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  2. What we’re mostly disappointed about with Trufant is that he usually plays better than how he’s been this season. He’s still a good CB, but we know he’s better, and we’re paying him to be better.
  3. Still worth posting y’all lol
  4. Some of you guys on here know way more than me and pay attention to a lot of details, maybe you can answer this question for me. I heard his name a time or two during the game, wondering how he did his first game back with us. Always loved him as a player for us when healthy, so I’m curious if he made any impact on Sunday. The pleasant surprise of Campbell’s play already has me more excited about our LBs this year, but if Spoon is coming in here beast moding it up too on top of that then by golly boys I think we finally have ourselves the good LB corps we’ve been missing for a long time. This defense is emerging.
  5. Someone’s salty ...I am too
  6. We will sweep the Saints. Yes, our little brother.
  7. I’m highly disappointed in our offensive production with mostly the same group of players only a year removed from having one of the best offenses in history.
  8. Yeah, the man deserves recognition. Awesome player and analyst. Makes you feel good hearing commentary from former players of your team.
  9. I hope you come back here after we sweep you again, little brother
  10. The Falcons are stopping themselves with dropped passes and tipped balls. Take those away and we’d be blowing teams out just like last year. I have a strong feeling this offense is going to go on a hot streak soon that’ll carry into the playoffs.
  11. We’ll prove you and everyone else wrong, troll.
  12. You and I both know this isn’t college football. You can throw out however many statistics you want about previous games, a lot of the time it doesn’t matter in the NFL. This is a divisional game, you can bet your *** the Falcons will play harder against your team. We both know the Panthers defense can’t stop this offense if it doesn’t stop itself. You should be more scared about playing us than you’re letting off. My prediction: Falcons 35 Panthers 24
  13. They are only better than us offensively until we stop beating ourselves. You and I both know we have the better overall offense. Time for the players to execute.
  14. This is our window to do it. Tired of hearing “yeah, but we have a ring” whenever I’m discussing anything with a Saints fan.