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  1. I’d put Coleman above Hardy too
  2. Only if Hooper was injured. I’d rather let Hooper have another year before doing anything like that.
  3. Kudos to Freeney! Thanks for your time here!
  4. Lol. Beasley isn’t going anywhere.
  5. I always hoped he would be more for us, he had the potential to be. But yeah I think that bridge is probably burned between him and ATL now, I don’t expect to ever see him back.
  6. This is a really bad idea.
  7. Please please please please
  8. Interesting, I was almost sure I would come in here reading that the Saints are favored over us.
  9. I just want someone fast as **** back there who will take it to the house a few times.
  10. Weems was good for a few seasons before he left for Chicago. He wasn’t the same when he came back here again. We can do better.
  12. Lol. If we SOMEHOW got him we would have the most dynamic receiving corps maybe ever in the history of the NFL.
  13. So now we have Cam Newton and Alvin Kamara to laugh at for bad fashion choices. Excellent.
  14. Falcons vs Texans, 2007. One of the only games we won that season after the whole Vick situation.