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  1. Ready for September!

  2. Tim you ought to be a comedian. Ever thought about it?! Don't give up your day job however!
  3. Solar Eclipse is Coming

  4. They are legends in their own right!
  5. School is Here!

  6. It is about ball and clock control. If you want to win the game. Billy Cundiff I hate that for him for the Ravens to be honest with you.
  7. Awesome August!

  8. Yeah as at least the thread has opinions they are entitled too. And hope that Freeman does get paid. To be kept!
  9. Happy August

  10. It seems by Kyle Shanahan going to SF. Could be a fresh breath of air and what the team needs.
  11. Summertime!

  12. Ryan could go on for ten years. Look at T.B. of Pats he is nearly 40. And Ryan is 32 years old.
  13. July is Here!

  14. Yeah as that is what we lack in society Trick Montalban. Manners and being politeness!
  15. But that Matt won the MVP of 2016. Though Jameis is a bit mobile.