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  1. Yeah as he has a lot of potential this young kid.
  2. Luck of the Irish

  3. Agree on #1, #3, #10 Beasley is well on his way.
  4. Yeah as wonder how the ratings for the new league is going? Anybody heard?!
  5. Happy Valentine's!

  6. Maybe Matt Bryant was expendable. And he will land a team. But if Tavechhio can become the kicker and that he could bring less pressure to Bosher in the kick offs. And only leave him to punt. Just a thought.
  7. Yeah as hope that the Falcons can prove their critics wrong again!
  8. SB LIII Patriots @ Rams!

  9. Be very close. But hate to predict for the fear of cursing myself. But will be very close than their first meeting was.
  10. Jumping January!

  11. Need to have a rushing attack. Which is in the very important. And really putting Dirk K in would improve a lot.
  12. Happy New Year 2019!

  13. May be due to burnout. Good luck to him.
  14. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019!

  15. Patrick Mahomes was drafted in the first round, pick ten according to Wikipedia there. Just thought you would like to know.
  16. Don't Have a Blue Christmas!

  17. Yeah coaching does need to make changes. And really it is about fixing the lines of both offense in protecting Ryan and defense in winning the games. As well as cap issues.
  18. Christmas is Coming!

  19. It seems that really the team came up short in close games. Which they should had won.
  20. Ready for Thanksgiving to Come!

  21. Yeah as really just hope they can really finish strong. And get at least a playoff berth. Looks like Saints will be winning the NFC South as well as Panthers getting a wild card at least. But just keep fingers crossed.
  22. Ready for Christmas!

  23. Yeah as hopefully the win will give the confidence and rest will help them after the bye week.