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  1. Why am I freaking out? Maybe it has something to do with the fact our General Manager managed to ******* decimate a roster that got to the NFC Championship in 2 years. I wonder who this years Tyson Jackson will be.

    That roster was pieced together with vets and was never meant to sustain itself. Did Dimi have a bad (horrible) 2013 offseason? No doubt. Give Quinn and Dimi a chance once FA opens. Gusfraba.

  2. What a ******* farce. He is a priority Dan Quinn and the Parasite told us and then they aren't prepared to give him a 2 year contract averaging $3 - 4 million a year. I am so ******* done with this team. Continuously letting their fans down. Season after season is just one big disappointment after another.

    Meltdown activated. I love the offseason on this forum.

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