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  1. Hahahahaha man you are deranged comparing war and life or death situations to a group of losers like the Falcons. You're way too old to be this emotional talking about shooting from a keyboard. Trust me.
  2. We aren't beating those teams man. Their coaches lap circles around us except for maybe TB. Tank train is rolling strong.
  3. Our old buddy Barner who loves the Saints might be out of a job after tonight. Questionable decisions in the second half.
  4. I wouldn't trust Gay with anything beyond 40 yards. All of his kicks are sailing to the right.
  5. I remember the play now. Walker on the goalline with one hand. I'm talking about dlineman tipping a pass on the line. That's coaching.
  6. The Bucs are in big trouble come playoff time. Brady has a ton of issues on his deep ball.
  7. Nor do we have safeties that could make a play like that.
  8. Watching this game is just an awful reminder of how outmatched we are in talent and coaching. When is the last time we had a defensive lineman tip a pass?
  9. Please no to a woman. If she fails, our sofite owner would never even think about firing her due to the bad press he thinks he may receive.
  10. A lot of teams are getting more production out of their draft than just two picks. TD and DQ really messed up. Even the punter we selected is in the bottom of the league stat wise.
  11. Meaningless wins two years ago cost us Ed Oliver.
  12. Reality check: This team is a loser. Has been the past 3 years. Momentum wins against the likes of Minshew and Kyle Allen didn't change that fact.
  13. Yes because those momentum wins you've been rooting for at the end of the past two seasons have really helped us and the direction of the franchise.
  14. All about the bigger picture. Not sure why some think their Falcons fandom expires when the season is over.
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