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  1. You can make this same argument both ways... Should I be impressed that we scored 35 against the Raiders? The same Raiders that have given up 34, 35, 10 (Titans), 27, and 31? You can't just look at their schedule and say "See what they did against this team! They suck!" The NFL is cyclical and the Seahawks have a track record along with getting a fully healthy Wilson back against us, in their house. The defense is no joke, just like Denver's. And honestly, I think their defense matches up better with us than Denver's did.
  2. Not a good team? I understand being confident in our falcons, but Seattle is very much a good team. Even with a hobbled Wilson, they've put up 37 and 27 in their last 2 games. Coming off a BYE, Wilson should be ready to go. Mobile QBs have been a problem for us in the past (and while we have improved our LBs) and I believe it will be a challenge to contain Wilson. This is very much a winnable game, but let's keep some perspective.
  3. LMAO!
  4. That roster was pieced together with vets and was never meant to sustain itself. Did Dimi have a bad (horrible) 2013 offseason? No doubt. Give Quinn and Dimi a chance once FA opens. Gusfraba.
  5. LMAO. Because I choose not to freak out before FA has even officially begun it means I like losing. Got it.
  6. Meltdown activated. I love the offseason on this forum.