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  1. Wouldn't mind a high % guaranteed money of it keeps the cap hits low. Freeman has been pretty durable so far and he doesn't seem like a quitter. Altough him wanting elite RB money probably means he won't agree with such a deal..
  2. This is cute and all but I think its time for the dude to stop focussing on the outside world and start working on the craft that could be paying his bills for the rest of his life.
  3. Duke Riley alone is going to make this an A+ draft class when all said is done.
  4. Panthers: Cam doesn't use his new toys properly. Cam wants to throw 40 yard game winning bombs while scrambling in the backfield for 30 minutes, he doesn't want to win tossing checkdowns. McCaffrey gets injured when trying to catch an inaccurate pass from Cam over the middle. Cam himself ends up on IR by week 9 cause teams have figured out that hitting him early and often is the best way to neutralize him. Panthers defence does okay but is no where near as scary as it used to be. Bucs: Have a good season but conservative play will end up costing them a few wins. Will end up making the playoffs but going 1 and done. Aints: Dumpster fire that will get some wins thanks to Brees. Will end up in purgatory and because of the injuries Loomis and co will get another year. Lattimore will be seen as the biggest bust of the first round of this years draft. Feel free to call me a homer but I don't see the Panthers being able to use their new toys of offense properly. Its going to be Tavon Austin all over again (Interesting weapon in theory but just not THAT effective in practice). The Bucs are probably the second best team in the NFC South but I don't think they have the real killer instinct yet. The Aints are just stuck in neutral at best; If Brees balls out they might have a 10 win season, if he's mediocre a 8 to 7 win and god help them if Brees is having a poor season.
  5. A BBQ with Ryan, Gonzalez, McClure and White sounds like a good time. For clubbing I bet D-Block would be my choice.
  6. I feel bad for McCaffrey. The one team with a franchise QB that suits his style and capabilities the poorest is the team that drafts him.
  7. I'm still glad Keith Armstrong stayed as ST coach. He's always fielded some of the better ST units in the league so I'm absolutely not worried about that part of the game.
  8. I really dislike how all this Ron Mexico stuff in the media is taking attention away from a player who absolutely does deserve it, Roddy White.
  9. School thing makes sense. Limited because of his injury? This isn't a team organized activity so he should be allowed to go.
  10. Wonder why he doesn't try to bring Takk along.
  11. Wins are a team stat imo. I mean Flacco and Dalton over Ryan? Sanchez over Shaub?
  12. Freeman and Coleman are lot but they aren't really thumpers. Trying to thump up the middle with them would be a waste of their other attributes like vision and speed. I'd rather keep the D spread out so they can both gash it then try thumping it ala Micheal Turner. That said if we need some thumping then Hill seems well suited for it.
  13. First time good since you became a fan maybe. It's been a few scarce years but the Falcons were good in 2012 and 2010. Just not good enough. Comparing Freeman to Matty Ryan when it comes to contracts is pointless. Matty Ice is a top flight QB and is being paid as such, the 100 mil deal is actually looking like quite a bargain after last season and even before that compared to Flacco's contract that's holding the Ravens back. Does Freeman deserve a good contract? Absolutely. Does he deserve anything close to AP's last contract; no. I'm a bit biased though; while I like Free a lot I'm still annoyed how he (or his management) started whining about his contract in the week leading up to the SB and how he then ends up missing a key block which ended up being a mayor turning point.
  14. What? No really? Since Quinn got here TD/Pioli/the janitor/whomever you want to give credit for the drafts/etc has been on fire. Even if just looking at he first round TD has been good all along. (Remember first round stil has around a 50% bust chance) Matty Ice - Homerun. Sam "thesackmaker" Baker - sucked (Altough part of it might have been due to injury) Perria Jerry - Injury bust imo. Guy looked explosive on college tape; after the injury he was just a JAG. Still better then some first round picks Sean Weatherspoon - See above. Except he did have one elite season. Julio Jones - Homerun. Desmond Trufant - Homerun. Jake Matthews - B+. Solid if not spectacular. Vic Beasley - Homerun. Keanu Neal - Homerun. Takk - ??? 2 busts out of 9. That is well above the NFL average.
  15. This. I don't care if this is reposted every day. Can't get tired of it.