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  1. Nah we say this every year. Take the top game breaking talent. This team doesn't have enough playmakers.
  2. I'd wager we have a bottom 3 WR corp so I'd think he'd latch on.
  3. LOL at citing practice squad additions, but hey man sorry for the honest assessment. Send us a post card from Care Bear land where all is well and good.
  4. There's no way this dude showed up and didn't outperform Blake or Sharpe.
  5. they have gotten smoked to start the year and the former admitted he didnt have his team ready for the season. If that doesn't help define clueless I don't know what does.
  6. man what? he is probably the least athletic dude on a piss poor defense yet this staff had him dropping into space last week and gave him the most snaps among defenders. AS and Pees are clueless on his usage.
  7. Gage has done nothing to show he's a solid 2, Zaccheus has essentially been shut out this year and the staff has limited Hurst's snaps so far. This team will need 4 new WRs next year at least.
  8. im not a fan after the owner was caught saying the n word on camera, but read them in college and never understood the degrading women stuff. all their controversies came from women that left the company who were basically holding a grudge.
  9. Team is going to have to add atleast 4 WR in the offseason. May as well try bringing one in now.
  10. Past 3 years started like this. Defense that has been ripped through in the air and is giving the most snaps to career backup Steven Means. This year is through for this team. Great news is a bunch of defensive gems in the draft and hopefully TF can get something at the deadline for Hurst and Patterson.
  11. I don't know how 4 isn't the best option for all sides. Let's say one of the QB needy teams think they are a QB away at the deadline this year from a SB run, what are the implications on the cap to us in dealing Ryan? Although I'm assuming Terry would work something out where all the contract load isn't on the Falcons.
  12. I don't think it's career suicide at all considering they have a boss who will likely see the stadium emptier than it has ever been this year. To Blank and some of us, he sees the team has been awful going on 4 straight years with him so he can only go up. Idk why you think their future is tied to him when nearly every new regime brings in their own guy at QB.
  13. Showing fight doesn't sell tickets. Results does. We may see the new stadium emptier than ever this year, but who can blame them? I'm not paying to see Steven Means run around for exercise.
  14. Go look at the throw Rosen made for the TD in the preseason. Ryan cannot make that throw. And Terry is going to have to figure something out. Can't keep kicking the can down the road.
  15. Started in preseason for me. How a leader can allow Arthur Smith to run out primarily 3rd Stringers and not take that seriously after seeing slow starts the past few years was baffling. Ryan has pull within the organization to tell his coach "Hey man, we should probably be a bit more seriously here to have rhythm into the season." Instead, just seemed like he was OK with whatever happened. Fans still think this is 2016. He's not that guy anymore, but he's still good. Problem is, if you watch any games around the league you will see a ton of throws that Ryan just can't make right now and defenses know it. Really hope this organization doesn't go the way of Brees or Jeter in just letting him stink it up his later years. There will be a team at the deadline who think they are a QB short of a SB run. Question is if Terry will pull the trigger.
  16. He had all the time in the world on that pass to Ridley and stepped into it. The mental gymnastics being done to defend his waning ability is nuts.
  17. He stepped into a throw and it didn't go 40 yards. So bad the announcer thought it was on purpose. His arm strength has declined so much the playbook has condensed. That's a form of regression.
  18. For years many of us noted how he can't hit receivers in stride downfield. Today we saw him step into a ball and couldn't get it 40 yards downfield. If fans can see this, so can defensive coordinators. His lack of ability to stretch the field condenses the playbook, allowing for defensive backs to sit on intermediate routes.
  19. Pay me what Ryan is getting and I'd figure it out. Three straight seasons going on a 4th being eliminated from the postseason by November, but yeah Ryan isn't at fault with anything. Never seen a fan base just accept being losers the way ours does.
  20. Nope nothing is ever his fault even though there was a man open in the middle of the field.
  21. This team won't win a game this year. The defense knows Ryan can't go downfield.
  22. This team has no talent in the secondary and then we're dumb enough to drop Means into coverage.
  23. Everyone in the stadium knew that was coming. Just dumb football.
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