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  1. Drastic times call for drastic measures. Keep anyone them there and then send out those who aren't experiencing symptoms or deemed good to go by the health officials. I never said it was plausible, but it would have certainly put a huge dent into the numbers we're seeing now where large U.S. cities have become epicenters.
  2. For someone who touts himself as proactive I have no idea why Trump didn't start to just divert all international flights to the Washington treatment facility once we saw how it was spreading to other countries. Once all international flights began touching all over the spread was immediate.
  3. The other thing about this is that while I do believe there will be football this year, the NFL will need to be extremely safe and I think they'll cancel their international games, giving us our home game back.
  4. There's zero way this lasts a year. You are looking at absolute worst case scenario instead of getting in the other side of the curve.
  5. Haha. I feel like the deep web is used for conspiracies/place where people don't want the government to track their activity, while the dark web is straight up used for illegal happenings.
  6. There have been more positives about hydrochlorique than negatives. IMO, you're on the right path though. It seems that we're having a bigger emphasis on social distancing, which is simply playing wait and see rather than honing in on hydrochlorique trials.
  7. These things are tricky because you don't want to come across as insensitive, but the NFL didn't even flinch about their draft and simply removed the events from Vegas. The NFL makes so much from advertisers, if were not yet past the curve come August, I'm sure they'd try to figure out a way for the games to be played with either a smaller crowd or no crowd.
  8. NFL makes way too much money to halt their season after the curve. My guess is that we'll hear more about this hydrochlorique overseas before trials here. Hopefully within two weeks. I think the country gets back to work by mid July, which would push back camps and probably delay the season by a couple weeks.
  9. I was really rooting for AB, but dude just can't get out of his own way. Everything is about him and not the team. The greatest player of all time can't even get him a job. Dude should be worried about his future.
  10. Are you on twitter? I always follow guys as we near the draft so I can watch tape on prospects I haven't heard much about.
  11. Didn't limit Kendall Fuller's market. Poole got smoked in that playoff game against the Eagles and had been all year long.
  12. We are not one piece away. Keep the picks so we don't have four selections in the draft. The time to pick from 10 to 14 would have been to drop that game against the Bucs. Still can't believe their kicker missed 3 kicks.
  13. Fulton and Diggs are better if we are intent on going corner early.
  14. Please stop mentioning Henderson. This team has tried to shake the soft label for years and drafting a guy in the first round who hates contact would not be doing any favors.
  15. Could you name those big hits he made on ST? Genuinely curious.