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  1. The team didn't have many holes but it also didn't have much in the way of depth. Akeem Dent, Peter Konz and Dominique Franks qualify as weak spots though. When Abe went down in a meaningless game against the Bucs the passrush vanished. Also Grimes getting IR'd after the first game of the season really didn't help. With Abe and Grimes I'm sure we'd have won the SB that year..
  2. Curtis Lofton a bit. While a good run blocker he was an absolute liability in coverage (as the Aints found out with Tony G dunking on him). No way we should have paid him 3 down LB money so meh. Rafeal Bush comes to mind as a player I would have liked to have back at one point. There was also this special teamer we stole from them who went back to NO I think? Overall not butthurt about any of the players they "stole" from us.
  3. The fact Adam Rank makes money writing this drivel just makes me sad to be honest. Comparing people, events and things to foodchains? If you ever get upset about a foreigner calling Americans dumb. Blame Rank..
  4. You're welcome. I hope you guys don't mind I don't mingle further into this discussion. As a foreigner it really wouldn't behoove me to critize things so far away from my direct surroundings. I just posted the video because I thought it was really interesting and remarkable, not as an attack on any state or country. But I'm happy some of you guys also thought it was interesting.
  5. What? Isn't Mike Mularkey the TE coach? I mean sure blocking TE's will help on short yardage situations but to put it all on his shoulders seems an odd thing to say. I also believe Micheal Turner had a heck of a lot more to do with the success in short yardage situations dure MM's time as OC then MM himself. Once Turner's wheels fell of we started to have issues in short yardage situations.
  6. This showed up in my youtube feed one day (I guess after watching some Falcons vs Aints highlights). Pretty crazy stuff.
  7. Would love to see more no Huddle. The Texas package we used to have used to be so, so good back in the day. And like someone said, no huddle doesn't have to be up tempo. Is the defence is on the field with bad personel? Go no huddle and lock them in.
  8. I have a feeling this guy would take a second chance and run with it.
  9. Disagreed 100% on Burns. He's going to be too light to hang in the NFL. Heard Mayock say he played at like 228 in college, shows up at the combine at 249 to impress the scouting community and then shows up at his pro day reportedly around 242 for his pro day. I think its an assumption to think he'll have the weight stick once he gets into the NFL. Could he be a nice piece on third and long? Sure. Will teams with a power running game run at him on any other down. Probably. Does that warrant a first round pick? I'm not so sure if you look at the other talent on the board. Plus with how bad our run D has been against powerrunning teams (and guess which way NE is trending) it isn't a guarantee we'd even get there before the other team converts or scores.
  10. Upboats just promotes groupthink. While TAFT can be pretty bad there is enough quality here, both in people that follow the flow and go against it that its worth it to filther through the garbage, and I know how bad the garbage can be since when I started posting here we where in the haydays of Swift (and god knows how many other nicks he used). If you want to hang around with incells that's your prerogative, but claiming plebbit is any better then TAFT just shows you're delusional.
  11. I'd rather gauge out my eyes with the cleats of Brees then spend one minute on reddit.