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  1. Hahaha Schiano I'll pass brah. I mean I hope he's right but just lmfao at that dude.
  2. I've always been a firm believer that Bill is the real goat at his position. Tom is a great QB and I've got mad respect for him but imagine Ryan in his position. He would AT LEAST done just as well if not better. TL;DR: Sucs are overrated and will underpreform. It will be up to the Aints or us to take advantage.
  3. One wiffeed FG and one fumble away from 16-0
  4. It's a refrence by name to Bountygate. Since I don't think Bounty is being sold in the US I added a picture of said product.
  5. Euro-centric joke but I think the Bounty Dome would just be perfect. For refrence; this is a bounty bar:
  6. The team didn't have many holes but it also didn't have much in the way of depth. Akeem Dent, Peter Konz and Dominique Franks qualify as weak spots though. When Abe went down in a meaningless game against the Bucs the passrush vanished. Also Grimes getting IR'd after the first game of the season really didn't help. With Abe and Grimes I'm sure we'd have won the SB that year..
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