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  1. It feels good having the best WR in the league.
  2. The only answer now is to draft a kicker in the second round next year
  3. If Italian ice hadn’t melted we would be in great shape at kicker financially, but paying Bryant money to come in and be the clutch kicker we need is priceless when it comes to having a playoff and possibly Super Bowl caliber team.
  5. Anyone who actually knows football knows Matt Ryan is a **** good QB. Problem is, Atlanta has such a history of failure that it isn’t exciting to talk about Atlanta, so he doesn’t get credit from the media nearly as much as he should. It would take SuperBowl wins to place him into the conversations of respect that he already deserves. It’s a huge monkey on his back that has been passed down through the generations of Atlanta teams. And yes, if Belichick is his coach he would have won at least two SuperBowls by now. Brady is good, no doubt about that, but Belichick gives NE their success more than Brady does. In my opinion, Matt Ryan has given ATL success more than the coaches have.
  6. Falcons win by not letting Diggs get a last second touchdown
  7. The feminization of men has taken over a significant part of society.
  8. I really love the guys on this team. True leaders and good men.
  9. Like what, stopping people from murdering babies? If people don’t want to shoot here because they think abortion is a good thing, then good riddance.
  10. Lol
  11. Why’d you cut Bosher? I think he’s awesome for us. Otherwise I really like this man. Very thought out and practical.
  12. Underrated comment
  13. We’re so lucky.
  14. LOL
  15. He does so much more than just get yards. Despite being the most pressured QB in the league this year, he’s STILL putting up awesome performances. He stands in the pocket with confidence and takes hard hits while throwing those accurate passes, because he knows that’s what’s required from him. What exactly is it you want, a cannon for an arm? You think that’s what makes a QB great? I can give you a ton of examples of QBs who are great at throwing the **** out of a ball, but have they been as good as Matt Ryan overall? Absolutely not. You might be able to name a few who are better overall, but I *guarantee* it’s going to be a legendary QB name. Matt Ryan is under appreciated because of people like you who would rather have a “flashy exciting” QB who can either chuck a ball into the stands or can run like a runningback.
  16. Matt is an accurate deep thrower. This has been proven time and time again through numerous stats. You just seem to be remembering the few that don’t connect because you have a biased agenda. Found one for you to make it easier:
  17. Lol @ people blaming Matt. Julio is held back by coaches, not the QB, because we like to spread the ball. We would probably have a lot more interceptions if we forced it to Julio more.
  18. Your threads suck*
  19. I’m going to be so sad if I see Julio balling out for another team.
  20. I see your point but I think long term wise it isn’t a win. The better and more consistent you look, the more money you’ll make on that second contract when it comes time.
  21. If I were Matt I would demand a better line or I’d demand a trade
  22. Quinn deserves another season without injuries everywhere to key starters before getting fired
  23. Probably the most exciting regular season touchdown from an already won game I’ve ever witnessed. Lol.
  24. Can a mod please come prevent this guy from starting more threads?