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  1. Dude just seems like a goof. Deion Jones is a goof as well, but he more than makes up for it with his game. This guy has no idea what's coming once the first of the season comes and in that sense I feel bad for him.
  2. This. Ridley was yanked after one series and Hall (who I think should be fighting for a roster spot) saw limited action on the field outside of returner. It'll speak volumes when Quinn has this guy playing into the third quarter next game.
  3. A guy who was brought in a couple of weeks ago is playing with more desire than a draft pick. Can't be taught.
  4. Scary thing is that nothing on Duke's college tape suggested he'd lack being physical or had issues in his fundamentals. I thought the tape on Jalen Collins was UGLY and hated the pick from the jump, specifically against Amari Cooper. The flaws just jumped out the screen at you. This doesn't quite hold true with Riley. His college tape suggests he has the speed and can can at least recognize a play to be a decent NFL player. Somewhere across the way there's been a disconnect. From the staff gifting him the job to him loosening up because his college buddy is a star on the team, something just hasn't been adding up. Jones had to take his spot from Worrilow. Takk from Clayborn. Duke had nobody to compete with and you can see that in his game. It is very alarming that I can name a time each of the starters made some play (tfl, sack, interception,) off the top of my head and can't for Duke outside of a fumble recovery in the preseason last year. I think it's mental. I hope he finds his way, but this is not the year for the Falcons to sit on their hands and hope it comes together for this guy. The worse he looks earlier on the better, so the decision can be crystal clear by the end of preseason.
  5. Simply watch his tape. The same way Poole was exposed last year for lack of speed and height, Duke will be exposed for lack of physicality and awareness. The only thing I've seen him be able to do is chase a back or TE in coverage and all a competent QB has to do after watching last night's film is throw the ball at his man since he very likely won't turn his head around. I'm not sure his head is all in it and I saw some very ugly tweets directed at his account last night. I'm not so sure he has the mental toughness to get past the criticism.
  6. And they were all UDFA rookies or journeymen.
  7. We are in trouble if he's starting until the bye week. There is no way he's the starter come week 1. PHI will absolutely exploit him the same way they did Poole last year. Our weak links on defense are extremely obvious. His numbers last year were extremely alarming in the low amount of solo tackles he had before he got injured.
  8. I knew we were in trouble when that Yates dude reported how many rookies we had compared to everyone else. Our starters our quality. Our depth at WR and CB are quality. Everything beyond that is suspect.
  9. LOL. You know we've had classic back and forths bro, but you really do sound like the guy making excuses for the cheating girlfriend. He's bad dude, but I respect your opinion.
  10. You're doing mental gymnastics justifying his play. Whiffing on tackles and not being able to shed blocks are the same traits he had last year. He won't be starting this year and I'm happy he showed that in the first preseason game so Quinn can make the decision quicker. Completely baffling they never brought in more competition to challenge his position for two years in a row.
  11. Come on man. He had no impact on that 3 and out. No matter what position, he's slow to diagnose plays, misses tackles and can almost never shed a block if an Olineman touches him. Dude just isn't physical at all. I saw shades of Decoud in him out there in some plays when he looked either completely lost or like he was actively avoiding contact. Good news is that if the entire fanbase can see it, so can Q. We'll need someone to take his position because it truly is like playing 10 vs 11 when he's on the field.
  12. Crawford wasn't that bad. Made some nice catches. It was #41 that stunk.
  13. Yeah, I saw Hall just run into piles out there. Falcons are going to have to make some decisions at WR and I think those battling for 5 and 6 should be out there competing for returner. Same with Crawford as 3RB.
  14. Look at the positives: Kazee ill make an impact as our nickle this year and Riley was so bad the CS will have no choice but to make a change there.