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  1. Ready for October Skies and Autumn!

  2. Really Wile I keep feeling bad for. When he lands a team. He gets cut. How long is this going to last? He keeps getting cut. Takes a licking but keeps on ticking!
  3. Ready for October Fun

  4. All I can say is...No Way No How!
  5. September 2019 100th NFL Season!

  6. It all depends there really!
  7. So sad as really it is the same disease of Saints Steve Gleason. Hope there is a cure for it. So sorry!
  8. Yeah as anything can happen. And players can be replaced in a split second there.
  9. Back to School!

  10. Yeah but it is just speculation the depth chart on some positions. Could change after preseason!
  11. August Awesome!

  12. Question is how much will the Falcons pay him, not what his agent demand if not him?!
  13. Fireworks of July!

  14. He is indeed unstoppable. No matter what!
  15. Happy July Fireworks

  16. Awesome. Congrats there and welcome!
  17. Father's Day 2019!

  18. Happy June Here!

  19. Yeah as O.T.A.'s usually are mandatory. But those that do not show up. You can't do nothing about it.
  20. Memorial Day 2019!

  21. Also a lot of things like mental illness are coming to light. So hope he can get his problems straightened out.
  22. Ready for Easter!

  23. Just hope he is much more maturer and much more wise than he was let's say in 1997. Good for him!
  24. April Showers!