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  1. Summertime and June

  2. Would really taken the pay cut. As that he would have to earn his worth. As well as stay healthy.
  3. Memorial Day 2021

  4. Mother's Day 2021

  5. These are coaches and players that want to win. And really want to have a team to stock up on. Either you play them right away or that you have a veteran to show them the ropes.
  6. Ready for April Fling!

  7. Thoughts and prayers are with the grieving families and loved ones over in the ones who were killed. And even though I may not feel sympathy at all for the player as will not mention his name on here. But feel sorry for his parents. As really they did not ask for this. So tragic all around.
  8. April Showers!

  9. Yeah as hope he can bring back Pro Bowl potential. Just not the right kind of team scheme there.
  10. Ready for March Madness!

  11. It is about playing to win. And that you have to really do so. On all levels, staffers, coaches, players, management, etc.
  12. Happy Valentine's Day 2021!

  13. More like on that of humble pie there. Though can't fault Patrick on all of it as it really came from the defense.
  14. Ready for February Fools and SBLV!

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