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  1. At least Aaron Rodgers will be having someone to thrown to as Graham is a great with his hands TE.
  2. Ready for warm weather!

  3. It is about in the adding a team player. As well as a locker room kind of guy. So if Bennett is released, he could bring that to the table for the Falcons. We shall see.
  4. Ready for March Madness!

  5. Well players we think are not good either undrafted or to a sixth or seventh round usually turn out to be good.
  6. Praying for Parkland Fla!

  7. Just hope that he can translate it from college to the pros and become elite.
  8. Ready for Valentine's

  9. Well it seemed to had cause an uproar. Maybe he deleted it so that he won't get anymore flak.
  10. Really wished that Hue Jackson was let go. Nice guy from what I hear. But not so much as a coach. Time for new blood all around in Cleveland.
  11. Eagles @ Patriots SB LII!

  12. Ready for SB LII

  13. Not just on that of experience. But maybe youth in between.
  14. You can only hope JLR Falcon. But still Quinn leading them to back to back playoffs. Really is not at risk with his job.
  15. January Jubilee!