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  1. The holograms I think you're talking about superimposed he and Marquise Goodwin. It clearly showed Goodwin's 4.27 was faster than the Auburn kid's "4.21".
  2. I graduated from Georgia Southern and got to watch Wilcox play. He is an AMAZING return man. Plays some pretty **** good defense too.
  3. Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that??? Got to love Bleacher Report.
  4. Just what the Falcons need...more offense and continuing to ignore the defensive short comings...they have no pass rush outside of Abraham and let's face it, he's certainly not getting any younger. First two picks HAVE to focus on defense. They can worry about getting a back later in the draft. Joseph Randle or Kenjon Barner would be great fits in my opinion.
  5. Amazing that fans of other teams can see this and some of these "Falcons fans" can't. It's truly pathetic.
  6. You give Eli way too much credit. He came up big in the last Super Bowl with that pass down the sideline to Manningham (I'll give him that), but he was saved by that ridiculous on the helmet catch in '07. Nobody can take away the rings, but Eli had a top 7 defense in '07 and a top 6 defense in '11. Give Ryan that much help and he's (at the very least) still alive in the playoffs this year.
  7. Please...besides '07 and '11, Eli and the Giants are one and done or not even in the post season...
  8. Agreed. I'm as disappointed as anyone about the outcome, but those claiming that "the window is closed" don't have a clue what they are talking about. This team is going to be good for a long time. Tony or no Tony next year, I think the offense will stay dynamic and won't miss a beat. You can't replace TG for sure, but I really believe Julio is coming into his own. The defense relied on timely turnovers all season (and while they got the fumble against Seattle and San Fran), it just wasn't enough to overcome the pitiful tackling. I'm not sure the defense is as bad as it looked, but the players
  9. And clearly we've seen what that means. Kelly was staying at Oregon a week ago.
  10. I'd love to pair Joseph Randle (if he comes out) with him.
  11. I didn't know much about this guy, but I'm excited now. I LOVE how he blows that running play up against Ohio.
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