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  1. Hopefully we dominate again today. Throwbacks still looking cleaner than our main unis i see...
  2. I bet whoever was talking is likely someone you'd never even think about like Bosher. lol
  3. both of them have been hiding behind slogans and buzzwords to hype up their mediocrity. kick rocks.
  4. The arm is on the decline. thats why he warms up with the weighted balls. the next coach will have to cater playbook to whatever strength is left.
  5. #2 looks like father time has come for him. can't do it at a high level anymore
  6. very winnable division game. just play hard and smart for all 4 quarters.
  7. I think pride gets in the way with guys this successful. AB has made billions, and to blow the front office up would mean he picked the wrong dudes all the way up the food chain. I imagine that's a hard pill to swallow for the ol' ego. So you hold on too long hoping you were right and also so you dont feel like a fool in front of your other billionaire buddies I guess.
  8. before all these injuries, I would have said 4-1 or 3-2 at worst on this stretch. Now the only games I feel good about are the Lions and Broncos
  9. I guess we will really see what they have in the post Rodgers era. It's a little too easy for him to look like a genius right now.
  10. Maybe they'd look better with red numbers and red helmets...
  11. My PSL was 2k per seat and I have two seats on the 50 (3rd level). I typically sell two games a year and at the very least make $4-500 bucks in the process. So if I continue to do that, every year my PSL is basically free; and like someone said earlier, the rest of the price you pay is purely for entertainment. You cant expect to make it out to be an investment, that's silly.
  12. Once we sure up the RG situation, I see us being just as unstoppable. Julio with two good feet is going to run off just as much coverage as last year for others to find holes in the D. From the play calling standpoint I expect hiccups in year one just like with anything that's new. Takes a little time to get in that good rhythm. But I don't see a huge drop off unless someone is severely injured. I'm sure they realize that everyone besides the Pats is gonna talk in the locker room about knocking off last year's NFC champs as motivation...so they will need to up their mojo every week.
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