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  1. Bro I like everyone here that has tenure for the most part, but when people start clogging up threads, we have to hold them accountable for when they were clearly in the wrong.
  2. Drop names bro. He wanted Greg Little over Julio. Greg Little.
  3. He, Debo, and Foye would be nasty together and would allow for Devondre to walk next year. It is seriously uncanny comparing Joseph's tape to Debo's.
  4. I am VERY intrigued with Vosean Joseph. Dude looks exactly how Debo looked at LSU to me. I would take him in the 3rd, do you think he lasts that long?
  5. Before NE tied it on that drive when we had them backed up on their own goalline, Poole fell down on what would have been an easy pick 6 where Grady applied pressure. That gets overlooked way too often.
  6. That was the exact case last year. Both of our safeties went down and Alford and Poole were exposed.
  7. Was awful in 2017 and glad the FO wasn't fooled by his performance against scrub teams last year. Lack of speed and ball skills did him in. Great UDFA find in 2016.
  8. Sure, but I'm not one of them. One dude somehow connected what I said to defending rape. Try holding women accountable for their actions in 2019 and some Fedora signal lights up the sky or something.
  9. He gets quiet when facts are presented.
  10. You got defending of rape out of that? Good grief.
  11. You think I'm a MAGA dude when I'm the exact opposite. Frail white chick hangs out with ballers and gets upset when they kick her out for being underage so resorts to insults. Those are the facts. But hey, I'm "victim blaming" for pointing that out. Some weenies on this board.
  12. The video shows she swung on dude and ESPN corroborated his side that she said a slur. As a black man, if anyone called me that it would be very tough to stay composed. I work in a freaking news room and every guy I've spoken to said they don't know how they would react because they aren't black and can't understand that insult. This is in white collar America people saying this.
  13. I never said there was anything wrong with a woman head coach, but to see to it that one is one just because doesn't make sense in the ESPN interview I saw. 2. We can't preach equality for all and then say "I'm one of those guys" because Hunt defended himself BEFORE he went overboard with that extra kick.
  14. ESPN corroborated the report of Hunt's side. That's why there wasn't a crazy amount of backlash on the signing. Only thing Hunt really did wrong was the extra kick on the ground. She swung on dude and used racial slurs. Should not get a pass for that.
  15. Glad he declined. Did not want to see the NFL get "woke" and NFL's ratings were up 15 percent this year anyway. This dude is the same guy who said in an interview he was going to see to it that a woman is a head coach just because.