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  1. Same reason we wilted up and gave that contract to Freeman the week of the SB. DQ and TD are terrified of making a tough decision and putting their foot down. Vic should have been traded the minute he didn't show up to OTAs. Instead, DQ cowered on the issue and typical Atlanta media never really pressed further.
  2. Didn't they make it into the facility with everyone else? Or were they tested before getting in?
  3. I've never mentioned that game where he was torched. You're the one bringing that up. You are very clearly emotionally invested in Terrell as you essentially made a post claiming you know I didn't go to bed last night and to stay up and argue with you. I'm allowed my opinion on the player. That's it. Inhale. Exhale.
  4. And you said we had a beat up/injured cornerback group when the only guy who missed significant time in the past three years was Trufant, had no idea who K. Murray was or were ignorant to his PROs, etc. I could list out where you went wrong and we could go in circles. You're enamored with Terrell. I'm not. I hope he proves me wrong.
  5. So why are we continuing to yank Wreh-Wilson's chain? He has looked serviceable in the chances he's been given and yet we continue to give others looks over him (Oliver when he was terrible last 1st half) when we could have went elsewhere to help the D. The thing about Blidi is that he provides nothing on ST, so if you're carrying him on the active, you should find a way to use him.
  6. Yeah man, it's clear the guy is your relative or something, you sound emotionally invested. Tackles like a corner? Lol, there are many in this draft who graded better in that department, but yeah this is going in circles. I never complained about Trufant over Rhodes and thought Alford was a tremendous athlete who made plays on the ball, only knocking his age at the time.
  7. Man this is getting laughable. Miller is a scrub who probably won't be on the roster in 2021. Just watch his preseason tape. Oliver didn't miss games as a rookie, he just didn't start. Oh boy Alford missed one game in 2018? Man that unit is really riddled with injuries. There has always been questions about Terrell's tackling. Quinn has always talked about wanting to be physical and Terrell is more finesse. I don't mind that he isn't a ballhawk, but teaching a guy to be physical very rarely translates to the NFL. If he WAS a ballhawk, the fact that he lacked being physical you could ignore because he would have the ability to cause turnover.
  8. I don't think the pick was questionable based off one game, I'm talking about his skill set. When I brought up K9, I brought up his skill set. Is Terrell your cousin? Fans find always find a way to be content with a pick after the draft. Take off the rose colored glasses. What corner has missed significant time for us outside of Trufant? You're just saying and assuming random **** man.
  9. Murray was known as K9 at OU and in the draft community. Again, Chaisson doesn't wear the number 9 so I'm not sure how that came out of your equation. Again, I brought up the pick, not the depth.
  10. I know Vel and know he's usually a good poster so I don't want to be too hard on him here, but he came running in on something he wasn't informed on and then tried to twist my comment into claiming I said the depth was bad when I said the Terell pick was questionable. I'm not the first person to say this.
  11. You had no idea who Murray was so I know you have no clue on his scouting. Chaisson didn't even wear the number 9.
  12. Sure tackler with insane closing speed and instincts. Sure does remind me of someone.
  13. You should probably do a bit of research to know who K9 is before responding. It ain't Chaisson. Reread my post. I didn't complain about the depth. I complained about who our first pick was. Reading is fundamental, frankly. Not mincing my words.
  14. Those guys stunk. Our DBs got better in the second half and now we drafted a guy who may not even get that much PT. K9 would have been an immediate upgrade at LB for us. A clone of Deion.
  15. Makes the Terrell pick that more questionable if you feel the need to continue to fortify the position.
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