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  1. I agree. Once the offense really gets rolling it will help out the defense big time. Run defense is important but it will get less exposed once the opposing offense is forced to start throwing it in order to keep up with our offense. Once it's obvious they are just going to chuck the rock then it should also help the passrush since they can just key in on rushing the passer.
  2. Matt has played well against the Packers and the Dolphins, he was meh against the 3 other teams. I'd say a fair share of this is on the Oline, the playcalling and his recievers batting balls in defenders hands. It just seems to be typical Matt during an uneven calendar year. I'm expecting him to get better as the year goes on. You're not purpeling right. Unless your weak is sarcastic.
  3. Watching other teams I still believe our O has been adequate atleast. I agree that our D has been a lot more stable then the O, which is strange since the O should be the more veteran of the two. I've been watching quite a few games the last few weeks and If you compare the games then the Falcons are putting enough effort/talent into games to win it. Yet this just isn't happening. I guess once could say that the talent is there and the effort might be there but the luck just isn't there at all. I'm a big fan of a saying by Johan Cruyff (famous Dutch soccer player) who said that luck is something you enforce.
  4. Like I said. I feel the fire in this team. Once it is unleashed the rest of the league better take notice or get burned. It's just that the bar is a lot of higher for this team then it is for any other team right now. This could be the fire that forges an SB winning team, or it could make us fall slightly short. I still feel this team is closer to a SB win then any team I've (in my limited time as an NFL fan) watched.
  5. Fellow Falcon fans, I'm not a person that makes a lot of threads, I'm no x's and o's wizard like Paytonmanningsforehead nor am I an avid Madden player like GET-ME-A-CB-TD, however for once I think my mind has stumbled upon an insight I think that is worth sharing with you all. I hate to do it but lets go back to the SB. This team lost something more then just the SB that game. Nothing will ever replace the sting off that loss but right now the second thing we lost actually might have a bigger impact on this team then the first. Because I believe Matt Ryan when he tells us he's over it. I believe Dan Quinn when he wants to embrace the suck. I don't believe this team is hung over. I don't believe this team is tired after the short off-season. I believe there is still a fire in this team ready to be ignited to go on a tear like no other. What we lost that is making the difference isn't Kyle Shannahan, it isn't Patrick DiMarco, it's something a lot less tangible but maybe more important then either of the two people mentioned. This team, right now, lost it's ability to rob other teams of hope. Your team is down 17 too 0 at the half against the Chiefs, Eagles, Patriots, Seahawks or any other contender. Is your team coming back? Most fans and players would believe not. Now imagine the locker room of a team that is down that much against the Falcons. What is a coach going to say? What else then mention the SB and how a comeback against the Falcons is always possible. In the end both players and coaches are still human. On a theoretical level we all know that if a team can score 50 points on you in the first half, it should be possible to score 50 on them the second half. However, in most situations doubt sets in at the first sign of adversity but against the Falcons you know you can come back because you're seen it happen. Not just in an off-season game, not in a regular season game, not even in a playoff game but in the biggest game of all. It's not just a theoretical chance, players will believe it is a real one. A part of me wants to Falcons to run the ball every down for the entire first half against the Patriots next week no matter the score and then put the pedal to the metal in the second half instead of the first. I know Matt would struggle with that since even stemming from the Smitty days scoring on the first drive was always seen as important, but right now I really don't care. I just want to see the team blow the h*ll out of another team and right now I think it would be for the best of the team if this would happen in the second half instead of the first.
  6. Back in 2014 or so, absolutely. Right now I'd take Hardy and Williams over Vjax and Royal. Sometimes there is a reason players are FA even with teams having dire WR situations. Bring in Vjax would be akin to the time we brought in Sjax. Dude was physically done. I'd rather give playing time to younger players that are still developing and are just as good right now, if not better.
  7. Eddie Royal wasn't even good back in his prime and while Vjax WAS good his body is done. Do you know who had 1000+ yards in 2013? Harry Douglas. Hardy and Williams will be fine as stop gaps. The issue right now is the Oline not inspiring any confidence in Matt. His recievers are fine.
  8. Looked it up. He missed two games in 2009. So he did loose some. Still 2 games in 9 years is pretty darn impressive.
  9. I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure Matt missed some time in 2009. Or am I going completely insane?
  10. Agreed. Sambrailo might be nice to have as a piece in a goalline Jumbo package though. However with all the pieces we have I don't really see much reason to use a Jumbo package. Would be more efficient to spread out the D with all that talent we have on O.
  11. Wish the guy had done his homework a little better on Matty Ice regarding 4th quarter comebacks. Props to Stafford for his crazy run of comebacks last year but they pale in comparison to the amount of heart attack inducing 4th quarter comebacks Matt Ryan has had during his career.
  12. There is no way on earth this Aints team is doing any damage in the playoffs so a win against the panthers would mean two things; Worse draft position and a bigger chance that they keep stuck in this status quo. The latter part might take some explaining. Right now the Aints are stuck in neutral. Their last winning season was back in 2013 and since then they have been 7-9 3 years in a row. They have a QB who doesn't really care about winning and just wants money and the opportunity to rack up stats in garbage time to compensate for the fact that he's a small manlet. You have a coach in Sean Payton who is probably high on vicodin all day because it seems every season they try to the same things and every season it falls apart. Then you have the grand cap wizard in Mickey Loomis who, while great at creating cap space out of nothing, also has his team stuck in cap **** by signing washed up, overrated vets. Then you have an owner in Benson who's is getting older and wants to win now badly enough to keep trusting the three aforementioned clowns. Don't know about you guys but I'll be cheering for the Aints to go 7-9 or 8-8 again just to see this dumpster fire continue.
  13. Yeah that was the moment. I wonder what was going on. You can see him callout a call, then look at the field and get frustrated. Was that Matt giving him a signal that he was going to audible out of it? Was it something from upstairs? Pretty weird.
  14. Talking about Sark on the sideline. Anyone else noticed him being seemingly annoyed or disagreeing with something around 13 - 12 minutes left in the second quarter?
  15. And then Clayborne was like ''Hold my beer''