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  1. It is now or never for their season. As really winning against the Pats could really be the turning point. After losing two games.
  2. Ready for Halloween!

  3. Eagles and Falcons could meet possibly in a playoff game. NFC Title Game! Calling it now.
  4. Vegas Strong!

  5. Yeah as really they may had won the SB five times with Belichick and Brady. But really do not call anything nor anybody invincible.
  6. Here is October!

  7. Really the team came out and escape that win. Nearly lost though but a win is a win I will take.
  8. Ready for October and Autumn!

  9. Those are very funny there!
  10. Ready for October!

  11. Good luck on Sunday night. In the new stadium there!
  12. Remembering 9/11.

  13. Labor Day 2017!

  14. Yeah as really think that the GM and coaches have their reasons. To pick players for the 53 men roster. And not to pick someone like Odom. Just hope he can land on another team.
  15. Houston Strong!