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  1. Throw to much fuel on the fire and you're bound to blow yourself up.
  2. haha his teammates were just like **** this...
  3. You can't have your cake and eat it too. We would've had to make some very tough decisions down the road locking down key pieces. As sick as it would've been I like our foundation and hope we keep most of our guys when it comes time to renew their contracts.
  4. "A recent broadcast report indicated that Benjamin’s weight is currently somewhere in the area of 280 pounds."
  5. Sean Peyton: Well! Grandma's wrong again! Takk: No, You're wrong Colonel Sanders.
  6. cat down the mountain melted theater butter sorry, I had to say it.
  7. Pats fans when you mention Brady
  8. Players that have never failed a drug test are "supposed" to only be tested once a year max. However, look at James Harrison, dude has never failed and gets tested like crazy. The league does what they want. I think his and my point is if you're out smoking weed and someone takes a photo or it leaks out you will get tested.
  9. Uh because the league policy right now suspends players that pop hot for weed...
  10. As long as it doesn't prevent them from hitting the field who gives a flying ****. I've seen Edelman & Gronk talk **** plenty of times during games...
  11. I honestly don't think there is anything to these diluted urine samples...making weight is huge at combines. Joe Thomas went on a rant about it yesterday I believe.
  12. Yeah that's what I read. Which if true it makes perfect sense, no way to know if it isn't unless he pops hot down the road
  13. From what I read he was sick leading up to combine and was cramping so he drank a lot of water. Kinda impossible to prove anything. I'm curious to see how far he slides. I doubt he's off the falcons radar tho, we did draft Collins who had a history of failed drug tests.
  14. The only one that really pops out to me is Michael Thomas. I could honestly care less what their stats were in college because players bust all the time. I think Ogbah & Cravins will both be very productive but it is way to judge IMO. 1. DE Emmanuel Ogbah 6-3, 275, Oklahoma St. {5.5 sacks rookie season} 2. SS Sua Cravins 6-1, 225, USC {34 tackles 1 sack 1 int rookie season} 2. WR Michael Thomas 6-3, 210, Ohio St. {1137 yards 9 tds rookie season} 3. DT Javon Hargrove 6-1, 300, South Carolina State {2 sacks rookie season} 4. G/T Denver Kirkland 6-5, 340, Arkansas {Massive Guard to anchor the Middle} 7. TE Darrin Griswold 6-5, 265, Arkansas St. {Converted HS QB, Talented with Hugh upside}
  15. I'm fairly certain it was an act of terrorism listening to the guys on post. I'm sure they're waiting on definitive proof just like the Boston Marathon but it's more likely than not.