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  1. It was only a matter of time. The scales were tilting in our favor FAR too often even with so many mistakes revolving around Mike Smith. Yin and Yang. Just balancing out.
  2. Why do people get so butt hurt about ESPN. Fact is, this negative press will draw eyes from not only outside the organization, but INSIDE it as well. If everyone outside the organization knows what a horse's *** Smith is, then It will force Blank's hand. Whatever it takes to get Smith out of there. Why he was even brought back this year is beyond my comprehension.
  3. Blank is too **** loyal to do it. It's embarrassing. For an owner so "dedicated to winning", he certainly doesn't have what it takes to make a tough move. And after today, there's no excuse why Smith should still be coaching.
  4. If I see one person defending mike smith after today, I might get banned from the rampage I will go on.
  5. In before merge. What the **** is he doing calling a timeout?
  6. How else was I supposed to use both of those in the same post?! :P
  7. Don't even get me started on those LoLo nuthuggers. This is the one scenario I'd love to have some VD!
  8. Of course. It's just too bad that our bad game will trump their possible one.
  9. Yes...cause we all know how Smith handles pressure. See the Lions game. Seriously though, I don't get the "extra pressure" argument. It's not like he couldn't see that Smith is a moron from the box.
  10. He always runs that crap on third down. I just don't understand. Is that the only 3rd down play call we have?
  11. Yes, this team was a victim of all of those things in each of those games. However, each of those games was quite reminiscent of last season for me. The other team wasn't just the "better" team that day (though they certainly were). The Falcons appeared as if they had utterly no interest in battling through a little adversity. That is simply the mark of not respecting and quitting on your coach.
  12. Bears game? Quit. Ravens? Quit. The Bengals game was pathetic but I'm not sure they quit on him.
  13. This season? At least 2. Last season it was from about week 6 on.
  14. "We want to come out and punch them in the mouth". God I wish Smith had even an iota of that attitude.
  15. With a losing record? No. He'd have to be 8-8 most likely. Thankfully, that won't happen though.
  16. Zero chance? Have we been watching the same team? This team blew a 21 point halftime lead (again). We're on the road and against a division rival. I have little doubt that this team could find a way to lose this one.
  17. Truth...anyone without homer goggles knew the D was still going to be bad. The offense has been totally unable to execute since TB. Whether that's from being taken out of their rhythm (cough! Mike Smith!) or if the backup OL we are trotting out there just can't keep up. The defense is bad no doubt. But an F? They weren't expected to be anything anyway.
  18. I actually hope Smith gets hired somewhere else...if only to prove that this statement above is an absolute, undeniable fact.
  19. I've never been in support of tanking. Plus....this isn't the NBA and there certainly isn't some "can't miss" greatest of his generation prospect like Andrew Luck sitting there for us even if we were to tank. I watch the games each Sunday hoping for a win (regardless of how unlikely that seems with each passing week as I watch Smitty's sideline antics). I'd never root against this team, but I do acknowledge some of the benefits that having a worse record gets this team.
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