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  1. No disrespect meant, but what else is there to talk about? You know why there are no threads about keeping him? Because he sucks. But that's irrelevant to this thread. The merge feature exists for a reason. Plus, you're smart enough to know that most people feel their topic is so amazing that it deserves its own thread (even though that's generally not the case).
  2. Anyone defending these words being changed is just a mod nuthugger. Listen, I think Tuggle's a good guy. He's funny and mostly entertaining. But this is turning the board into a joke. Nobody is saying they should be able to say whatever they want and in any manner they want. Our words should just not be edited in a manner that in no way conveys what we actually said.
  3. If this were to happen (it won't), but if it were, then MS would save his job. No doubt in my mind. And that....would be detrimental to this franchise.
  4. If this team is actually suffering because of the negative attitude the fans have, then they are even softer than I thought.
  5. Lol. We all cope differently. I just choose not bury my head in the sand and instead see us for what we are. One of the worst coached and least talented teams in the league.
  6. I'll take threads I wish I didn't open for 300, Alex.
  7. It's certainly not all on Mike Smith. Player evaluation has certainly been an issue under Dimitroff. However, Mike Smith's constant coaching blunders, atrocious in-game management, unwillingness to make a change, and pure chicken coaching is the most glaring weakness of this franchise.
  8. That's twice I've been out of likes for you. I would be elated to see MS gone. Should have been shitcanned last year.
  9. We only had two timeouts, but the point still stands. Ryan and Koetter were furious with being told to slow it down
  10. I wouldn't worry about this scenario playing out to be honest. It's like worrying about **** freezing over. Smith has to go...one way or another. I don't care if Dimi goes with him, but I don't want Smith here any longer than the plane ride home from London.
  11. The retractable roof is so Atlanta doesn't lose final four opportunities.
  12. Any scenario that involves Smitth being here a day after Sunday is a no go for me. I wanted him gone last year. Last year it was absolutely transparent where the true issues of this team lie and this year is even further proof of that fact. TD has been far from perfect and should be kept on a short leash, but Smith is cancerous at this point. Nice guy, but bad head coach for this team at this juncture.
  13. Correct. And it's a complete and utter joke.
  14. Personal seat license. It's a fee you pay (one time) and it is typically the price of the seats themselves. THEN, by buying the PSL, you have the right to purchase season tickets.
  15. Smith was just along for the ride. The acquisitions of Ryan, Turner, and Gonzo (along with having a defense that didn't fold like a house of cards) is what turned the tide.
  16. Somehow this team would find a way to go 0-1 on their BYE week.
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