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  1. If we don’t get two of these greatest Falcons a ring, we will forever hate Dan Quinn.
  2. That would give us more entertainment than what we are currently seeing.
  3. Nah dude. This is a team with poor discipline. A team that constantly chokes. A team with no passion to win games. That comes from coaching.
  4. I am officially on the fire Dan Quinn train. This is the worst coaching I’ve ever seen. I almost want Mike Smith back. Blank needs to promote Morris right now and move on.
  5. That post is full of Saints fans trying to say Michael Thomas is better. They’re so delusional.
  6. I don’t want him. Not because of politics, but because of the 2012 NFC Championship game I was at where he crushed my hopes and dreams.
  7. Thankfully they upgraded! We have both AC and heat in ours now. Doesn’t save me from the weather much though since I’m in an infantry unit. When I deployed to Afghanistan I was out on the line, and it gets COLDDDD there too. We slept out in -14 degree weather out there... a lot of us almost got frostbite.
  8. Welcome home brother. We love our mechanics, they keep our A/C going in our ambulances!
  9. I’m still lurking around occasionally. Been lurking since my high school days over ten years ago. I appreciate the posters on here; You all give me so much insight into things going on with the team. I am a combat medic with the Army National Guard. I was deployed to Afghanistan last year, and now I’m currently on orders helping COVID-19 patients and most recently with riot control in Atlanta/Athens/Stone Mountain. I am a Psychology student at Georgia State with plans on achieving a Masters Degree in Divinity to become a Chaplain. This is me:
  10. I see us signing a Vet on a cheap deal to give us reliable depth after June 1st.
  11. When I first heard we got Quinn, one of the men behind the "Legion of Boom," I was downright elated. After years of dismal Mike Smith defenses I thought to myself "Finally, we can achieve a good defense again and get a pass rush." After the 2015 & 2016 draft it really seemed we were on that path and I loved our new HC. As more years have gone by, I'm not sure Quinn can get us where we need to be defensively. If 2020 does not go well I am certainly on the "Fire DQ" train.
  12. I don't even want to think about what we would have to give up to get Chase Young.
  13. We needed his kind of energy in the locker room!
  14. Opposed to the dozens of mock threads? Lol
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