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  1. How many young QBs have admitted to that? We've seen Wilson, Watson, Jones etc all behind suspect lines and never said they were scared. A top 100 pick for him would be malpractice.
  2. How desperate of a team do we have to be to trade for a guy who admitted to seeing ghosts when the lights were bright. I'd launch a campaign to fire Fontenot if we traded a top 100 pick for Mr. Mono.
  3. I'm 100 percent convinced you are related to Ryan or you have an intense emotional attachment that you should seek help on. The overwhelming consensus in 2008 was Dorsey was the better prospect than Ryan. There was also reports that had Vick not lied to Blank's face, Blank was open to reconciliation. You should seriously get a part time job with your local police department's K9 unit because the way you sniff out any post that dares to critique Ryan is amazing. But what else would we expect from a poster that created a profile and username as a "gotcha" to another poster.
  4. They don't want to hear this, man. How soon we forget TD made the same statement in drafting Ryan over Dorsey.
  5. There's been a bit of a war on this board that will only ramp up leading to the draft in the two sides of spending a 1st to build around Ryan and the camp of exploring drafting a QB to sit behind Ryan next year to be set for the future. I am firmly in the latter. I have given Ryan a lot of trash for his shortcomings last year and the team being losers the past three. That being said, it is disgraceful that he's even mentioned in the same sentence as that loser Wentz, who pouted his way out of town when he was benched for stinking up the joint. Ryan would NEVER be unprofessional like that
  6. Good. Seems the Falcons will draft a QB at some point this year. Ryan has had a solid career, but I thought it was absolutely bizarre that he has never been challenged for his position in 13 years. Brady and Rodgers can't even say that.
  7. Rico was a good guy and I say this respectfully, but I'm not sure he had the type of impact in the locker room you think. All types of riff raff was going on in there and it translated to the field with losses. We need REAL leaders in that locker room.
  8. 10.7M. Had to be done for that savings.
  9. Allen was solid, but his limitations became clear as the years went on. Solid tackling, decent coverage. Just not the explosiveness you'd like from the position.
  10. Falcons twitter eating it up. I wonder if there's any other fanbase that's in love with former players the way ours is. Him, Sanu, Poole etc. Taylor last played with us 4 years ago. That's a LONG time in NFL years, especially after taking a season off after being sidelined with concussion issues. Personally, I want the team to just move on and find talent. He and Sanu filled up their IG pages with their drop tops in Miami after that SB loss. Just flaunting like they won something. I don't want that associated with the team anymore. If I suffered an embarrassing loss like that I'd be on a
  11. BB ain't middle of the pack. One of the best adjustments after halftime and creates gameplans that will eliminate #1 offensive weapons. Brady was missing throws in our SB. It was those adjustments on defense in that second half and our terrible coaching that got them that ring. I can also make a argument about how Brady was average against the Rams as well.
  12. Oh boy. Ryan's bf has arrived to critique any poster's opinion that would remove the possibility of a QB in the first.
  13. I don't understand Falcon fans love affair with Sewell. You're making the line worse by having someone else play out of position and Gono has shown he has developed. Dude is good, but how many 1st round picks do we need to invest in the line? Just coach up a player at LG.
  14. Will Falcon fans ever assess Ryan for what he is now and not what he was in 2016? He ain't Brady. Not even close. Ryan Clark said it best. Brady is a winning organization. He has surpassed being a winning player. That ain't Ryan. Brady's drive to win is unlike anything the sport has seen. Dude refuses to be a loser or surround himself with losers. Had honeybadger talked crap to Ryan, Matt would have patted him on the butt and told him thank you.
  15. and Ballard would hang up the phone so hard you'd lose hearing. If he offers the first half of your deal with one of the RBs and none of that 2022 stuff you say yes.
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