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  1. You think Rodgers, Brees or Brady is doinking Duke in the back of the head instead of throwing a pass where his receiver can high point the ball?
  2. Duke was in position, but still has no idea where he is on a field in football awareness. An accurate pass and the receiver catches the ball because Duke never turns around to break up a pass.
  3. We still have a very ugly hole at SS. If we want to do anything down the stretch, the Falcons will have to bring someone in.
  4. He just showed he has no idea how to grasp in game management That coupled with some reports I'm privvy to out in San Fran and I don't think he'll make it past next year.
  5. He won't be the coach there by the end of next year.
  6. The Falcons have to bring in a safety. Have to.
  7. There's nobody we have on defense. These guys just stink.
  8. Richards can't tackle anyone.
  9. Let me guess, first play will be a sweep.
  10. Offense falling apart. Why is Hall not on the field instead of Hardy?
  11. Will be our starting nickle next year and I'm excited to see what he can do instead of the scrub Poole.
  12. Gotta applaud Q for not waiting until the bye to make the switch.
  13. Not able to watch, so has Duke been benched for Foye?
  14. Really hope he's brought back for next year. Either decide if Saubert should be TE #3 or draft a guy, but Paulsen has been huge.