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  1. >My sexy as **** little brother But Mingo, I thought they locked you up?
  2. He's a horrid journalist on literally every level. His energy is bad, he doesn't have any insight or asks good questions and his hot takes are garbage. Pretty much the only box he ticks for being able to be a journalist is that he has a pulse. Tbh I'm still BAFFLED this guy has a job.
  3. A poster whose posts I generally enjoy. Happy birthday!
  4. I miss Snelling more tbh. Dude was just got whatever was asked of him done on the field.
  5. Imo Jones is what McCarron is right now. Sure he might have a higher ceiling but also questions if he will reach that ceiling.
  6. Not sold on Lance, not sold on Fields. Trade down and get a bounty or grab Sewell and build an elite Oline.
  7. Yeah I did a double take on that as well. I think what they mean is that there is a 100 %chance Lawrence will be available at the #1 pick. Just like any other player would be, so this is a redundant statement. Then apparently in 1.5% of the cases/mocks/maths the Jaguars would have picked Wilson even with Lawrence available to them. So 98.5% chance Wilson will be available for the Jets. Since in 0% of the cases/mocks/maths/w.e. Fields was picked by either the Jags or the Jets there is a 100% chance he's available at 3. It just feels like they numbers on something to appear scientific while its completely made up bogus to me.
  8. Yeah, Alohacongoline was balling that game. Shame the Vikes weren't that great of a team either last year, but it did give a spark of hope. I'm expecting a 7-10/8-9/9-8 type year this year and then some major improvements come 2022.
  9. I almost fell into the "I want Pitts crowd" but then I started being rational. -First round TE's rarely work out. For instance Ebron was seen as a surefire thing, look at how that ended. -He's almost more of a WR then a TE. Considering we are stacked at WR I don't see the need for a WRlike TE. It seems every year we diagnose the issue as being the trenches, and then due draft time the board wants a QB/TE/OLB/CB/RB or tweener DE. So give me Sewell at 4 if a tradedown isn't possible.
  10. That one ffing catch in the SB would be enough to enshrine him. Apart from stats and durability I think being an absolute clutch god should count for something. Tbh I would rather have lost that SB because of one incredible catch from a HoF receiver from a pass from the GOAT QB then it being some freak play from Joe Blow. Your mileage may very.
  11. I mean, I'd draft Sexy Rexy with the 4th pick. Jus to see the "Matt Ryan has a noodle arm" choke themselves when the Sexy Cannon has a 1:3 TD/INT ratio while launching 90 yard deep bombs every game but that somehow resulting in a 2-14 (or should it be 15 now?) season
  12. TD has been a good/great GM. Looking at the cronyism in the NFL I get his remark. But tbh, if you're a top 5 team in the NFL I'd fleece my own grandmother for a shot at the SB. And maybe that is a bit of killer instinct TD lacked.
  13. 100% Generational Passrusher on a rookie contract for a shot at a Franchise QB while you have a Franchise QB on your roster? Easy choice.
  14. Hageman => Could have been a beast, instead he was just a big manchild. Periah Jerry => Would have been a beast, instead got his career killed by a freak injury. Duke Riley => I really thought the kid could ball, happy I hit on Gage in that regard but this was a big whiff. Non Falcon Jarvis Jones => Really thought he'd be good. Last time I liked a non-athletic edgerusher.
  15. Freeney deserves a mention for the 2016 team. Sure he was on a snapcount but he made the most out of it every game.
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