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  1. So now we have Cam Newton and Alvin Kamara to laugh at for bad fashion choices. Excellent.
  2. Falcons vs Texans, 2007. One of the only games we won that season after the whole Vick situation.
  3. Hey we were better than the Rams!
  4. That just tells me we played good enough to get in with the group but not good enough to hang with the group, and that’s why we’re out. It’s disappointing because our talent is better than how we’re playing.
  5. Can we not trade away one of the greatest Falcons to ever play? Would like him to have his whole career here since he’s gonna be HOF anyway.
  6. Nobody likes him outside of the Saints fan base. That’ll catch up to him once the Saints eventually fire him.
  7. They need to see this for a whole year, just like they did to us.
  8. That would be great; I love seeing Matt prove people wrong. People are still going to hate on him though, unfortunately. That mindset should change and stats like these will be appreciated more once he gets us a ring.
  9. LMFAO towards the end at 8:30 “ Dallas playing this weekend?” CAUSE THEY AREN’T EVEN RELEVANT ANYMORE YET HE TALKS ABOUT THEM SO MUCH STILL!
  10. Time for a Beasley apology thread in the future as well.
  11. Quinn probably comes in here, writes “hive sop dap,” then leaves quietly.
  12. Cause they were in the same draft and we wanted both at the time
  13. Please draft him or Sony Michel idc which one JUST GET ONE