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  1. Yea, they are only #1 and #3 of market share today. Not that losing them could have hurt us or anything.
  2. In other words, you want to try what was done in the early 20's. A temporary fix. But at the same time kill our important auto export? Harding's style favored the rich and lead us right into 29. The income gap now is greater than then and the economy is struggling to recover. "Doing nothing" is not the answer unless we are going to totally rebuild. Trading a decade of boom for a decade of recession/depression is not stable and not the answer.
  3. That strategy was tried before and failed. Why try it again? But yea, f### BOA. I dislike they terms of the deal but to ignore it would have made things much worse.
  4. Don't you also harbor the idea that we should have let the auto industry and banks fail?
  5. Where was Obama at the time of your papercut? Anyone know?! I haven't seen any confirming documents that he didn't do it! Coincidence? The lizard race needs white human blood to stay in form. Stay strong honkies
  6. Journalism maybe but accounting and being a lawyer are different between the states. You will be studying anytime you journey. Other than code, a journeyman trade worker can do it more easily and faster.
  7. People understand that to get that money, you either win it, inherit it or work your way up for it. Since option 1 and 2 are extremely slim, they go to college for option 3. Those who aspire to enter trade school directly out of high school are the ones who can't afford college or have made consequential poor choices. I think the point is that skilled labor pays off more so than college because you usually get what you put into it. College still remains the first choice because of the lie put out there that a college degree is all you need. And as someone stated, you can journey anywhere your skills are needed with a trade skill. The question is why do people choose college before trade school. The answer is pretty clear.
  8. Looks awesome. Still can't stand Bale's batman voice though.
  9. Still talking? You should spend more time trying to find your nuts. Run along now.
  10. If anyone would know something about an act, it would be you, Jelly man.
  11. Yeah cause nothing is as emasculating as getting beat on by 30 people. /sarcasm At least the rough necks didn't walk off with his girl.
  12. When something is reported to you BY the media, how in the #### is the media "silent" about it. That jelly spine has made your brain jelly also.
  13. People are playing the game hoping to be white collar. When reality sets in, they become just an average american. That's kind of a dumb question. Trade work isn't what most people aspire to do but it's a good alternative when the delusion of driving a ferrari with a supermodel passenger fades.
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