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  1. Ready for Halloween!

  2. RIP as thoughts and prayers with his family. 48 Such a young age.
  3. October Winds!

  4. But why was Sterling Hofrciter was handling KO's and not Koo? Was Koo injured or something?!
  5. Ready for Autumn Falls!

  6. Yeah as the secondary is the weak link. Not just on defense. But the whole team.
  7. Ready for September to Remember!

  8. Back to School!

  9. Well hope Terrell will catch up there. As he has a lot of potential!
  10. August Awesome!

  11. Well we may not get a football season in the NFL but for now it is on.
  12. Ready to have Virus Ending!

  13. Yeah as really Jaguars not surprised there. Thought however it would be the Bengals!
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