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  1. Agreed. Senat may end up being great, but I don’t think he can give us what Poe could for what we need at DT. At least not this year, during our best super bowl window.
  2. We don’t need him. We need more Takk. That’s what we drafted him for. Would it be nice to have him, yes, but we have to let younger players take over and be beasts themselves. It keeps us younger and let’s us afford the older players we want to keep.
  3. 2007 vs the Texans. I was 14. One of the only games we won that season.
  4. Riley still has the opportunity to step up. There hasn’t been enough consistency yet to judge him long term. I’d like to see more of him and see how he responds to this adversity.
  5. If you’re at the very top, half of the halo screen is cut off. Don’t sit too high up and it’ll be fine.
  6. Remember that time Detroit went 4-0 in preseason and then went 0-16 in the regular season? It’s really not a big deal. Don’t overreact.
  7. Let’s go with the receiver missing it which counts as an incompletion haha
  8. I’m going with 3/4, 100 yards, 2 TD’s. One long one to Julio again and one short one to Matt Ryan. Maybe a 3rd down conversion to Hooper during a regular season game.
  9. Why are we still discussing this
  10. When Freeman signed his contract and was temporarily the highest paid RB, a lot of people freaked out and said he wasn’t worth it. Now his contract is starting to look really good.
  11. Ehhh. He’s good and has a good mixture of power/finesse in his run style, but there’s better runningbacks out there. We’re extremely blessed to have Free but let’s not get carried away.
  12. Yep. I got them from a different online retailer than the one the link in this thread though. It popped up on my social media newsfeed one day so I grabbed them.
  13. I’ve got these too. Awesome to wear at the games, lots of people notice them.
  14. If we win this super bowl, it’ll be an earned one with how much we’ll have to fight this year to get there.