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  1. Finally, someone that can return the football. We have been missing that since Hester. What’s the general feeling about Harmon?
  2. I think they should trade back, and then go BPA after that with the extra picks. Lots of hidden gems this draft due to players opting out and such which resulted in their draft value lowering.
  3. Very well deserved! #KooKooCachoo
  4. Thank you for your service to all my brothers and sisters in arms! You are what keeps this country great. Let’s see some pictures! This is me, Afghanistan 2019
  5. Hey, gaining yards offensively by punting and intercepting, I’ll take it!
  6. Hold your breath gentlemen we’re about to see the Falcon special where they let teams come back in the 4th
  7. It makes me so angry watching Dirk call a 1 yard up the middle running play on 2ND AND 16 WTH
  8. Yep. CBS wouldn’t let me stream live due to “location issues.” Watching a free stream now since they wanna play games
  9. Refs got mad for excessive celebration because our defense beat their bad calls LMAOOOOO
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