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  1. This is hilarious...Atlanta is already viewed as a meh sports town. A 45K PSL is just icing on the cake. That new stadium will be quiet with white collars.
  2. Absolutely agree here. How could anyone watch this team suffer through Smith's sideline incompetence week after week and think to themselves "You know what? I'm good for one more year of this."
  3. Blank's favorite movie is Cheaper by the Dozen. Simple case of mistaken identity.
  4. My comment was in direct response to "What was so great about his last two drafts?". Fact is, his last two drafts have been very good. Say what else you want about him, but ignoring that fact is just wrong. I even explicitly stated that Dimitroff should absolutely get his share of blame for how this franchise has fallen from the 2012 NFCCG. Has Dimitroff made mistakes? Yes, absolutely. What GM hasn't? The question is.....has he learned from those mistakes? That remains to be seen.
  5. So he should hit a homerun with every pick? It takes at least 2 (3 years is usually a better number) to even begin to judge a draft class fairly. Unlike a few of his previous drafts, these last two have absolutely hit on 2 players (Trufant/Matthews), and there is ALOT of reason to be excited about guys like Ishmael, Hageman, and even to a lesser extent, Robert Alford.
  6. How many players should a GM hit on in 2 years? Don't you think you are being a tad too critical? Dimitroff should get his share of blame, no doubt, but you ignoring the fact that his last two DRAFTS (2013 offseason aside) have been pretty **** good is just silly.
  7. Gabbert > Lindley And that's just sad... If he has a job in the NFL next year, I'm trying out.
  8. This team isn't a running back away from being a championship contender. He wouldn't just be dropped in and expected to be Adrian Peterson or **** even Jeremy Hill. Work with him and develop the third round pick. We have guys on this roster that can show him how to hold on to the football.
  9. You can fix ball security. He has the skill set to do it all. If we take one in the draft, I hope it's this guy. No denying that Gordon had more talent but I'm not sure we can afford to take him where we would have to.
  10. If 1 stays, then it should be Dimitroff. Mike Smith solely cost this team two games this year and was continually overmatched all season long. Dimitroff has had his share of blunders (namely the 2013 offseason) but the players he selected in this year's draft look to be winners. It's not his fault Smith continued to play his FA acquisitions out of position or bench our only player that showed any pass rushing skills in Mass. TD should be on a short leash, but as long as MS is out, I couldn't care less.
  11. That's just it though....We WERE getting pressure. Why go away from that? We've let up 3rd and longs all season with that conservative ********. Keep the pressure up and make him check it down before the sticks. It's not rocket science.
  12. You know, I truly did expect a Falcons beat down and even if we somehow geeked out a Smitty ball win, I was not looking forward to backing into the playoffs. I simply have one thing to say...I was wrong. The team that showed up Sunday is not the team I expected to see. If you thought I watched this game and was rooting for the Saints you'd be incorrect. Though I can certainly see why it read that way. This was an absolutely impressive win. We just have to take care of business next Sunday at the dome. A team that can put this kind of beat down on a team with their backs against the wall has fa
  13. They are currently leading the division. We are chasing them. Divisional games are never gimmes, especially in the NFC South, and ESPECIALLY this season.
  14. Christ...it's not based on inter-division record. That's just a tie breaker.
  15. If he has to consult with anyone then he's not nearly as smart as I thought. There is no good that can come from keeping Mike Smith as HC of this football team.
  16. The guy who hasn't played all year should keep his mouth shut.
  17. One more week until we can put an end to this playoff nonsense (crosses fingers).
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