good ones he kept the bad ones he tried to replace. It would be stupid for him to try and replace the good players that were still on the roster. Only a ******** ego manic of a GM would come in and cut the entire roster and start from scratch. We can give credit to the current players on the roster that Mckay got us without putting TD down for it. Not everything is a negative which sometimes is hard for this board to understand.
  6. So your judging a GM solely based on players acquired and not how the team performs, what coaches are hired etc.? Yea TD does not just acquire players. A GM's grade is based on how well the team does during his tenure.
  7. Actually I think the fact Romney is not releasing 12 years of tax returns like every other presidential candidate in the last 30 some odd years is going to be used as a bigger talking point. And also more relevant than the birther stuff.
  8. Jerry is probably one of the most unlucky picks for TD, but it's funny cause Peters is one of his best picks and completely Reduces the hurt of Jerry getting injured.
  9. The irony in all of this? Rush talking about it is connecting this movie and making people talk more about Romney's issues with his previous company then if he never would have mentioned it. So is Rush trying to plant bombs for Romney to step on now? Certainly more Plausible than this character which was created a long time ago is somehow a slight against Romney. Rush wants Obama to win cause his ratings go up when a Democrat is in office as he has a natural boogey man to spew his crap off of.
  10. WTF It's like conservatives have gone back in time to the middle ages as far as stupidity goes. Has anyone seen his Birth Cert?
  11. We may not get it, We may never get it we may never ever ever win a SB. Half the teams in the NFL have never won a Superbowl. Every year 31 teams fail. Does that discount the effort or football enjoyment for fans of the other 31 teams? This is without question the most prosperous and consistently winning period in the ENTIRE History of the Falcons it is hardly the time to be blasting the org. If you can't enjoy things now and have some perspective how the heck did you survive before?
  12. And I don't get the hate, I just do not think people have a proper perspective on this franchise and what it was like pretty recently to understand how quickly things have turned around and how bad our drafts and free agency pickups were previously. The playoff issue is what it is and yes it sucks but it is one game of the season, when your averaging an 11-5 record over 4 years your doing things right and you will eventually get past the playoff issue. The playoff loses suck but have not freaked me out to the point of being completely unreasonable and short sighted when looking at our current
  13. Let me know when TD has a draft that even comes close to something this bad 2 6 37 Travis Claridge Guard USC 3 5 67 Mark Simoneau Linebacker Kansas State 4 6 100 Michael Thompson Guard Tennessee State 5 5 134 Anthony Midget Cornerback Virginia Tech 6 6 172 Mareno Philyaw Wide Receiver Troy 7 5 211 Darrick Vaughn Cornerback Southwest Texas State Or this
  14. Things like taking TJ Duckett right after signing Dunn or drafting Reggie Kelly in the second round after trading up to get him are pretty obvious issues right then and there with no need for hindsight. At least TD's mistakes actually require hindsight to mark them as falures, previous GM's here we could predict failure of their moves as soon as they made them. Or heck look at our draft history we have had ENTIRE draft classes be busts with TD we are talking about a couple of players here and there.
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