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  1. Interesting. Could help service members as well hopefully
  2. so who are some of the top draft prospects next year?
  3. I thought it wasn't about the military? Most of my active duty brethren disagree. Disrespecting our flag, the one we lay on our brother's caskets when they don't make it home, yeah we take it personal. I've heard people actually believe we are or should be okay with it. Sorry but most of us don't. We aren't opposed to the protest/movement, but the medium on which it is being propagated.
  4. Per Kelsey Conway: Ryan Schraeder is being evaluated for a possible head injury. #GBvsATL
  5. Good stuff. I'm a little nervous about the oline but not nearly as much as last year.
  6. Throw to much fuel on the fire and you're bound to blow yourself up.
  7. haha his teammates were just like **** this...
  8. You can't have your cake and eat it too. We would've had to make some very tough decisions down the road locking down key pieces. As sick as it would've been I like our foundation and hope we keep most of our guys when it comes time to renew their contracts.
  9. "A recent broadcast report indicated that Benjamin’s weight is currently somewhere in the area of 280 pounds."
  10. Sean Peyton: Well! Grandma's wrong again! Takk: No, You're wrong Colonel Sanders.
  11. cat down the mountain melted theater butter sorry, I had to say it.
  12. Pats fans when you mention Brady
  13. Players that have never failed a drug test are "supposed" to only be tested once a year max. However, look at James Harrison, dude has never failed and gets tested like crazy. The league does what they want. I think his and my point is if you're out smoking weed and someone takes a photo or it leaks out you will get tested.