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  1. Better and longer content than anything I can remember the Falcons digital team putting out.
  2. 2nd next year, a 4th in 2023. I think most the fan base is indifferent on that return. I think teams knew we had to pay our rooks soon and our leverage was just gone.
  3. Also, what's going on with Russini? A week ago she said we had a first on the table and now she breaks this? Remember she's the reporter that said Jax was firing Marrone when they didn't end up doing so.
  4. I'm not mad at a 2nd but man I really thought TF would have been able to at least get a player out of it. Seems like Julio got exactly what he wanted.
  5. I mean don't get sensitive about it, I literally replied to you before you said that saying "true, he's probably promoting his twitch." I just don't understand how that would warrant your reply about 4 pages later.
  6. Seems like you were trying to be funny with the "4 pages later" comment even though I was the first one to bring Benkert's tweet up.
  7. what are you tagging me for in this when I just replied to you saying dude is probably promoting his page.
  8. Very true. That clown could also be trying to promote his twitch channel.
  9. We are doing mental gymnastics to rationalize Julio wanting out. He doesn't want to be here.
  10. Go check out what Benkert just tweeted. Wow. Julio isn't the good student we thought he was.
  11. One thing you're missing is how monumentally inept our previous staff was.
  12. I can call myself out when I'm wrong, but he will be traded by early next week. Book it.
  13. Tampa won because they had the GOAT who will bring his boys with him wherever he goes that will account for the little things in the playoffs. Gronk, AB etc.
  14. How do we put a warning on people who just downvote because they get riled up and sensitive over posters putting the team over a player? Spamming thread after thread with it.
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