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  1. Haven’t posted in forever. Figured misery loves company. Post your Falcons memes and gifs here
  2. Long time lurker here. I used to post a bit before I enlisted in the Army in 2014. Was deployed in Syria last. I’ve been married to my wife for 6 years now and we have a 19 month old daughter. No pictures of us due to my work.
  3. Reddit always has quality links. Pm me if you want the page
  4. Yeah man there are a lot of terrible pts out there. Gyms like la fitness practically hire anyone. You can literally take a two day certification class and find a job at some gyms. It's sad but its the nature of the business. What are your goals?
  5. Ya I realize my form wasn't perfect in the vid. I was 18 just getting into the gym. I'm 21 now and a certified personal trainer. I watched a video similar to that, but honestly it's better to have a friend or trainer critique your technique. I honestly find dumb bells more effective but it's good to switch between both. I just wanted to give you some warning on the pec, torn pecs are no joke. Even with perfect form it can happen, that's why spotters are important.
  6. Back when I was 18. http://youtu.be/gnRijegljKA I haven't lifted that heavy in a long time. Tore my pec just finished rehabbing it two weeks ago slowly increasing weight at 225 now. Be very careful dude partial tears can become serious if you ignore them. I had the same uneven feeling before I badly tore mine.
  7. Just started using a heart monitoring device called armour39, it's kind of expensive but well worth it IMO. It records workout duration, heart rates, calories burned, and will power at a scale of 0-10. It then graphs all the statistics and saves up to 120 days worth of data. If you have questions feel free to pm me
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