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  1. Oh look...another trade Harry Douglas thread. He is worth more to this team than a 7th round draft pick. However, no team in the NFL would be willing to pay any more than that for him.
  2. Stop making sense. Clearly the answer is to keep Mike Smith and hire a 3rd set of coordinators. :P
  3. Whatever Mike Smith said in the locker room, needs to be said every game at halftime. I can't recall the last time we played a better 3rd quarter.
  4. He needs to be re-signed this offseason. He cannot be allowed to hit the open market.
  5. That's been Nolan's bread and butter all year. 4 man rush with soft zone coverage. I really think my dog could draw up a better gameplan.
  6. Ryan certainly isn't and will never be Aaron Rodgers. However, if our D could stop a nosebleed, maybe he wouldn't force so many throws.
  7. Even though I think the OP is a delusional homer, he made a similar thread on the Cardinals game. Maybe lightning strikes twice.
  8. A version 5 mock? It's December....sweet, Jesus.
  9. Ifs, buts, candy, and nuts. 5-7. That's what we are. No shoulda, woulda, coulda's.
  10. I have little faith in the on-field play. May as well try and have some faith in the owner. :P
  11. GB is a more talented and better coached football team. It's not as simple as playing like we want to win. This win against Arizona was encouraging, but this team struggles on the road and is going up against an offensive juggernaut. I will admit if I'm wrong, but I do not see how we pull this one off.
  12. A few more STH's off the wagon. Hopefully Blank knows what he's doing.
  13. I root for this team to win every Sunday. I'm not a tanker, but it is hard to get through some of these games the last two seasons. So many blunders and constant ineptitude. I just don't want that highlighted during another prime time beat down. Like you stated, this team is going nowhere fast this year. So why hope to make the playoffs to only get smacked around?
  14. No thanks. The GB dismantling on MNF will be bad enough. The last thing we need is another prime time gaffe that exemplifies the ineptitude of this coaching staff.
  15. He posted his full name and seat locations online somewhere. Hes clearly not worried about posting that info. This is just like people who post all kinds of sensitive and personal information on Facebook. You made it available. It's on the Internet, it's there forever.
  16. Calling him a bad coach is an insult to bad coaches everywhere.
  17. I couldn't care less if the firing helped or hurt Smith...the issue is that his presence continues to cause this team to succumb to the same mistakes, play scared football, and make this team even worse.
  18. The only reason he won't be fired yet is because we are still "technically" in a position to make the playoffs. I can't stand the fact that he will be on those sidelines until we are eliminated. Which with the way our division looks, will probably be week 17.
  19. Get their heads straight? 3rd and 2...well in Bryant's range. Dude is one of the most accurate kickers from 50+ yards in NFL history and has been absolute money. If Cleveland wants to call a timeout, fine. If not, get up to the line nice and steady, snap it on one, and run it straight up the gut and hope for a first. If you get it, great. If not, line up and kick the FG after Cleveland burns a TO. No excuse to call a timeout.
  20. Ryan turned the ball over twice (almost 3 times). He's certainly not innocent in all this. This, however, is squarely on coaching. The game was in our hands and two successive ridiculous decisions sealed our fate. This is certainly not the first time it's happened. This happens far too often to just excuse Smith. You'd think he would learn after the Detroit gaffe. Apparently not.
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