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  1. We needed his kind of energy in the locker room!
  2. Opposed to the dozens of mock threads? Lol
  3. Mods can move the thread then if they want.
  4. Although this is a Jersey topic this doesn’t have to do with anything official, therefore I did not post it in that thread.
  5. THESE ARE NOT PART OF OUR NEW UNIFORM. THIS IS ONLY SOMEONE’S ARTISTIC IDEA This website put together a “blackout uniform” concept for every team. I think these look great overall and honestly the Falcons one looks beautiful. What do you think? (If you’re on your phone and the picture looks long, turn your phone sideways and it will show the picture better)
  6. Signing players like him on a reasonable contract across our roster is how you build a championship team.
  7. I signed in just to tell you this is a bad opinion and you should delete this. Thanks
  8. Thanks man
  9. This woman gets it. We should be celebrating the death of a known Terrorist and condemn Iran’s regime for supporting terrorism.
  10. The Afghan base referred to as Thunder surrounds Lightning. Advising and training happens there for the Afghan army. The Soldiers at Lightning, depending on how the General feels, also fly out to other cities and conduct missions there. Anyone who was only at Lightning and who was not a part of those missions did not see any action during my time there.
  11. A known terrorist causing the deaths of many Americans and threatening to keep attacking us, so we kill him. As it should be. Iran deciding to retaliate has stirred up something that they are going to regret.
  12. You do realize he was responsible for 1000s of American deaths, right?
  13. Someone attacking American troops and you think it’s stupid to want retaliation? Did you also think it was stupid for us to want retaliation when terrorists did 9/11?
  14. Who invited your ignorance? Knowing that war is inevitable within human nature is not fascism.
  15. FOB Lightning serves as an advisory platform. While stationed there, we also flew to numerous cities and conducted missions there where we were attacked on different occasions. FOB Dahlke, it depends on who you’re with. Some did advising missions. Some did presence patrols. However, its nickname is Rocket City. While there last year we broke the single month record anywhere outside of Bagram for most rocket attacks by the Taliban in 10 years. It was happening daily.