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  1. Didn't think the lore law allowed for that type of transfer by an act of treason like an assassination from behind.
  2. I still think Dany has the most right to the crown, her fathers murder was an act of treason and Robert should not have been given the crown.
  3. I still think he is jaqen
  4. I'm on the 3rd chapter and it is a very good game, The mechanics are very old school RPG, none of this ultra action hand holding stuff in most RPG's today. Also your decisions in dialog dramatically effect the outcome of what happens. There was a part where I return to my home town after my dad who was lord died and I'm now lord. I was given a lot of choices as far as I could shake down the people and make them fear me or chose to listen to the people's complaints and spare their lives etc and I went that route which allowed me to squash a tyrant group of thieves in the town that were causing alot of problems. Had I not chosen that path I would have had to fight them straight on. These choices presented themselves over several different encounters. Also in one section I decided to torture a traitor for more information instead of killing him quickly, this gave me a stat bonus of having my enemies fear me more etc. Really cool RPG, much better than Skyrim in the fact what you do actually changes the game as your playing it while Skyrim is just a static place that nothing you do makes any difference. The combat system is actually well thought out an strategic, it is not a typical action game so that is why alot of people have been dissing it. The graphics are not mind blowing or anything but they certainly serve their purpose and immerse you in the world well. I went in with pretty low expectations and have been an RPG player since the early 90's and the game has been a nice surprise.
  5. If their are going to split a few books into two seasons he should be able to finish them. The series could last till 2018 at this point with just the current books.
  6. While they have done alot of stupid things Arya, Bran and even Jon snow to an extent have been ok and certainly deserve some type of revenge for what happened to Ned and their hometown. The first season\Book revolved heavily around them and it is the first chance we get to be familiar with the GOT world so of course we would have some connection to them and want to see some type of retribution. I understand that there simply is no good/bad guys but not being a book reader and seeing we are only 2 seasons in and the first season revolved heavily around the Starks I'm still wanting to see them at least pull together a little more.
  7. Sorry I added another warning to the text, these spoilers my wife gave me and I accidentally ran across looking up info on a character.
  8. Can anyone answer this question in vague terms so I don't spoiler myself any further? Do not read this section unless you are done with the books
  9. Trying so hard not to get completely spoiled by everything, my wife has finished all the books and is mouthy about it. so here is what i know unfortunately Do not read this section unless you are done with the books
  10. Throughout the whole series the only person I thought had the Real claim to the thrown was Dany, and her story with drago was really touching. The king slayer committed an act of treason which is not recognized by laws so why on earth was even Robert recognized as King?
  11. To soon to tell, they were only on screen for a minute, let's see how they work and react before we down them like that
  12. Yea could be but given what we have right now it at least presents a valid reason for him to show up and follow her around after the crap hit the fan at Kings landing. It is an open issue right now so it's fun to speculate but it certainly cannot be ruled out at this point.
  13. As long as he sticks close to her trail he does not have to assume anything, just keep following her and shape shifting along the way.
  14. Leads you to believe he was there by choice obviously, to follow Arya and make sure things turned out ok for her, which then leads you back to why? He was her fencing teacher and spending alot time with her did not want to see her harmed and probably thought she was a talented student.
  15. Well he is shape shifting badass so I do not doubt he could escape with only a wooden sword. In the episode last night he pretty up disappeared and then appeared yards apart different heights in an instant. Really could be him and at least even in the books that idea is left open which is kind of all I wanted out of it, it was a running joke with my wife that I kept saying that fencing teacher is not dead I bet he shows up at some point.