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  1. That would certainly explain why he was hobbling in the 4th quarter.
  2. I'm positive this team sucks. Massaquoi is like the tallest midget.
  3. I thought we determined this last season? How pathetic is it that we are now even worse?
  4. Who can blame him? I don't know how he gets up after some of these hits.
  5. Incorrect. But it's irrelevant. We may as well have the basketball player back there.
  6. He's not quick enough behind this travesty we call an oline. It's no coincidence we run the ball better with Antone back there.
  7. I found that pretty funny myself. Do we have an NFL caliber LB on the roster? Shallowest position on one of the shallowest teams in the NFL.
  8. I honestly don't know why any team even worries about passing it downfield on our D. Checkdowns and flares to the RBs eat us alive.
  9. I wasn't too impressed with the Jackson contract in the offseason, but at least he fit the mold of what we were "supposedly" trying to do. Soliai has also been the furthest thing from the problem. I've seen him blow up several run plays and take on multiple blocks. This team just has no legitimate pass rusher and continues to play players out of position.
  10. Put money on this team? Might as well light it on fire.
  11. Thank you!!! I was screaming this at the TV today. Our zone D has more holes than Swiss cheese.
  12. Beast isn't the word I'd use. It would probably end up somewhere around "adequate". These 11 warm bodies on the D need at least 11 more to really make even a remote difference,
  13. What if the Falcons could field 22 defensive starters? They might actually be able to generate a pass rush. Oh who am I kidding.
  14. Seriously? I don't care how bad the division is. Not happening with this defense.
  15. I'm more interested in his pass rushing abilities.
  16. I know this is a Falcons board, but my God....can we please get some objectivity in these posts? Sweet, Jesus...It's like some of you actually believe this team is going to go 14-2.
  17. Not sure anything we do this year will matter. Our defense couldn't stop a nose bleed. Tommy, Nolan, and Smitty need to suck it up and INVEST $ in a **** pass rusher and draft an early pass rusher. None of this 4th and 5th round flier BS.
  18. The defense played better last night (hard not to), but I still have quite a few doubts. McCown wasn't sharp, lots of dropped passes, and quite a few turnovers. This defense is going to continue to struggle throughout the year. We still didn't get much of a pass rush until the game was completely out of hand. This win feels great and it really showed what our offense is capable of. The defensive showing tonight? Smoke and mirrors act.
  19. Explains our being content with mediocrity. Seems most of our fans are more worried about the Saints losing than the Falcons winning.
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